Chapter 194: You Spoke of Boss Lin, Didn't You?

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Wilde stared at the notepad and pen passed to him.

“What’s your real name?” he questioned instead.

Right now, Soaring Wyvern was feeling a mixture of apprehension and excitement.

Apprehension obviously due to the pressure of the looming tentacles threatening to strike at any moment.

The ferocious wolf skull hidden within the giant amalgamation of flesh, coupled with the eyeballs following his every moment, kept reminding him of the ridicules the 'white-furred hound' had gotten just a little while ago.

The fleeting sense of danger he previously felt wasn't unfounded!

Right now, he could only rejoice in his own sharp senses. Definitely, his reluctant praise of the beast earlier had helped, otherwise he would have already been torn to pieces back then.

…However, that fate didn't seem too far away right now either.

On the other hand, he was excited because theperson he had idolized for years was right before him, barely a meter away, and Soaring Wyvern had even asked for an autograph!

Furthermore, he was also personally witnessing Wilde’s demeanor in person. From his elegant poise to his decisive disposition, every action of his was what Soaring Wyvern had imagined it would be.

Currently, Soaring Wyvern’s felt like he was a fan in the front row seat of a concert shaking hands with his idol up close and personal.

At the same time, he felt a shred of embarrassment.

He had previously failed to recognize his idol and labeled Wilde as a Wilde wannabe as well as making many cynical remarks.

These remarks were of course an inner monologue, but the fact remained that this was definitely not the way Soaring Wyvern imagined he would be meeting his idol.

Any true fan that fantasized about meeting their idol in person would envisage a perfect counter, one where they could catch the attention and receive praise from their idol.

Not a disastrous scenario like this!

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Soaring Wyvern felt beyond embarrassed. He originally believed that he had been ignored because Black Snake didn't want his fanaticism to be made public. But in the end, it was Soaring Wyvern who ended up exposing himself... and now he wished he could just kill himself on the spot.

But dying was another matter. Right now, he had to get that autograph!

With these sentiments in mind, Soaring Wyvern realized that his idol had actually asked for his name! Unable to control his excitement, he gave an immediate reply, “Dunlop, Dunlop Gall!”

“Are you a rogue magician?” Wilde queried further.

Soaring Wyvern was stunned. “Yes…May I ask how you know of this?”

Wilde answered indifferently, “You previously displayed a clear disdain for 'academic-styled' magicians."

“Not at all, 'academic-styled' magicians are all talented individuals. Pay no mind to my short-sighted ramblings…” Soaring Wyvern said as he frantically waved his hands and shook his head.

“Since you had such a thorough understanding of my entire life story, then you must know that I used to have two disciples.”

Wilde appeared deep in thought as he spoke unhurriedly, "They would be those so-called brainless and retarded 'academic-styled' magicians you spoke about."

Soaring Wyvern had no idea why his idol would suddenly mention his disciples. However, he could clearly make out the displeasure in Wilde's tone, and the Destructive-rank magician's expression was way more intimidating now.

I’m done for!

Soaring Wyvern felt on the verge of tears.

This must be karma, he thought to himself.

While singing the praises of Wilde, he had also inadvertently slandered Wilde's disciples in the process.

Gall had long heard that despite Wilde’s cold and ruthless temperament, he had always been accommodating of his two disciples and they were like a close-knit family.

Therefore, insulting his two disciples and calling them mentally-challenged was akin to Soaring Wyvern digging his own grave!

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Gall's face fell. He never imagined that his waxing lyrical of his idol would actually... lead to his quick demise!

Forget it, dying at my idol's hands is a worthy death!

“I have already completely expended half of my life's energy on my two disciples. Besides researching the magical arts, grooming up my disciples made me fork out an unimaginable price. Hence, never again will I accept a third.”

Please stop, I already know how much you value your disciples.

Believing he was a goner, Gall wore a macabre expression, almost as if he was in mourning. His only concern at the moment was the fact that he was unable to obtain the autograph of his idol.

He tentatively raised the notepad and pen again. "Would you… mind?”

Wilde eyed Gall, then grabbed the notepad and pen. Then, with Gall watching expectantly, he tore off a page and proceeded to pen down his signature before handing it back.

Gall received it in glee, yet just as he held the piece of paper in his hand, it combusted spontaneously, leaving behind a pile of ash that encircled him before disappearing into the air.

Gall was bewildered. Despite not being able to evaluate the general effect, he could indubitably still sense that this was a form of contractual magic!

“True Name Contract,” Wilde explained. “I’m currently lacking an assistant. You will follow me from now on.”

“Oh… What??”

Gall went through several stages of mixed emotion.

Initially, he was stunned. Then, he fell into a short moment of disbelief before it was replaced with pure euphoria.

Watching the tentacles retreat away from him made Gall recover from his daze. Catching up to Wilde who had already turned away, Gall rubbed his hands gleefully and asked, “Does... does that mean I don’t have to read that book anymore?”

"Of course..."

Just as Soaring Wyvern broke into a wide grin, the pages of the book were shoved into his face and his expression morphed into pure terror.

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“Not,” Wilde added.


Cherry was surrounded.

The situation had escalated into one that was more precarious than she initially anticipated… No, it had escalated way beyond that.

She hadn't expected Congreve had actually enlisted the help of a Destructive-rank.

A Destructive-rank hunter that had been missing for a long time.

The Destructive-rank hunter who had disfigured Wilde in the past, Harper!

“You really are one cute little mouse.”

Scrutinizing her from head to toe was a hunchback with bandages clinging onto his thin frame as a black substance like crude oil oozed between the folds of the bandages.

He had sinister scarlet eyes that glowed with malevolence and wielded a pair of bizarrely-shaped machetes that were covered with either blood stains or rust.

He opened his mouth, revealing a slender, elongated and tri-forked tongue which proceeded to lick his blade. While doing so, he eyed Cherry greedily with a repugnant gaze.

Cherry was now trapped in the midst of four Pandemonium-ranks. During the preceding chaos, she had swayed the Pandemonium-ranks using Enchanted Heart Seal. Further combined with Enchanted Heart Alteration, she was able to turn them against one another.

Now, six of them were on the ground, lying in pools of their own blood.

If not for this Destructive-rank in front of her, Cherry's mission would have succeeded without a hitch.


“Cherry... You didn’t expect this?!” Congreve stepped out from the shadows with boisterous laughter.

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With lips tightly pressed shut, Cherry remained silent.

“Did you really think that you are the only smart one?” Congreve gloated. “Aren’t you supposedly good at devising plans?

"Didn’t you think of me as a dimwit?

"How about this, I’ll give you ten minutes, why don't you try and conjure up a way to get out of this situation?!

“Waiting for someone to save you?” Congreve sneered. “Will it be that pretty maid? Or that alleged all-powerful, omniscient bookstore owner?

"Heheh, do you think he even knows? Why don’t you try screaming for his help. Perhaps he'll come flying to save you!”

He gave a hysterical laugh before using a high-pitched tone to mock Cherry’s voice, “Kyaa, save me Boss Lin! Please save me!”


The wall to the adjoined room came crashing down. A large writhing mass of flesh, muscle, and tentacles came barreling through. In an instant, the enormous beast occupied everybody’s field of view. Like a colossal serpent of flesh and blood, it sat in the middle of the combined private rooms.

Shick shick shick!

Before the four Pandemonium-ranks even had a chance to retreat, the tentacles skewered them.

As that happened, an elderly man in a gentlemanly suit and a dark iron mask stepped over the rubble and strode towards Congreve in a leisurely fashion.

“I seemed to have heard someone mention ‘Boss Lin’?”

Wilde reached out an arm, choking Congreve and lifting him up by his neck.

“You spoke of Boss Lin, didn't you? But you don't seem like one of his customers.”

Congreve struggled wildly and shouted, “Save me Mr. Harper!

"Boss Lin? That crappy bookstore? No way I’m a customer of his!"

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