Chapter 197: Cold Norzin Winter

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“Amazing,” Cherry couldn’t help exclaim in awe. “Everything was precisely set up by him already.”

Glancing at the contract between Congreve and the Church of the Dome in her hands, she shook her head and muttered, “No, perhaps since even earlier…”

From Wilde’s perspective, this matter concerned three parties — the Ash Chamber of Commerce, Path of the Flaming Sword, and himself, who were all chess pieces that Boss Lin had laid out.

But in truth, there was still the Church of the Dome that was at the heart of it all.

And the Church of the Dome’s Father Vincent’s contact with the bookstore had occurred way earlier than when personnel from the Ash Chamber of Commerce visited the bookstore.

Moreover, Boss Lin had even gotten him to head next door and seek out Claude, a disciple of the Great Radiant Knight, meaning that Secret Rite Tower was involved as well.

There was also Rolle Resource Development that inexplicably put up its sign right in front of the bookstore.

In ways beyond what Cherry and Wilde could see, Mr. Lin had many, many more customers…

Cherry felt a little lost. The gulf between her and Boss Lin was widening.

Each time she felt like she was making progress, things she learned later on would tell her that she was still greatly inadequate and merely one of the many pawns of Boss Lin.

Wilde, on the other hand, was in a feverish state, pacing up and down excitedly. “It’s only to be expected of Boss Lin. I’ve fully heard his gospel! This is the vision of a wise man, a lord and savior, an all-knowing master!”

Everything about this might seem coincidental, yet there were clear signs that each of this was a meticulously designed move of a perfect chess game!

Perhaps some people might think that the devastating power to move mountains and earth was a mark of a true powerhouse.

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However, Wilde reckoned that such presence of mind and ability to make small yet precise calculations was truly unparalleled might.

Was there anyone who could casually string along the respective fates of others and with a gentle push cause every single card to fall into place?

It could be described as organized, though somewhat strange, but Wilde felt that it was like Boss Lin arranging his room, putting everyone in their appropriate place and making them do what they should do in a most organized fashion.

“This is truly the might that only a god can possess!”

Wilde had already inwardly shouted out the praises of Boss Lin many times over.

Then he thought, perhaps, Gall… Did Boss Lin foresee that too?

Yes, Boss Lin knows the deep sentiments regarding my two disciples, one who died unexpectedly and the other who betrayed me. And thus, he must be giving me this chance for a do-over.

Haa... As ever, Boss Lin really cares for his customers.

As Wilde was deeply moved, he looked towards the other bookstore patron, Cherry, who was pensively in thought at the moment.

"Cherry Chapman?" asked Wilde.

"Yes." Cherry nodded. "You can just call me Cherry."

Wilde fished out a bone whistle from the pocket of his black robes and handed it over.

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Cherry took it hurriedly, then hesitantly asked, "What is this?"

"Think of it as a greeting to commemorate our first cooperation as fellow bookstore customers," Wilde said.

He smiled, thinking that he was a part of Boss Lin's plans and his work hadn't been in vain. Being able to serve Boss Lin was an honor for people like them.

Cherry scrutinized it carefully but was unable to make out what sort of sorcery tool it was. Wilde then explained, "By blowing this whistle, you will be able to summon Grady regardless of wherever you are."

Wilde reached out and stroked the back of Grady’s neck. Grady closed its eyes and gave a woof of delight, no different from any other ordinary dog.

Had it not been for what Cherry had witnessed, she wouldn’t have believed that such a lovely little pet was a monstrosity of massive proportions.

Summon it? 

That’s equivalent to summoning a Destructive-rank helper! 

“Thank you very much for your gift.” Cherry clutched the bone whistle tightly, knowing that this was a gesture of Wilde’s kindness.

Bookstore customers were bound to meet sooner or later. And with a common connection, it was naturally easier for them to develop relations.

But at the same time, vigilance had to be maintained, for as long as people were involved, groups were bound to be formed.

There might be strangers or ones they didn’t know among customers, just as well as there could be adversaries or rivals.

For example, Wilde and Joseph, the Ash Chamber of Commerce and Rolle Resource Development.

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But for those without any animosity, it was possible to lean on each other…

Whoever makes the first move wins!

Cherry looked up and said, "In return, let me know if there are materials you require. As a branch deputy head of the Ash Chamber of Commerce, I will give you anything you need if the Ash Chamber of Commerce possesses it."

The value of such a Destructive-rank was unmeasurable, and Cherry was willing to use all means to win him over.

Wilde chuckled. "Giving is unnecessary. I don't lack funds, but it would be a lie to say that I'm not short of resources. As a magician, there are many areas that require lots of experiments and the loss of materials is inevitable.

"I can buy the materials at market price if you can provide them."

Wilde continued on, "Perhaps there might be a time in future where I require more of your help. Hopefully, I'll be able to hear news of Cherry Chapman becoming a branch head of the Ash Chamber of Commerce in the near future."

Cherry returned the smile, which presented that their preliminary cooperation had begun.

As long as there are mutual interests, alliances are easily achieved.

Moreover, the two of them shared a firm bond as fellow bookstore customers and believed that everything, including this collaboration, had all been arranged by Boss Lin.



Lin Jie sneezed in his seat.

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Feeling a little chilly, he got Mu'en to close the door.

"The weather's been a little cold lately. How time flies. Looks like it's going to be winter in Norzin soon," sighed Lin Jie.

Joseph, who had almost been shut out of the bookstore by Mu'en, used his hand to hold the door and squeeze in with a startled look on his face.

Just a moment earlier, he had been wondering how an all-powerful being like Boss Lin could sneeze.

This was something totally impossible, yet it had just occurred.

Then, hearing the following words made him come to a realization.

Based on his experience, Boss Lin's unusual action must mean something.

Boss Lin is using this as a pretext to emphasize a deeper meaning to the latter part of his sentence, 'cold Norzin winter.'

Winter is a harsh season, and it is coming to Norzin soon. This means the prelude to some slaughter, and when taking the recent matters into consideration, it means that the Church of the Dome will be facing imminent disaster. 

So Boss Lin's intent is to ask us whether we can start to act?

"Joseph?" Boss Lin looked up, slightly puzzled. "Why are you still standing there in a daze?

"Afraid I've set up a trap for you here?"

Joseph jolted. A trap?

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