After releasing a satisfied burp, the white cat leaned over Prima with its mouth wide open and sniffed her. But then, after seemingly verifying something, it shut its mouth with slight dismay.

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As it crouched down beside Prima, the white cat shook its head and suddenly realized it had forgotten to give itself eyes.

Pop! Pop! 

Two eyeballs appeared in succession on its round white body and gradually adjusted to resemble normal cat eyes.

The cat bug christened ‘Whitey’ blinked and swung its tail like a whip before 'inserting' it into the pool of blood that had previously splattered onto the ground and sucked it dry.

Since there was no more meat, some soup would suffice…

Prima, who was still lying on the floor, struggled hard to retrieve an antidote hidden among the remaining few bottles of elixirs. Yet before she could even do so, she felt the last slivers of her life slipping away.

She tilted her head slightly, staring in a daze at the white cat before her, whose ‘fur’ glowed faintly like a moonbeam. As the lights in her eyes gradually faded, the corners of her lips raised slightly.

Great, Walpurgis who controls the night… She knew... She's never abandoned us...

In her fuzzy field of view, a blurry figure of a man suddenly appeared on top of the stars in the far corner. As her eyes closed and opened once more, a magnified face she had never seen before now appeared in front of her.

She felt a peculiar sense of affinity from this young, raven-haired and onyx-eyed man, and Prima could swear this wasn't a hallucination caused by imminent death.

She could feel a familiarity that reached the depths of her soul, making her feel as if she had returned back to the warm and reassuring environment of her mother’s womb. This sense of warmth made Prima subconsciously relax.

Before her vision turned completely dark, she could make out the ring sitting on the young man’s pale finger.


Though the lips of the young lady parted, no sound came out.

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Lin Jie trampled down the stairs, still in his pajamas. At first, he had still been drowsy, but the sight of the scene on the first floor instantly sobered him up.

His first reaction was…

“Where the hell is my door?!!

"I still had a huge door before I went to bed! Why has it suddenly gone missing???"

He was now completely wide awake.

Confusion was written all over Lin Jie’s face as he looked at his doorway, which could now be regarded as a template burglary crime scene.

Pieces of splintered wood littered the floor, and there were fragments and dust all sprinkled messily all over the place. Furthermore, on the door that had its hinges knocked off was a large dent in its center.

But more importantly was the lady lying on the ground — despite the rather manly attire that could be seen under her messed-up cloak, her hairstyle at least gave away her gender.

Anyone could tell she didn't have long to live given the bluish tinge growing on her mouth and nose, as well as her darkening forehead.

This made Lin Jie realize something serious had happened.

Has a murder had taken place at the doorway of my bookstore in the middle of the night?! 

With his face paling, Lin Jie quickened his pace and went to help prop the lady up. At the same time, he also shooed Whitey aside. Whitey who ‘contributed nothing and was just being nosy.'


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The white cat, who had wanted to show its affection but was instead chased away, turned and faced a corner to sulk.

Lin Jie realized the situation was grim when he came into contact with Prima’s shoulders. A sticky liquid coated his hands, and upon closer inspection, was identified as blood.

This lady was facing a situation way more severe than Mu’en when she had shown up injured; she wasn't just losing blood but had been poisoned as well!

Moreover, this poison was unusual. Prima’s entire body had started to swell which meant that she was in grave danger.

In his moment of panic, he was also distracted by something else. Where is Mu’en?

Didn’t Mu’en recently help Joseph to install a prosthetic arm or something? That means she's at least at the level of a master in terms of Biology, Medicine, and other related fields. If only she was here now… but this lady will most likely die if I were to head upstairs to wake Mu'en up!

In actuality, Mu’en was currently deep in slumber and couldn’t be woken up because of the mental strain of Walpurgis' possession.


Lin Jie looked down and discovered the moribund Prima straining to keep her eyes open as if trying to say something. Her head was slightly tilted up and there was a teary sheen in her eyes as she looked up at him with a peaceful and trusting expression.

Boss Lin immediately felt his heart become heavy. This child believed in him, he had to save her!

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Patting her on the back, he whispered, “Don’t you worry, you will not die.”

Lin Jie reached out his hand that was covered in Prima's blood and used a finger to draw a sigil on her forehead. He then closed his eyes and grasped the free-floating aether present in the dream realm, and through the connection of both his finger and sigil, formed a bridge to link his soul and hers.

It was fortunate that he had just been asking Silver for advice in the dream realm and had managed to learn the ‘Blood Curse, Dying Blood Transfer' spell.

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Most of the spells recorded within the human skin book were cruel and evil, though if used in a proper way could actually bring about positive effects worth far more.

And if ‘necromancy’ was used at a suitable timing, it could save a person's life in a dangerous situation!

A person who was dying but not yet dead, fresh blood which hadn't yet lost its lifeforce. The conditions to cast the spell were fulfilled.

Substitute the soul.

Control the body.

Extend the lifespan.

When Lin Jie reopened his eyes, they were now completely flushed black. Only a blood-red flame could be seen in the farthest depths. This was the flame of Prima’s soul.

Lin Jie faintly felt like he was a tentacled monster. Soul, an incorporeal essence, was currently ‘flowing’ through Lin Jie’s arm and into Prima’s body.

Following the circulatory system, it then spread to her entire body, eventually taking over Prima’s already weakened will and controlling her.

Of course, as Lin Jie took control of Prima’s mind, he could feel his vision and other senses being split in two. However, the split wasn't an equivalent one. He still had a dominant control over one of the bodies, while the other was sluggish in response, akin to a signal with bad delay. However, he didn't have much of a problem controlling both.

On top of this, he could even vaguely pick up some of the thoughts Prima had as she was dying.


Lin Jie had managed to pick up a useful piece of information. He was then momentarily elated to find out that Prima’s hand had been digging for something in her cloak and had remained in that position.

He had originally planned to prolong her life for a while longer so that he could go up and call for Mu’en.

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But now, there was a ready-made solution.

Lin Jie controlled Prima’s hand to take out the antidote and drink it while simultaneously controlling his own body to fetch a first aid kit and expertly stop Prima's bleeding and treat her wounds.

Lin Jie multitasked efficiently with one mind. Thanks to the initial period where he had taken care of Mu’en, he was now a first-aid master of dealing with serious injuries.


Lin Jie exhaled as he placed Prima on the recliner and relinquished his control.

As he shifted his gaze, Lin Jie was met with a pair of bright, black eyes. It appeared that Prima had already regained her consciousness after consuming the antidote.

She had clearly felt her soul being invaded, bound, and controlled. It was an immense force she couldn’t oppose, just like her father teaching her to walk when she was a child; broad shoulders and arms leaned against her body, and strong arms guiding her in a certain direction.

Even her very own blood obeyed every command.

There was also the ring; the ring which made her very core tremble. The one before her was definitely Walpurgis… Wait a minute, why is it a male?

Prima suddenly found herself dumbfounded.

“You are awake?” Lin Jie asked, waving his palm in front of Prima's face.

Right now, all that she could focus on was the silver ring on his ring finger.

“Not yet? How about looking at that door and trying to recall what happened.”

Lin Jie pointed at the damaged door before exasperating sullenly, “The Church of the Dome matter only just resolved and I've to deal with this kind of situation again. Is this Norzin or Gotham City?!

"Whoever smashed the door better watch out. I will make them pay!”

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