Chapter 218: Primordial Tome of Potions

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Prima accepted the book blankly, zoning out and staring at Lin Jie’s back as he went up the stairs.

You can read a book to pass the time…

His manner of speech sounded like how one would talk to a child.

With the book in hand, Prima gave a long sigh. She then glanced cautiously at the chubby white cat that was sulking in the corner, drawing circles in the air with its tail.

The innocent and distressed manner of the cat made it hard to imagine how it had instantly finished off a Pandemonium-rank just now.

The dark elf stalker had called Prima a little mouse, but who would have thought she was the ‘mouse’ that was caught by a cat.

As she recalled the intense situation she faced this night, Prima could barely process what had happened.

Before all this, she was just a nerd with her head buried in mountains of medicinal research. She was always under the care of her older sister, living a dull but peaceful life. Never had she imagined she would one day be put in a dire life-and-death situation.

Just a little more and her life would have ended here.

Had she not made it to the bookstore, the dark elf stalker would’ve easily covered up her tracks and Prima wouldn’t have found out the mastermind behind this assassination attempt.

“I’m still too weak…”

Pursing her lips, Prima wrapped her palm around the spine of the book.

This was the very first time she had ever felt the desire for power. If just comparing her medicinal knowledge in concocting elixirs, Prima would perhaps feel proud to be at the very top among her peers.

However, the enemies she was now facing weren’t close to her age. Jerome was the one leading his bunch of traitors in planning a conspiracy against the clan. Prima wouldn’t be competing with him in terms of medicinal knowledge, but in a full-on fight that would make the difference between life and death!

Just like what happened previously, all her elixirs could only do was delay the Pandemonium-rank dark elf stalker and cause some minor inconveniences.

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Prima had confidence in the prowess of her theoretical knowledge of elixirs.

With the right calculations, if these elixirs were to be used appropriately, dealing with or even killing a Pandemonium-rank was entirely possible.

Although, this was only possible in theory…

Reality had already shown the results. When truly facing a Pandemonium-rank, Prima couldn’t even properly retrieve her elixir bottles and was in utter disarray the whole time. Could there be anything else said about her fighting skills?

I want to be stronger!

This thought was as clear as day in the Prima's mind.

Though it immediately deflated after. Becoming stronger wasn't that easy of a task.

All she could do now was to read the book…

Dejectedly, she lifted the book, then froze.

The book in her hands wasn't what she had expected.

A mysterious and ancient aura emanated from the cobalt blue book, and drawn on the thick, uneven cover was a herb Prima had never seen before. In a bronze text, the words written, Primordial Tome of Potions.

"Primordial Tome of Potions..." muttered Prima. As a master of elixirs herself, she felt a sense of both shock and awe just looking at it.

Her heart pounded rapidly. The Sandra Clan was already the oldest clan specializing in arcanum medicine within Norzin, yet she had never heard of such a book.

It was as if a voice in the dark was telling her—everything you’ve ever wanted to pursue in life lies in this book. 

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The only ones who held the title of ‘Primordial’ were none other than the Four Primordial Witches themselves.

What did this mean?

The Four Primordial Witches were once the symbols of ultimate power. Did it mean that this book before her also represented the strongest book on elixirs ever?

Prima was stunned; this book had merely been given to her by Lin Jie!

Unless... the owner of the bookstore had already foreseen her wish to become stronger and gave the appropriate methods directly to her?!

Without a doubt, this act by the bookstore owner must be the will of Walpurgis!

With a sense of excitement, Prima flipped the book open and was met with dense rows of introductory text.

Consternation and fascination washed over her.

This book contained a detailed classification of the form, origin, attributes, function, harvesting methods, and more of elixir ingredients. Sorted in an organized and systemized manner, this book was simply an incredible encyclopedia of arcanum medicine.

Just this fact alone meant that this book had already surpassed all the other forms of literature on arcanum medicine that Prima had ever read.

Even more exciting was the various elixir and potion formulas documented inside!

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“So it can be done like this…

“My god, this is incredible…

“Ugh, using a baby’s placenta to synthesize elixirs, how ominous and unsettling… No, that’s not the point. Synthesizing elixirs requires rationality, logic, and legitimacy. I should be more concerned about the principle and function behind such an elixir.

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“And this, I’ve never seen this herb before. Is there really a herb like this in the world? How intriguing…”

Unknowingly, Prima continued flipping page after page, her face displaying a whole range of expressions from excitement, fear, to enthusiasm. Finally, she came to a stop at one page and eyed it with skepticism.

On the page was a lifelike drawing of a herb, one which Prima had never seen before.

In her bewilderment, Prima suddenly noticed the leaf of the herb moving ever so slightly.

…Am I imagining things?

Blinking hard several times, Prima saw the herb actually ‘grow’ out directly from the book. The illustration had peeled off the page and turned into an unidentified living plant.

This was a… living book!

All of the elixir ingredients in the book were alive!

Prima’s hands holding onto the book started trembling slightly. She suddenly heard footsteps coming down the staircase and slammed the book shut with a jolt.

She tilted her head in that direction and saw Lin Jie leading a girl with a vacant look down the stairs.

Lin Jie brought Mu’en over to a chair by the side of the recliner and gently pressed down her shoulders to force her to sit.

“This is Prima, you can ask her for the specifics later. In any case, she's the one I just saved and will be temporarily staying with us here at the store. Do get along with her,” he said.

Mu'en blinked, took a look at Prima, and instantly understood—this must be an anointed that had found her way here.

With a nod, she replied, “I will.”

Satisfied, Lin Jie gave his reliable assistant a pat on the shoulder and proceeded to go fix the door.

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Prima stared fixedly at Mu’en and was utterly stunned.

As an anointed, Walpurgis’ aura was embedded deep within Prima’s soul, allowing her to instantly sense that this young girl... had an aura similar to Walpurgis!

No, it was Walpurgis' aura!

Wait. If this person is the true Walpurgis…

Lin Jie had previously told Prima that she would ‘share a room as his assistant,’ and the assistant he was referring to was none other than Mu’en.

Which also meant that he wasn't an emissary of Walpurgis.

On the contrary, it was Walpurgis who was his assistant... A Primordial Witch was his assistant!

Prima's brain experienced a system malfunction.

She felt that her entire perspective of everything had been completely reshaped.


At the same time, Jerome, who had lost contact with his contracted dark elf stalker was now pacing around anxiously.

“How could this be, how does Prima have a connection with that bookstore?

“What do we do now?

“Even the Aether Annihilation Cannon was destroyed previously..."

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