Chapter 213: Walpurgis Felt Cheated On

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A human, yes. At least… appearance-wise...

As she recovered from her momentary shock, Walpurgis looked at Lin Jie, lying blissfully unaware in the middle of the mass of radiating flesh.

Before, while still restricted to the confines of the dream realm, Walpurgis could only rely on Mu’en’s verbal descriptions to understand the goings-on in reality.

She knew that Mu’en considered Lin Jie to be strong, unfathomable even. But he was still just a human, and there was no doubt about it.

Walpurgis could see that he was still fundamentally a human and the alterations to his body only occurred later on.

Just like many non-human beings that wished to find a human shell for themselves, or how some creatures existed as humans in their juvenile stages of their lives...

As for what lay beneath... Walpurgis couldn't tell as well.

This was the only thing that bewildered her. No matter how she looked, this fellow was just a human.

Generally speaking, there should at least be some clues.

Silver was a standard 'misanthrope.’ Her dislike for humans was so vile that describing it as contempt would be an understatement. In her eyes, humans were but puny insects.

All the covenants she made were with non-human creatures... which included ancient dragons, giants, elves, and others. But there had never been humans.

This meant that she and Walpurgis, who was a ‘Philanthrope,’ weren't on good terms and often at loggerheads.

However, Silver, who had always despised humans, had now made a covenant with Lin Jie, finally granting her a human anointed.

Was Lin Jie really that powerful he could change Silver’s personality, or was he in fact not a human but was simply keeping it well hidden?


Walpurgis’ eyes followed the iris flower vine, watching how it wrapped around Lin Jie’s finger and formed an intricate flower stem ring before the vine broke off and returned into the wall.


Lin Jie now had two rings, one on his left hand and the other on his right. Incidentally, both were on his ring finger.


The iris flower swayed a little, then turned to face Walpurgis, who was still standing at the entrance of the room with the door slightly ajar. The webbed mass of flesh around the room started to converge and encircled the stem of the iris flower, forming a tall, elegant meshed figure of a lady.


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The seemingly glowing iris flower was now swaying beside the temple of this humanoid figure.


Though this humanoid figure was rather abstract and lacked facial features, Walpurgis knew that it was staring straight at her, an old acquaintance.


Of course, being found out was inevitable, and Walpurgis wasn’t too bothered by it. She was already aware of prior contact between Silver and Lin Jie and hence came to the conclusion that Silver also knew of her existence.


When they would cross paths was just a matter of time.


However, Walpurgis hadn’t anticipated two things happening.

First was the accidental change in the contractual ring’s ownership. Then, when she was in the midst of retrieving it sneakily, she discovered Silver had also transferred her own covenant.


Walpurgis had even considered asking for Silver’s help getting Lin Jie to return the ring. However, she never expected Silver to also give Lin Jie a ring as well…


It was as if she was intentionally trying to make her mad.


Glaring at the humanoid figure, Walpurgis muttered in a low voice, “You did this on purpose.”


She kept an eye on Lin Jie the whole time, afraid of waking him up.


Silver’s delicate laughter echoed throughout the room, sounding as if the entire frightening mass of flesh was speaking.


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The humanoid with the iris flower on her ear lifted up the hems of her skirt and gave a graceful curtsy.


“I tried asking for it back on your behalf, but he refused. How could you accuse me of doing it on purpose, what else could I possibly have done?”


If he didn’t want to give it up, couldn’t you have just taken it? Aren’t you one of the four Primordial Witches? Why do you speak as though you are a weak woman whose every decision is governed by her man? Walpurgis thought to herself furiously.


The whole thing was already as clear as day.


Silver obviously intended for this. Her appearance here was definitely to thwart Walpurgis’ plans. She wanted for Walpurgis’ contractual ring to remain on Lin Jie so as to provide a better bargaining chip for her own anointed.


A covenant was a form of testament; seeking the blessings of a Primordial Witch also meant pledging allegiance to her and following her every command.


The mutual benefits that both parties received were of equivalence.


Since ages had passed, nobody knew how many anointed still remained. However, those that manage to withstand the test of time would surely be loyal devotees and powerful as well.


Silver had no humans within her anointed and hence had the idea of stealing from Walpurgis.


Oh Silver, how conniving you are, Walpurgis grumbled to herself.

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However, the situation wasn’t ideal for her. Judging from how Silver was able to reside outside of the dream realm, surely she possessed more power than Walpurgis’ current weak state. Moreover, there was still another unknown threat nearby in the form of a sleeping Lin Jie.


Possessing Mu’en had just been to sneakily steal the ring back, but now the entire plan had been thrown out of the window.

“Since he’s already helped me reclaim the moon’s authority, I’ll call it even by letting him keep the ring,” Walpurgis disclosed in an attempt to comfort herself


She shut her eyes and scoffed, “It’s all a big hassle anyway, so I’ll let him deal with this headache.”

However, the fact remained that the covenant was still with him. In the future, her anointed would take his words as the words of Walpurgis.


For some strange reason, Walpurgis felt like she was being cheated on and even felt like she was obliged to cover the truth and allow the ones who committed the sin to walk freely…


The more she contemplated, the angrier Walpurgis got, and she decided she couldn’t stay here for any longer.


She stomped and pulled at the door with all her might… but stopped halfway all of a sudden before gently pulling the door to a close.


Behind her, Silver’s faint chuckling could still be heard.



Prima Sandra was currently preparing a divination ceremony of the Night in secret.


Surveying the items placed on the table, she murmured eccentrically, “I will save you, Sister. Those from our clan have bad intentions and don’t want you to return and not a single one of them can be trusted…

“Lady Walpurgis, who controls the Night, must have returned already. The shift in the sun and moon is definitely an omen. Now, only she can protect us both.”

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Prima’s older sister was indeed Margaret Sandra, the Head of Medicine from the Truth Union, who had recently gone missing after being attacked.


All of the materials had been prepared and arranged on the table: vials of carefully refined elixirs sparkled with a charming brilliance and in the place of a crystal ball was an enchanted miniature moon dial made of meteoric iron.


The swishing elixirs in the vials reflected a shine on Prima’s unassuming face. A pair of thick-rimmed glasses rested on her nose, and her lush black hair was clumped into a thick braid.

The shirt, coat, and trousers she wore were all of a men’s style, and her hands were covered with thick, white industrial gloves.


A beret hung on the armrest of the chair beside, and had it been worn, it would be easy to mistake Prima for a short boy.


“Huu…” Prima exhaled sharply.


Having completed engraving the grooves on the spell circle, Prima poured out the elixirs sequentially with steady hands and a hardened gaze.

The spell circle began to glow and a blurry image formed on the moon dial.


“Abiding by the ancient promise, Lady Walpurgis shall protect those who suffer in the Night. In return, we will pledge to you our loyalty and support.


“Please help me!”


Staring anxiously at the moon dial, Prima saw the blurry image shifting before finally displaying an image of a dilapidated bookstore.


The shadow needle on the moon dial was pointed to it.

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