Chapter 221: Lin Jie’s Followers

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“I will now bring all of you to see the author of the book, the great being who preaches our gospel,” said Wilde as he opened the door, addressing the bunch who were currently studying Corpse Devouring Sect, Rites & Ceremonies.

The few people in the room immediately stopped what they were doing and respectfully saluted Wilde, “Sir Faceless.”

Wilde’s eyes swept the room before he walked past several in turn to examine the results of their study. After a while, he nodded. “Looks like you’ve all reached a level of understanding from studying the gospel. Your piety will surely be felt by Mr. Lin.”

A youth in the center was the first to speak up excitedly, “We still only have a very shallow understanding and need to put in much more effort. The contents are all profound and intriguing. I’ve managed to benefit a lot from just reading a few lines… The strength and wisdom of Mr. Lin is almost impossible to describe with words.

“However we all wish to dedicate our entire lives to the great and all-knowing Lord. We will get close to him using all our means and become his loyal servants!”

His eyes burned with adoration and fanaticism as he said all this.

It was nearly impossible to imagine that this bunch were among the group of Blood Feast members ridiculing Grady in front of the disguised Wilde just a few days earlier.

In contrast, they almost seemed like different people now.

‘Night Falcon’ was now a fortunate member of the Corpse Devouring Sect that had chosen the right decision to follow the leadership of the ‘Faceless Black-scaled Man.’

He was once an extremely arrogant elite Pandemonium-rank hunter.

But whenever this great being of incomparable existence was mentioned, the reverence and fear he felt from the bottom of his heart made him feel like an insignificant ant in comparison. From then on, he never dared have a thought of blasphemy anymore.

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This change was actually caused by his involuntary reading of the book, Corpse Devouring Sect, Rites & Ceremonies.

After waking up from his loss of consciousness, he saw the world in a totally different view.

He had felt nothing but joy for that frenzied passion surging from the depths of his heart and swept through him like a tidal wave. 

He had now become a fervent believer of "Mr. Lin."

Night Falcon didn’t feel anything wrong with himself. Rather, he felt like he had just been reborn!

He was very grateful for the guidance of the Faceless Black-scaled Man. Without Wilde, he would’ve continued an unhappy life, not knowing when he would uncover these truths.

Besides him, there were two other members of Blood Feast who were part of the selected few that survived.

On his left was a scholar by the codename of ‘Bookworm,’ while on his right was a female black magician like Wilde, codenamed ‘Snowflake.’

Before all of this had happened, none of them knew the true identity of each other despite their frequent transactions within Blood Feast.

Night Falcon had also only become acquainted with the two after the interactions of the past few days.

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Bookworm came from the Truth Union’s Alchemy Department, but he was also a deviant that had a preference for researching forbidden knowledge such as human transmutation. After one of his secret experiments was uncovered, he was immediately listed a fugitive by the Truth Union and like Wilde, had been placed on the wanted list.

The true identity of Snowflake was a surprising one. From an esteemed background of a noble clan, she was the only daughter of an aristocratic family with actual power and possessions and had a rather significant status as well. Within the Central District, Snowflake had the reputation of being a beauty with an ice-cold personality.

Blessed with innate talents, she became a black magician and participated in Blood Feast merely for the thrills.

However, she would never have imagined that the thrills would be this overboard this one time.

It had even been a tad terrifying.

Of course, her present self would never think this way. Instead, she was now overwhelmed with bliss and eagerly anticipated being able to meet the ‘All-knowing Mr. Lin’ soon. Her face was even flushed from the excitement she felt.

If the young nobles who held her in such high regard could see her now, they would find themselves completely dumbfounded and wondering if the girl of their dreams had been stolen and utterly smitten with some unknown guy.

Besides these two, there was still one other person who wasn’t here but in the adjacent space struggling to help Wilde feed the… powerful and temperamental Lord Sky Wolf.

That individual codenamed ‘Soaring Wyvern’ was way luckier compared to the three of them. To the envy of the rest of them, Soaring Wyvern had become the assistant of the Faceless Black-scaled Man.

Ever since that day, Wilde had brought them all back to his secret abode which now doubled as a hideout for believers.

After these last few days of inspections, they had finally received recognition and were allowed to meet ‘Mr. Lin’ at last.

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“Good, I am delighted that you are all able to reach this level of enlightenment. This proves that you were all initially chosen not because of luck, but rather, it was fated for all of you to become followers of the Corpse Devouring Sect. This is a destiny comprehensively laid out by the watchful eyes of our Lord.

“Remember, all of your past, present, and future are his gifts. Your entire existence belongs to Mr. Lin.”

Wilde said, not forgetting to glorify Lin Jie as he watched the three people before him with satisfaction.

“Yes, Sir Faceless!” The three answered in fervent symphony.

“Perform well and you will find yourself with unimaginable gifts. But if Mr. Lin is dissatisfied, and even if he were not to care, I’ll personally give you a taste of how my reputation came into being.”

Wilde was very content with the new group of followers. Rather, it was as well expected of Boss Lin’s book; once they started reading the book, they were destined to perish and be reborn anew.

Wilde flicked on his top hat, then headed out with his cane in hand.

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“Come, follow after me.”

Waiting out in the yard was Gall. Seated beside him on the long grass was a large hound with a silver coat with tinges of gray and black, panting heavily with its tongue out.

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Gall was all smiles while brushing Grady’s fur. Upon seeing Wilde and the other three, he immediately greeted them warmly. “Welcome back. I’ve finished tidying up the laboratory and checked the defense array. The magic circle for stabilizing spatial fluctuations is all set and Grady has been fed. We are ready to go!”

Gall pounded his chest proudly.

He would gladly endure any hardships as long as he was serving his idol!

Wilde nodded and walked over to give Grady a pat on its head. Things had become much more convenient ever since taming a Sky Wolf. Nothing could compare to its ability to navigate through space, which greatly accelerated the travel speed.

Grady gave a bark and reverted to its original form as a fog along with crackling electricity appeared around its body, enveloping everyone and disappeared moments later along with them.

When it reappeared, the group was already at the doorstep of the bookstore.

Wilde cast a contemplating gaze at the familiar yet foreign sight before him, especially at the next-door book cafe and the new building which had just been completed.

Everyone else instead had their attention on the dilapidated yet mysterious bookstore.

“Let’s head inside. Remember to keep your hands to yourselves and not touch anything in the bookstore,” said Wilde as he took the lead and entered first.

Inside, Wilde was greeted with the sight of the ever-amicable Lin Jie who was reading a book behind the counter as usual. Eyes lighting up, he approached the bookstore owner and greeted, “Boss Lin, it’s been a while!

“I’ve completed the task you had given me.”

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