Chapter 193: This Is Just Some Sort of Demonic God!

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The entire room was silent save for the loud snorts and bone crunching. The remaining survivors of the Blood Feast were all rooted to the spot, trembling uncontrollably and not daring to move a muscle.

They had witnessed how that humongous creature crushed the unlucky soul in between its jaws as if it was feasting on a kebab, splattering the entire room in blood during the process.

Those wanting to scream at the top of their lungs to call for help suddenly lost their voice, afraid that it would be their turn to be asked the same question by Wilde before being sent to meet their maker.

Anyone that participated in Blood Feast was no simpleton, neither were they fools.

All of them were rather perceptive and knew that Wilde didn't really care about what they wanted to say. He was simply making an example out of them.

Whether they cried out or not, none of it would make a difference.

What truly mattered was being made into an example to show the consequences of rejecting him.

They had only been momentarily stunned by the grotesque beast and their minds went blank for a moment.

But seeing their compatriot turning into a skewer abruptly brought them to their senses!

This moment of clarity told them just one thing—submit to Wilde!

"I do! I believe! I believe everything that you say!"

The most cowardly of the bunch nodded vigorously, accepting the 'Lord and Savior' he had never heard about and giving Wilde a sheepish smile.

Wilde returned what could be described as a kindly and professional smile before gesturing to him, “Good, come over.”

The fellow that Wilde called over was in ecstasy. Overwhelming relief filled face as he quickly scurried in front of Wilde. “My name is Doyle, a hunter. But from today on, I am a devoted believer of Mr. Lin. Ask me anything and I will definitely complete it for you!"

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He had no idea who Mr. Lin was, nor what power and authority he possessed to win over Wilde’s devotion. However, in order to save his skin, he would even be willing to believe in a flying spaghetti monster if asked to!

However, Doyle hadn't expected his words of flattery so literally. Wilde glanced at him and said, “It just so happens that I do have something required of you.”

Doyle froze up as he mentally cursed himself for shooting his mouth off. He forced a toady smile and replied, “As you please, I promise I will do it well.”

“Finish reading this book.” Wilde passed the book he held to Doyle.

Doyle took it cautiously and eyed the cover. After concluding the book was not a monster in disguise and seeing that Wilde was serious, Doyle heaved a sigh of relief.

Phew… It's just reading a book, you should have just said so earlier. ‘Bread’ really did die in vain.

‘Bread’ was the codename of the member currently residing in the stomach of the beast.

The entire situation was ludicrously ironic considering his codename.

Fortunately, I get to live. Maybe I can even butter up Wilde and piggyback off of him.

He's a Destructive-rank magician after all. Never imagined that he hadn't died those years ago and seems to have even gone through a miracle!

These were Doyle's thoughts as he cheerfully flipped open the book Corpse Devouring Sect, Rites & Ceremonies.

The abyssal contents of the book sent a chill deep down his spine and made his mind shudder. He felt as if he was surrounded by countless hands that was dragging him into eternal darkness and terror…

Yet throughout it all, his joyful expression remained plastered on his face.

The others who saw Doyle only being ordered to read a book all had their own suspicions. Nonetheless, the relief they felt was very real.

From the looks of it, if this person was truly Wilde, it meant that he really hadn't died and had relied on this so-called Mr. Lin to survive and hence become his follower and was now helping to spread the gospel of the Corpse Devouring Sect.

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A missionary spreading a faith naturally needed people to become followers!

The dead can't become followers, so this meant they still had a chance to live!

Knowing this made the despair in their hearts dissipate slightly.

Yet in the next moment, all of them witnessed how Doyle's expression took a maniacal turn. His eyes turned bloodshot and started to bulge out of their sockets while his pupils spun uncontrollably. A disturbing “He he” resonated from his throat.

His hands holding onto the book trembled as if he were witnessing something traumatic. However, he just could not tear his gaze away from the pages.

Prominent bluish-green veins started forming on his neck, as if some strange unknown organisms were slithering under his skin.

“Ha ha… HAHAHAHA!”

Doyle began to laugh ominously, yet in contrast to this, his expression only became more anguished. “Hahahaha it’s so scary… please help me hahaha… No! Don’t come any closer hahaha… Lord haha… My Lord… Hahahaha…”


Laughter came to an abrupt stop as Doyle’s entire head exploded.

The remaining members froze from fright. Those with keen eyes could even catch a glimpse of what seemed like tiny tentacles still wriggling on the blood stump of what used to be Doyle's neck.

It was as if those blood vessels had come alive...


Those witnessing this inhaled sharply as a chill ran down their spines.

Wilde observed it all with indifference. He retrieved the book from the corpse's grasp and said, “You need to complete this task fully. Because, you will die if you aren't able to do so."

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He turned his gaze towards the remaining members. “What about the rest of you? Are you all willing? My patience is running thin.”

Every single one of the surviving Blood Feast members paled upon hearing this.

'Night Falcon' was the codename of the member that had ridiculed Grady earlier. He was sullen now as he berated himself inwardly and no longer believed that the other party was still trying to spread the word of gospel.


It's death either way, regardless whether Ichoose to believe or not!

Who would believe that he is spreading a faith?! 

He's merely toying with us, sadistically tormenting us before sending us on our way!

He's definitely the real Wilde. Only a sadistic and insane mass murderer is capable of doing something like this.

To hell with this!

Regrettably, just as Night Falcon took a step forward, a tentacle pierced through his abdomen in that split second. His eyes widened in disbelief.

How is it so fast?! 

Night Falcon suddenly recalled what the monster's appearance represented. “Sky... Sky Wolf, Ack!”

His face turned ashen as he coughed up a mouthful of blood. Two Destructive-ranks, we never stood a chance!

Wilde flipped open the book and placed it in front of Night Falcon. Tentacles latched on to Night Falcon's face, holding it in place and forcing him to stare at the pages.


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Fate was kinder to Night Falcon as he managed to endure the strain of Mr. Lin's words. Only his eyes rolled to the back of head and he lost consciousness. Besides the loss of reasoning, he was relatively unscathed.

Wilde grinned at the remaining trembling members.

“Now, whose turn is it next?”

The remaining members all fell into utter despair.

What kind of book is this?! 

Lord and Savior? This is just some sort of demonic god!

Despite their loud pleas for Wilde to stop, nothing could be done. Each of them went in turn until only three out of ninewere unscathed… Physically unscathed, that is.

In the end, the one remaining person in the room still untouched and sane was the inductor, 'Soaring Wyvern' Dunlop Gall.

He was already numbed and in a state of confused distress.

With his body pressed tightly against the wall and trembling greatly, he watched Wilde approach.

“I-I-I am willing, but I do have a humble request, no no no, a wish!” Gall warbled.

Wilde chuckled. “Our omniscient Lord will fulfill all of your wishes.”

“Then… Can, can I please have your autograph?”

Gall asked as he fished out a pen and a notepad from his chest pocket.

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