Chapter 203: I've Been Waiting For You To Show Up

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The massive ball of fire broke through the clouds and came streaking downwards from, creating streams of airwaves all around it as it ignited the entire sky and smashed into the false god that Vincent had dragged to the ground in a blinding light.

The entire battlefield shook as if a massive earthquake was taking place.


The huge mass of countless entwined tentacles was pulverized like a jelly smashed by a rock as parts of it splattered into a bloody mix.

At the same moment, the ground was split open and a massive wave of heat and air pressure erupted from the center, causing buildings all around to crumble as debris, trees, and everything else were blown outwards, thudding hard into the barrier and creating ripples.

This was only the first blitz. Vincent, who was now in midair, grasped his hands together and did a downward pulling motion.


The sun-like ball of fire sank further, melting everything within range with its wind and flames. The ground turned to magma and water vapor in the air started to sizzle as the entire fire ball started to disintegrate.

A black speck appeared at the core of the flaming sphere and gradually spread out like mildew. The ball of fire started to shrink inwards, turning into a chaotic fusion of black and red. Eventually, the fire ball reached a size that was a third of its original.

The ground, now barren, had sunk approximately hundred meters, forming a massive crater with the spaces around it all twisted.

Vincent’s veins were bulging as sweat poured down his forehead. It was evident that he had compressed the ball of fire as much as he could bear for now.

He sucked in a deep breath, released his hands and backed away rapidly.

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The black-and-red ball of fire instantly detonated from its core, and a circular shockwave expanded. A column of fire shot upward into the skies and at the same time, downwards at the false god below.

As the ground shook, a huge crack tore open the earth, revealing the artificial foundations beneath Norzin. Clearly, after penetrating the false god, the column of fire had continued on much deeper into the ground.


A shrill shriek unbearable to the human ear sounded as the entire eyeball was pierced by the explosion. The false god's outer skin was torched with burn marks as a turbid yellow acid splashed out. However, its inner organs and viscera still retained some vitality.


The visceral-like flesh started to regenerate rapidly as blood gushed out like a waterfall, spawning slender tentacles that were like a thin moon ribbon that pierced the exhausted Vincent and pinned him to the ground.

The mutilated eyeball tissue turned into countless newborn eyes, whirling and blinking in an extremely unsettling manner.

However, this was its final death throes. The pillar of flame continued to hurt it and these tiny eyes combusted in succession, spraying yellow pus everywhere as its tentacles withered up rapidly.

The false god squirmed in a final rage-fueled attack, raising its tentacles high up in a bid to kill this mortal enemy.

A golden sword flashed across, creating an air wave that cut through the false god's tentacled body and split it into half.

Eventually, the fine golden light stopped in its tracks, forming a cross with that fire column shooting into the sky, nailing the false god in its place.

The false god's movements ceased and its eyes became glazed as its remaining tentacles went limp and fell to the ground.

The last thing it saw was the image of a burly old man with a sword held high. His snow white hair was a stark contrast to his large, robust body cloaked in stimulated aether like a white flame that couldn't be extinguished.

The Indomitable Sacred Flame, Joseph.

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The survivors of Secret Rite Tower that had already retreated to the periphery of the massive battle gazed up at the figure in midair and murmured his name.

He held no demon sword in his hand, but his soul wielded an even sharper blade.


The pillar of flame went out, and the sword marks vanished. Finally, the false god fell to the ground.

Joseph gazed at the lifeless mass for some time, not daring to relax. Finally, he heaved a sigh of relief and withdrew his aether.

This one strike had drained his strength.

A Supreme-rank, even at the verge of death, was still a hundred times stronger than a Destructive-rank. Slaying one with a single strike required everything he had.

Fortunately... everything had ended.

Joseph landed by Vincent's side, staggering slightly. He raised a hand out to help Vincent up and asked, "Are you alright?"

Vincent had already returned back to his normal form, but his eyes were still empty sockets and his chest and stomach were entirely ripped. He coughed a couple of times, forcing a smile and reached out. "I'm alright... We won."

Vincent grabbed his hand and squeezed it. "Yes, we won," he sighed.

Clap clap clap...

Abrupt applause rang out over the silent battlefield.

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Vincent and Joseph turned to the source of sound at the same time and their eyes narrowed. As the dust settled, a handsome youth with silver eyes floated in the air with a bright smile.

"A marvelous performance. Congratulations on your victory over a Supreme-rank enemy... even though it was only a sham."

The smiling young man in long, black robes with the motif of a flaming sword met the gaze of the two men. "Indeed, my guess was right. The real moon didn't die and only created true divinity in dreams. That is why the Primordial Witches have been unanimously hiding in the dream realm...

"Isn't that right, Lady Walpurgis who controls the night?"

The silver-haired youth looked towards the young maiden floating in the distance as well as the female phantasm behind her. Formless aetheric spears had already encircled and trapped the two of them.

Walpurgis stared at him with deep scrutiny. "I remember you."

"I'm really honored that you actually remembered me." The silver-haired youth gave a slight bow. "Perhaps, I should introduce myself. I was the first pope of the Church of the Dome and go by the name 'Gabriel' now.

"Perhaps you don't know," Gabriel licked his lips with a crazy glint in his eyes. "This beast was merely an idle and foolish little thing originally. It was me who encouraged it, told it that there was a beautiful dress in the west of the dream realm. It then went there, tore off the skin of the moon and put it on itself and caged up the original.

"It was me. I created a god!" said Gabriel, his face drunken with glee.

"I never imagined being able to see a great entity like yourself, one so kind and forgiving. I sincerely hope you can fulfill my wish to let me use the same method... and become a god!"

Gabriel grinned. "AlI my efforts to find your whereabouts, your arrival, and planning for so long didn't go to waste."

As the dust on the ground cleared, the vague illusory outlines of a silvery array was revealed to be forming above the scorched earth.

Evidently, he had used the power of the Church of the Dome to set up a powerful array here.

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Joseph and Vincent paled and even Walpurgis' face sank. Mu'en bit her lips and started to approximate whether she could escape with her current strength.

But as the array was solidifying, a faint voice echoed, "I've been waiting for you to show up."

Though dull, this voice seemed to thunder across the sky as if it came from the high heavens.

Gabriel and everyone else looked upwards at once to see a huge dark shadowy figure looming in the sky where the clouds had cleared.

The black silhouette was so large that even the sky seemed unable to contain it. It was as if this entity was a giant overlooking a chessboard with only its head, neck, and shoulders visible. The rest of this entity was obscured by the vastness of the starry skies behind it.

The black figure extended a hand, thrusting through the clouds and grabbed Gabriel.

Clink Clang!

A tinkling of what sounded like glass shattering rang out and the entire world seemed to fall apart. The barren earth, burning ruins, dark sky, and the false god's body turned into fragmented pieces.

Everyone's vision was blinded momentarily only to find themselves still within the Central Chapel.

"What's going on?!"      

Joseph stood up with a start and surveyed his surroundings warily, discovering he was still in the Chapel's inner chamber. In front of him was the altar with the silvery placenta on it all shriveled up while Rodney's burnt corpse laid at the side.

However, the surrounding walls and constructs were undamaged and tranquil moonlight shone through the circular window above.

At this moment, Joseph had only one thought in mind—

That voice... doesn't it sound like Boss Lin?       

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