Chapter 192: Let Me Introduce You All To Our Lord and Savior

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Cherry squeezed through the packed dance floor as she headed to the second floor of the bar.

While her movements were rather conspicuous and the unique apparel on her petite frame made her all the more prominent in this bustling nightlife scene, not a single person looked at her nor even paid the tiniest bit of attention to her.

'Enchanted Heart Seal' had evolved into 'Enchanted Heart Alteration.'

'Enchanted Heart Seal’ was merely the technique found in the first chapter of the book lent by Mr. Lin. It was an ability that caused those affected to show a positive affection towards the user.

Through years of honing, Cherry had already achieved the pinnacle of this technique. This ability of hers could affect those of Pandemonium-rank now, yet it could be said to be already pushing the limits of the technique.

Cherry would be required to occasionally reuse this ability alone on the target as well as conversing constantly with the Pandemonium-rank before the technique took effect.

She had never once tried this technique on Destructive-rank beings, or rather, she was too afraid to even attempt it for fear of the cataclysmic consequences should she be found out.

Securing the role as Deputy Branch Head were the eventual results of 'Enchanted Heart Seal.’

She could now only rely on herself for further progress up the hierarchy.

As of now, Cherry had already grasped the basics of the secondary stage of 'Enchanted Heart Alteration'...

This time, she no longer required the use of verbal connotations to invoke a favorable impression onto others. She could now cast the ability on herself to radiate its effects and set up a spiritual boundary, which made others view her with an 'impression' of her choosing.

This ‘impression’ affected the consciousness and awareness of those under the effect of the technique. The effects of this 'impression' would be stronger the higher the level of 'Enchanted Heart Alteration.'

This was exactly what Cherry was doing now, creating an 'impression' of 'non-existence' that made others not acknowledge that she was present.

Sometimes, I really wonder just how strong Mr. Lin is… Cherry pondered to herself.

The ability to alter the perception of others was almost becoming a ‘law’ in itself, something Destructive-rank might not even be able to achieve, and was something only reserved to those of Supreme-rank.

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Yet to Mr. Lin, this ability was merely a book amongst countless others in his collection which he could casually give out…

“Congreve, you brought this onto yourself.” Cherry stopped in her tracks and took a deep breath as she stared at the door of the private room.

She knew for certain that an ambush beyond her imagination laid within the compartment. Congreve would be a massive fool if he didn't capitalize on this opportunity to capture her.

There is no time to lose!

The effects of 'Enchanted Heart Alteration' didn’t last long. She had to record down whatever evidence was available, destroy the good of the exchange, and slip away all in this small window of time.


“You are wrong about one thing.”

Soaring Wyvern heard Black Snake speak up from behind him. “Wilde did not succeed in his path of revenge. In fact, the transgressor who disfigured his face vanished to a location where even Wilde himself was unable to find and hid there for several decades.”

Soaring Wyvern was momentarily stunned. He might have acted nonchalant and unwilling to continue this conversation, but deep down, he was struggling to hold back the urge of arguing back.

Sadly, now wasn't the time for an intense debate about their common interest, Wilde.

“There might indeed be other interpretations of this, but probably only those who have seen him in person would know what exactly happened," said Soaring Wyvern with a sigh. "Nevertheless, Wilde is still nowhere to be found. Joseph has put up a bounty for two years already and has even increased it several times, but Wilde still remains missing."

“Maybe he is already long gone,” Black Snack uttered softly.

“Impossible! Who do you think Wilde is? If even Joseph doesn't believe he's dead, how can we as fans be grim about his fate?” Soaring Wyvern exclaimed in disdain.

The more he spoke, the more agitated he became. Yet when he was reminded of the situation at hand, he waved his hand around and calmed himself down. “Never mind, let us continue this conversation when this Blood Feast is over.”

Soaring Wyvern didn't expect that this reclusive recruit would have replied at all.

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However, he never imagined that Black Snake would directly cast a scrutinizing gaze at him and proceed to give a curt nod. “Indeed, we can truly continue our conversation once this is over.”

Soaring Wyvern felt gratified at being able to warm the cold heart of a fellow with his enthusiasm as he pushed open the large door of the secret room.

Inside, ten other Pandemonium-rank participants were already waiting…

A crimson, golden-rimmed tablecloth was draped over a large table, making it appear as if the entire table was stained with blood. Exquisite and tempting dishes covered the table with a dozen golden chalices placed before each seat. The ritual was in full swing.

The ten present participants all turned their uniquely masked faces towards the door.

"Ahem, good. Looks like everyone's here."

Soaring Wyvern led the new recruit in and promptly spoke, "Please allow me to make an introduction. This is the newest member of Blood Feast, codename Black Snake. Hopefully all of you can get along without a hitch in your future endeavors.

“Aside from that, we have another mission to accomplish today.”

He strolled to the head of the table and announced, “I believe every one of you have sensed the fact that this room connects to an adjoining room and that there are at least ten Pandemonium-ranks. Rest assured, they are not our enemy but are our allies instead.”


One of the ten asked, “There's a mission this time?”

Soaring Wyvern nodded. “Once again, I believe everyone is well aware that Blood Feast has always been hosted in safe and secure venues by the Ash Chamber of Commerce. This time, we have taken up a minor task from them that does not require too much effort. Of course, please take my word that we will not be the main force involved in this operation, the ones in the next room are."

“What do we need to do? What about remuneration? Don’t even think that I'll lift a finger if I'm not properly compensated. We aren't some slave labor that can be used as others pleased.” The same member ridiculed as he leaned back into his chair.

Soaring Wyvern dutifully continued his brief, “If something is to happen later, we are only required to secure and seal the perimeter and ensure no one leaves. However, I believe the possibility of this happening is close to none.

“As for compensation, regardless of the outcome of the mission, each of you will be entitled to any one Pandemonium-rank item from the Ash Chamber of Commerce. If the mission is a successful one, a 50% discount card valid for half a year will be issued to all of you in addition. How does that sound?”

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The ones present at this Blood Feast exchanged glances and nodded in symphony. All of them were thoroughly appeased by potential returns of this mission.

The member leaning into his chair spoke up once more, “Alright, as per custom, the newcomer will start off with the exchange. What’s your item?”

He glanced at the novice, then eyed the large white hound beside him. “It wouldn't be this pet dog, right? I’ll admit, it is pretty cute, but I don't think it has much value.”

There was a subtle shift in the mood of the room.

Black Snake walked forward, pulling out a book from within his robes and raised it high.

This immediately caught everyone’s attention. Printed clearly on the cover of the book were the six words: Corpse Devouring Sect, Rites & Ceremonies. 

With rapt fanaticism, Black Snake pronounced, “Let me introduce you all to the great propagator of the Flesh and Blood Gospel, the first scribe of Corpse Devouring Sect, Rites & Ceremonies. 

"He who is the mightiest, strongest and the most gracious. Our glorious Lord and Savior, bookstore owner — Mr. Lin.”

His robe parted with his vigorous movement, revealing his masked face and snow white hair as well as the icy, acid green eyes that pierced the room with their serpentine gaze.


Everyone in the room was flabbergasted as they pointed at him and were rendered speechless.

Soaring Wyvern let out a hearty laugh as he attempted to placate the others, “He merely looks the part, how could he…”

Before he could finish, an immense pressure of a Destructive-rank aura interrupted him. He was immediately dumbfounded and could only give a teary-eyed stare at the recruit with the codename ‘Black Snake.’

Toying with his sacrificial knife, Wilde gave a graceful smile, followed by a courteous bow.

“Hear ye, hear ye. Let the exchange commence. Trade your beliefs...

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"Or your lives!”

The large white hound beside him opened its gaping maw, so wide it stretched to the tip of its jaw, and continued past its ears and even its body. It was as if it was shedding its skin. Its insides were a fleshy mess, with writhing short tentacles and rows and rows of razor-sharp teeth.


The wriggling mass of flesh and blood began to expand and stretch at an alarming rate.


The long banquet table was smashed.


Sound of breaking filled the room as everything from the table fell to the floor. The ten Pandemonium-ranks were all scrambling for their lives, some among them so petrified with fear they nearly became one with the walls.

Eventually, the white hound became the largest occupant in the room. Its head, resembling a wolf's skull, was tightly wrapped with skin covered with boils and sarcoma.

Tattered and torn fur wrapped loosely around its frame. What seemed like a spine akin to blades pressed against the ceiling. Countless limbs attached to its body twitched erratically as huge bulging eyeballs were greedily eying the participants of the Blood Feast.

“No, no, no…”

One Pandemonium-rank member was so frightened his head shook wildly in disbelief, causing his mask to fall off. His legs were trembling uncontrollably as his pants turned wet with the smell of ammonia. He had wet himself from fear.

"Unwilling to do so?" Wilde's expression turned cold.

In response, one of Grady's limbs pierced this Pandemonium-rank member's lower jaw and exited right through the cranium, lifting his lifeless body into the air.

Before he even got a chance to explain, both his eyes had already burst out from their sockets and he perished.

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