Chapter 200: Knowledge

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Joseph was intoxicated by the contents of the book.

All its information came flooding in and filled his thoughts the moment he set eyes on each word.

There wasn't any need to think, nor any need to acquire this knowledge. There was absolutely no laborious work, just passively and constantly accepting this inflow of knowledge.

This was an incredibly pleasant feeling.

Joseph's consciousness levels of thinking and his soul felt as if it were gradually filled and expanded.

It was as if his strength was expanding infinitely, yet being under control, and everything could be easily understood.

However, Joseph was determined not to let himself be befuddled by this sense of perception.

He snapped out of it and looked away at once. As soon as he did so, the inculcation of knowledge ended.

At this moment, he sorted out his thoughts a little, realizing that the power of 'Virtual Soul Realm' wasn't purely about the spiritual. It firstly created a domain named 'soul realm' which constructed new laws within it.

Then, using imagination to unlock potential, countless powerful 'virtual images' could be condensed and used for battle.

However, once the other party saw through the laws of this Soul Realm, or if there was insufficient power to sustain the Soul Realm, the virtual images would collapse and fail in an instant.

But since it had power multiplied hundreds or even thousands of times, this power was able to end the battle in a short period of time.

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And the length of time in this Soul Realm still depended on the aether within his own body.

Joseph faintly felt that this was the threshold between the Destructive-rank and the Supreme-rank—"laws"!

Mastering 'laws' was the only way to attain Supreme-rank!

For example, the Supreme-rank God of Rain had mastery over the 'laws' of thunder and lightning. The pope of the Church of the Dome was directly granted authority by the "gods." However, it too was a power composed of 'laws.'

Joseph understood what Boss Lin had given him this time was a key that could unlock that particular door!

At the same time, his thoughts became clear. The knowledge in these books had never been waiting for people to learn them. Instead, they were given out according to one's own initiative.

Just as Boss Lin had said before: "When you read a book, the book is also looking at you."

All this knowledge was 'alive'!

When this knowledge flowed into the mind, it was as if new blood had been injected into the body. It becomes so active instantly that one would assume it had been lying dormant in a certain corner and just waiting to occupy everything.

On the other side, Lin Jie's face was almost stiff from maintaining that inscrutable smile as he watched Joseph seemingly obsessed with the book. Feeling that the elder shouldn’t be disturbed, he got up to pour some water for himself.

Mu’en had been standing at the side all this while. She attempted to pour water when she saw Lin Jie's movement, but the boss put out a hand to stop her and gave a smile to signal that he could do it on his own.

After all, Mu’en had been rather busy lately. She was doing a good job with the book cafe next door as well as assisting Vincent in making plans to deal with the Church of the Dome.

She was a capable girl that excelled in both housework and social life, and Lin Jie felt bad to have her wait on him like this.

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Moreover, the book cafe had made more money over these few days than the sum of his bookstore earnings over the years. Even if it was a place for the gathering of believers, they still had to charge for tea!

Such a capable assistant had to be treated well.

Lin Jie came back with a glass of water and found that Joseph was still staring at the book in a daze.

Uh... While reading seriously is a good thing, I am afraid that there wouldn't be time to talk about official business if this goes on.

Lin Jie glanced at the sky outside, then leaned in and asked, "Joseph, how is it? Do you feel a little enlightened, or is it a bit difficult to understand?

“You mustn't force yourself as such things can't be forced. Just go with the flow, or it will be very laborious and counterproductive."

Lin Jie reached out and patted Joseph on the shoulder as he said all these.

Joseph instantly snapped out of his daze with beads of sweat on his forehead.

That's terrifying…

He still had a lingering fear. Everything had occurred in just a few minutes and the entire process was rather calm, but Joseph was certain that he would have been 'devoured' by all that knowledge if he had gone on just a little more!

Till now, he was still unsure whether it was that knowledge or his own imagination that was 'devouring' him.

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This knowledge... seems to be pursuing humans.

Indeed, the stronger the power, the more dangerous it was.

Especially so for the books from Boss Lin.

Without Boss Lin's timely reminder, Joseph would have died!

Joseph nodded quickly and said, "You're right, I was a little impatient and should have been more prudent. Such things need to be done gradually."

Lin Jie nodded and said, “Yes, you are right. Don't be too reckless. So, this book..."

Joseph immediately understood his intention. "I’ll take it!"

Lin Jie's smile brightened as he took the book over and packaged it adeptly.

He collected the money in one hand and delivered it with the other while instructing, "Don't be too reliant on all that is said in this book. You must have your own mind as well, for following blindly can lead to a dead end."

Joseph nodded to indicate that he would keep Boss Lin’s teachings in mind.

Having talked for quite a long time, Lin Jie finally recalled the 'official business' that Joseph intended to discuss with him. Joseph was agreeing with Lin Jie the entire time and it seemed that the old man wouldn't mention it if Lin Jie didn't bring it up.

Thus, Lin Jie cleared his throat and asked, "Anyway, how is the situation with you guys? Has preparation been well?"

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Joseph naturally reported the entire situation to Boss Lin.

Next up, they would publish the crucial evidence that Cherry had obtained and reveal the fact that the Church of the Dome had used Holy Moon Essence to subjugate the congregation.

Following that would be a siege on the Central Chapel of the Church of the Dome.

Lin Jie nodded and decided to give some subtle hints, "You guys just have to do your best. As for that Gabriel fellow, I don't think he's that much of a big threat, so don't worry."

Joseph and the others needed to be assured first. Though Lin Jie himself was uncertain, the others shouldn't be discouraged.

As for the rest, he could only rely on himself.


After sending off Joseph, Lin Jie noticed that it was getting late and decided to close up shop.

He was going to start experimenting today and try to expand the dream realm into reality.

He had tried it many times before but they were all on a small scale. In the beginning, he could do it in the bedroom, then in the bookstore, and gradually he learned to jump into other people's dreams and then expand his realm.

The experiment was very successful. He had found the location of the Central Chapel in the dream of a certain apostle and he was now going to try putting the entire Central Chapel into his own dream...

The process could take days, so he informed Mu’en in advance to stay away from the bedroom.

He was going into 'seclusion.'

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