Chapter 199: Awaken The Giant Within

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Obviously, Lin Jie didn’t know if Joseph was actually here to purchase a book.

Truth to be told, Mu’en had reported to him that the situation of Vincent’s group against the Church of the Dome had reached a tipping point. Both sides were anticipating conflict, and tensions were at an all time high. While one side was getting ready for a final attack, the other was preparing a last ceremony.

In such a critical moment, Joseph basically has no reason to visit him for a book purchase. He most likely would be here for detailed information regarding Michael and the Path of the Flaming Sword.

But all of us here are already thick as thieves, how can you bear to only speak official business the moment you step into my store? 

Is our friendship really that shallow? 

Did our many heartfelt encounters not even amount to even the price of a book? 

Therefore, before we speak official business, let’s have a cordial transaction to strengthen our friendship!

That’s right, Lin Jie was seizing the opportunity at hand. He once again began utilizing his eloquence to promote his books.

Even if Joseph had come without the intention of buying any books, hearing such a question would make him embarrassed to state the purpose of the visit and would only speak of it after getting a book.

However, this technique was specially used to target those more acquainted patrons, especially those who were in need of help. Time and time again, this conveniently appropriate method produced results that spoke for itself.

If this were any ordinary customer, this question would have been no different from a harmless query about their visit to the bookstore.

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Unsurprisingly, Joseph was momentarily stumped by this question. He recovered quickly and nodded. “I have indeed come to get a book. Although the previous book you previously picked for me was great, the contents are rather profound.

“I must say that my comprehension skills couldn’t quite keep up. Hence, I believe I still require more improvement before I can fully utilize it.”

The first book he had gotten was very amazing in terms of auxiliary combat but wasn't that effective at raising Joseph's own prowess, whereas the second book he got consumed too much aether and was way too unpredictable as well.

Previously, summoning the yellow-robed figure had instantly drained all of the aether in Joseph's body and that had also been with the sacrifice of a part of Zuikaku's own summoning. Under normal circumstances, pulling off such a move would leave him unable to go on fighting.

Both books couldn't be utilized under most conventional circumstances... and it was truly a pity.

Now that he was working his way to the top and gained newfound confidence, Joseph had a clear target—to reach Supreme-rank!

Boss Lin is already aware, of course… but there's no need to be in awe. It happens all the time.

Joseph suddenly recalled Boss Lin asking Mu’en to close the bookstore door just as he was about to enter.

He now understood that Boss Lin was already awaiting his arrival and was merely teasing him intentionally.

Despite being unable to read Joseph’s inner thoughts, Lin Jie was rather pleased with himself.

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Look at this uncle, all flustered now.

You came with official business to discuss, but you can't bring it up directly, going along with my lead as we diverge to talk about books and now even over-explaining matters to convince yourself heh.

Although it wasn’t very ethical, Lin Jie couldn't help it as he squinted his eyes into little slits as he revealed the devious grin at the thought of this 'profiteering.'


Lin Jie controlled himself and resumed a serious tone, "Having this form of self-awareness is a good sign, but you have to come often in the future. After all, people never cease learning as long as they are living.

“My collection of books is by no means minuscule, so ask and you shall receive. If you ever find yourself at an impasse, you're more than welcome to visit the bookstore and seek me out."

Lin Jie did indeed play up the reputation of his bookstore, but he did have all the literature on Earth here among his books and hence it wasn't really such an exaggeration.

Joseph replied from the bottom of his heart, “You are too modest, Mr. Lin. Your bookstore consists of collections I cannot even begin to dream of.”

This uncle really knows how to give compliments… Lin Jie thought to himself with a sense of satisfaction.

With a smirk, Lin Jie took up his usual pose of resting his hand atop his crossed hands. “At this stage where you are currently at, utilizing conventional methods to improve yourself wouldn't provide much evident results, especially in terms of physical strength.

"As such, I would highly recommend you to dig deep within yourself to draw on your inner potential.”

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Lin Jie retrieved a book titled Awaken the Giant Within from the bookshelf beside him.

The author of this book was Anthony Robbins, a man whose main profession was a motivational speaker. He was given many titles: ‘The World’s Master Aptitude Booster,’ ‘The Planet’s Top Success Tutor,’ ‘The Master who Unlocked Potentials Worldwide,’ and many more… In any case, he was said to be a master of his craft.

He gave both consultations and motivational coaching to presidents, leaders as well as celebrities all around the globe. Furthermore, he even provided ‘Motivational Training’ services to the US army.

Turning giving speeches into a viable profession as well as living off of it was no easy feat. One could only imagine the silver tongue he possessed to pull this off. Moreover, his accomplishments shared many similarities to what Lin Jie was currently doing…

Simply put, both of them were simply just duping. Duping others through scientific, constitutional, and conceptual basis.

When reading this book, most people would feel as if it was all a heap of logical chicken soup for the soul. However, if it really had the ability to make people perform just like the literal tonic he had written and made them wholly believe they could do so, then that would be terrifying.

All in all, being able to reach such a level in that field meant that Robbins must have had a few tricks up his sleeves. And now, Lin Jie was using him to dupe Uncle Joseph.

“A human's potential actually just exists within the limitless creativity behind oneself. In their soul and willpower, not their physique.

“I can discern that you must have poured a substantial amount of effort into training your physique and it was indeed beneficial.

“However, at present, you find yourself unable to make a breakthrough and hence should begin to look inwards and seek your inner self.”

After all, at the advanced age you are at, even Schwarzenegger would have put on some weight… 

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Although formerly a cop, Joseph has already retired sometime back and ought to be using this time for self-cultivation. Perhaps, he could even learn from Schwarzenegger and try dipping his toes in politics.

Lin Jie passed the book over to Joseph and doled out his chicken soup, “In life, there should only be two goals to concern oneself with: Avoiding suffering and pursuing happiness.

“Once this episode is over, I suggest that you, Joseph, should start considering the direction you want to take. Perhaps once you have made up your mind, you will be able to awaken the giant within and climb to the next level."

As for the direction to think about... Insightful life mentor Lin Jie would temporarily leave the description vague.

Seeing Joseph with a face full of shock and dawned in realization, he grinned. The deal has been sealed.

Whether he made a sale was of no concern to him. What truly mattered was that at a time where Joseph was showing a tendency of being an empty nester and was heading in the wrong direction, Lin Jie had implied that reading books could help improve his life.

Joseph's mouth felt parched as his heart palpitated. The last time he experienced such a similar feeling was all the way back when he first discovered he had qualifications to become a knight.

The title of the book was Virtual Soul Domain. The contents within were fantastical, like the grand doors leading to an unfamiliar world slowly opening before Joseph.

This was a training style he had never seen before, and everything he had previously known was subverted. It was using one’s spirit to cultivate aether, utilizing imagination to unlock one's hidden potential. By multiplying the process countless times, he could construct an enormous fortress within his soul as a foundation to build his power on.

Was this not comparable to the power level of a Supreme-rank?

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