Chapter 220: I Should Visit The Bookstore

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Andrew’s gaze remained fixed on the study table before him as he pondered for some time. Finally, with a twinkling of his eyes, he then nodded. “Got it. Please inform him that I am still attending to some issues and have him wait for me in the hall."

“Yes, Master.” The servant immediately took his leave respectfully.

Andrew was 70% certain his assumption was right, just that he had no solid evidence.

He had decided to stay at home during this period due to him being placed under surveillance and having a portion of his authority suspended. During this time, he had gathered the entry and exit records of all Truth Union personnel.

As he couldn't trust those around him, Andrew had even retrieved the records from multiple sources before piecing it together and sorting it all by himself.

After understanding the movements of all personnel during this period, a relatively clear network was slowly becoming apparent. From within, Andrew could pick up a few vague clues.

Currently, he had already made a list of possible moles and wanted to carry out further investigation. However, this wasn't possible yet with him being placed under surveillance.

Andrew even suspected he had been on the end of some influence with regards to his thought processes previously.

Otherwise, he would never hastily attack the phantom of Candela that was emerging into reality after the battle with the rain god.

Ultimately, such a decision had made the Truth Union incur losses, as well as thoroughly offend the bookstore owner.

With regard to the series of actions Andrew had taken...

If one were to describe his state at the time, ‘flummoxed’ would be a suitable word.

Now that Andrew was given time alone to think, he realized that there was a disconnect between his own thought processes at that time.

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While he might have status and a distinguished background, Andrew still relied on his own strength to slowly climb his way up to the position of vice-chairman. He had never once made a grave mistake in all these years, yet he had messed up at that one crucial moment.

Did that make any sense?

Andrew certainly hadn't felt anything was wrong at that point in time.

“Surely someone at that time came into contact with me either directly or indirectly, and somehow influenced me.

“And this person is also the very same person sabotaging the Truth Union's monitoring of Norzin and also the one who intercepted my command and prevented it from being sent out.

“There definitely is someone who meets these conditions via contact with relevant personnels while also having an alibi for being absent from the scene to avoid suspicion.

"But I still haven't found who this person is…”

Andrew couldn’t help but touch his receding hairline, feeling that his charms that once wouldn’t fade with age was now being compromised. “If I could use the aether surveillance network, things would’ve been much more convenient.”

However during that period, even the data of the aether surveillance network had also been tampered with, resulting in the machine becoming completely unreliable.

“Why would Jerome come and seek me out all of a sudden? We didn’t even have much interaction in the past.

“Is this about Margaret? Or is this another… In any case, he's definitely a suspect too.”

At this moment, enlightenment flashed across his mind like a bolt of lightning, splitting the clouded confusion he originally had.

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The papers denoting the entry and exit routes of all employees were already imprinted on his mind. A line representing the route Jerome had taken now seemed to jump out, peeling off the paper and standing out from the rest.

Andrew froze in place as his eyes narrowed. The quill in his hand was now waving involuntarily as he paid no mind to the smudges forming on the paper in his haste to draw the lines.

“Here... Here, he came into contact with the foreman of the aether surveillance network on this day, though it was only a mere brush of the shoulder. He had also stopped by for a while beside the person who gave out orders. As for me… He had once helped me deliver beauty elixirs to my lover Suzanne!”


Andrew slammed his palms on the table with a grave look on his face. Staring intensely at the messily drawn diagram of lines, he gritted at his teeth. “Of course! It wasn't done by him in person, but by the couriers of the Sandra Clan. However as a member of the Sandra Clan, Jerome could’ve substituted in on the sly!"

There's something wrong with those elixirs!

Andrew had a hunch he had been under the influence of those elixirs, which resulted in his previous actions being controlled and manipulated!

Jerome was the mole!

“So, what does he have in mind for me with his current visit?”

Andrew looked toward the door of his study, almost as if he could see the waiting Jerome behind the door.

Andrew could vaguely imagine how Jerome had thought himself to be the hunter and Andrew to be the prey before he came.

At this point, Jerome must have been delighted thinking his superior was being toyed with in the palm of his hand.

Only, things were different now.

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The role of the hunter and prey had now been reversed.

However, Andrew didn’t intend to immediately expose Jerome and bring him to justice. He still lacked substantial evidence to prove Jerome’s wrongdoings, and doing so would give the game away.

Surely there was someone hidden pulling the strings behind Jerome.

For now, Andrew needed to beat Jerome at his own game.

He knew the bookstore owner's behavioral logic. As long as he could become a patron of the bookstore, he would be able to earn the favor of the bookstore owner…

Indeed, Andrew now wanted to seek the help of the bookstore owner!


After waiting in the hall for 20 minutes, Jerome finally saw the long overdue Andrew.

Andrew extended a hand and chuckled, “My apologies for having kept you waiting. I was held up by some matters.”

“It’s fine. It's my honor to await your arrival in your hall." Jerome stood up and shook Andrew’s hand while flattering him in a not-so-subtle way.

He also took the chance to take measure of Andrew who hadn't been in the public eye for quite some time.

After this period of setbacks, the vice-president of the Truth Union no longer had that assured air of self-confidence. He seemed to have aged another 10 years, though this was technically more accurate appearance-wise.

But… it would be better this way.

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With this, people would be more inclined to believe Andrew couldn’t withstand his own failures and opted the easy way by killing himself.

Jerome smiled respectfully to express his reverence for Vice-chairman Andrew as well as to show slight understanding for the plight of the vice-chairman.

But in truth, he was secretly releasing his elixir.

The two were still locked in a handshake.

It is done, thought Jerome to himself.

Akin to a devil’s whisper, he then proceeded to continuously inject underlying hints into the conversation.

“Why don’t you go and prove yourself?

“This bookstore owner actually doesn’t have much power. After summoning the spirit of Candela and crossing paths with the Waning Crescent Apostle, he hasn't actually done anything else. In fact, he had never personally dealt with any situation. This only further proves that it is just a fluke!

“His whole existence is just a wild card and a threat to the entire Norzin and the Truth Union. The bookstore ought to be eradicated!

“You should be shining under the spotlight of the Truth Union, not suspended and misunderstood like you are now. If only you can kill off that evil bookstore owner, you’ll definitely be able to regain all that you've lost…”

Andrew closed his eyes and muttered, “You’re right, I should visit the bookstore.”

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