"All units standby. Form the barrier.

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"Take note to not spread the boundary's anchor points too far apart. This isn't like past dream beasts. Rodney used himself to summon the 'god' of the Church of the Dome itself.

"It might very likely possess all of Rodney's abilities, and perhaps be much stronger than him.

"You all have been trained on Rodney's formations and fighting styles, right? Don't tell me that in just two years, the Combat Division has degenerated to the point it no longer trains to deal with other factions.

"Also, send someone to inform the Council of Elders. Those old fogies should wake up and stretch their muscles once in a while."

Am I the Combat Division's chief or is he?! thought Gresham Winston when he heard Joseph's swift command sound out in his year.

Joseph's orders felt much more natural than his own...

What was more, this was met with an immediate response of cheers and roars of excitement.

Evidently, these were supporters from Joseph's old division and die-hard loyalists. Given Joseph's former reputation, he still had legions of fans after two years.

Is this fellow intending to come out of retirement and usurp my position?!

But Winston pursed his lips and gave out his own orders quickly, assigning everyone to their tasks and proceeded to the usual prewar pep talk.

"Everyone, this is going to be a tough battle, but behind us is Norzin where our families, friends, and everyone we know is. Every single fight, every single swing we make is all to protect them. Falling back just one step could mean losing a smile you care about!

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"I know all of you are tired of listening to words like this, but remember!

"If you don't do what you are supposed to do, then such a thing can happen right away! Perhaps you might survive for some reason, but your families and friends don't have the same strength that you possess!"

Winston drew out his sword and pointed at the tentacled moon beast in the distant sky. "That ugly thing over there," he said, "will turn anything you care about into a fleshy pulp with just a single flick! Do you all understand!

"There is no turning back, all we can do is fight!"

After rousing up the knights and seeing the barrier light up, he switched to a private comms channel and chided.

"Joseph you ****! Are you the Combat Division chief or am I!

"What are you, an Intelligence Division personnel giving out directions here!"

Joseph and Winston were old comrades, so he wasn't upset being chided. Laughing heartily, he said, "I just wanted to reminisce a bit. Don't worry.

“I wouldn't steal your position even if I regained my former strength. The Intelligence Division is way more profitable than the Combat Division!"

Joseph had overstepped Winston's authority and speaking out like this wasn't proper, so Winston had every right to be angry.

However, Joseph understood Winston and knew that the latter's anger was actually worry that this former Combat Division Chief would 'return' which led to self-doubt.

This showed that he wasn't confident of his own position, reputation, and strength when compared to his predecessor.

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But aside from his feisty temperament, this fellow was a good knight and at least more responsible than Joseph who had put himself in self-exile two years ago.

Winston momentarily choked, then muttered, "Then you should just stay and enjoy your Intelligence Division!"

"Why so serious," chuckled Joseph. "We are all knights of Secret Rite Tower, protectors of Norzin's peace. That's enough, isn't it?"

Winston fell silent, grunted, and snapped off the communications device.

He gazed into the distant burning church battlefield with a complicated mix of emotions. Joseph... He's really regained his former strength.

He sounds exactly like he used to.

On the other end, Joseph shut off his communications device and glanced at that silvery floating mass of a 'lifeform.' Its vast body consisted of one huge eyeball and a mass of tentacles all around that covered the sky. Each of these tentacles was at least half a meter wide and constantly dancing around in combat with the knights of Secret Rite Tower.



The top of the Central Chapel was ripped off along with the supporting columns, and the entire domed roof came crashing down. In the blink of an eye, all that remained was burning wreckage.

Figures around, tiny in comparison, fell without a sound, disappearing within the sea of flames.

When battling with dream beasts, humans would forever seem small and powerless. Even when giving their all, they were merely like fleeting sparks that could be easily stubbed out.

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With a creepy 'Tee-hee' laughter, the false god destroyed and killed wantonly like an ignorant child knocking down everything and trampling on ants.

A brilliant column of fire blazed up, seized those tentacles, and yanked the massive figure downwards.


The false god shrieked as its humongous eyeball turned to gaze at the tiny figure shrouded in flame. Then, its tentacles spread out and glowed with the different afterimages of the moon phases.

Silent Domain, Heresy Trial, Silver Moon Luster, Sacred Blessing, Moon Projection, Moonlight Courtyard, Aether Tide——

These seven abilities of the seven different phases of the moon were all activated simultaneously!

Vincent experienced a heavy pressure as illusory and corrupted moonlight fell around him, turning tangible and piercing into his body. The flames surrounding him dimmed as dense currents of aether washed over him, stripping away even the scorched earth all around.

This false good had stolen the moon's power for thousands of years, and that immense might wasn't something the newborn sun Vincent possessed could compare with.

"Ability Deprivation."

A delicate young girl silently appeared in midair, extending a tender white palm then clenching it.

It was Mu'en.

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A phantasm of a beautiful woman in a black dress, sitting atop a crescent moon suddenly appeared behind the young girl. She had a sad face, with downcast eyes as she let out a slight sigh.

Then, she too extended her own hand tenderly, as if guiding her own beloved child.

"Aooo Aooo—"

The false god started to panic upon seeing the phantasm of Walpurgis, struggling in a bid to flee, but it was already too late.

Like lost children having found their mother, those afterimages of the moon phases streamed towards Walpurgis' outstretched palm with a 'swish,' forming a small, complete moon.

The false god was momentarily dumbfounded before it shrieked once more as it tried to run. However, it realized it was caught in place and looked downwards to see the man shrouded in flames.

Vincent's eyes glowed brighter as he gave a forceful yank, slamming the false god to the ground. Then, with his eyes blazing with light, he raised both hands up high and hollered, "Eternal—— Doom!!"      

Rumble! Crackle!

Like the sound of thunder crashing, a bright light broke through the dark, gloomy sky, like the sun rising and lighting up the heavens and earth.

First was a gathering of fiercely burning energy, amassing into a massive ball of fire. Then, it started its descent, rapidly speeding up and creating an immense air pressure that was so powerful that the ground beneath started to crack and bits of debris to float.

The entire sky was burning!

The sun —— was crashing down!

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