Chapter 190: Absolute Confidence

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Congreve’s absolute confidence wasn't without reason.

Although Cherry had amassed enough status and power in the Ash Chamber of Commerce within just three years to outperform Congreve’s many years of achievements, he was confident of determining the fate of this miserable bastard this time round.



“I will make you cast all of it away. You will have to rely on your bloodline to find where the exchange is held. Ha, you’re just an arrogant little bird who overestimates your own ability, yet you’re still unable to complete your goal without help from your family who despises you...” scoffed Congreve.

He had always known that there were people in the Chapman Family with a clear disdain for Cherry, and she too detested these cunning and treacherous clansmen.

She had always had a clear abhorrence for bloodline, going as far as to reject the skill and techniques of the druids.

Coincidentally, this was also Congreve’s leverage against Cherry.

Moreover, this obnoxious little birdie was completely oblivious to her imminent transgressions. Do you think it’s just the Church of the Dome? 

No, no, no… 

It's the twelve Pandemonium-ranks from Blood Feast. 

That Destructive-rank from the Path of the Flaming Sword and his ten Pandemonium-rank subordinates.

A Destructive-rank and twenty-two Pandemonium-ranks! 

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Cherry, oh Cherry, you are stuck between a rock and a hard place...

“Hahahaha…” Congreve let out an uncontrollable laugh after imagining Cherry’s usually stony expression turning into one of indescribable terror.

He wanted to rile up Cherry’s inordinate desire to win, that wild heart too proud to admit defeat!

"Then," Congreve’s eyes flashed with excitement, and he slowly rubbed his palms together, “I will personally crush and tear it apart.“

Congreve closed his eyes, casually sat down and began envisioning how he would annihilate Cherry and reclaim his rightful status.

He would then capture those who had double-crossed him to aid Cherry, skinning and dump them into saltwater.

Once he gained the position of clan head with support of the Path of the Flaming Sword, he would unify the Ash Chamber of Commerce as a whole.

The peak of his life’s attainments were just at his fingertips.

“But…” Congreve abruptly opened his eyes and frowned as a strand of doubt crept into his mind. “Why hasn't there been news from Blood Curse Lord? Didn't he say that he only needed to treat with a certain great being and deal with that bookstore owner? Shouldn't he be back in a day if all went well?”

Ever since Congreve knew of the Path of the Flaming Sword and was inducted, the representative who communicated and gave out orders to him had the title of “Blood Curse.”

The two parties would communicate via the human skin book. The Blood Curse Lord would sometimes even send direct subordinates to make contact with Congreve, but Congreve had yet to meet 'Blood Curse Lord' in person.

Prior to any transactions with the Church of the Dome, Congreve had always been providing a safe venue for Blood Feast gatherings.

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— Congreve was naturally unaware that Blood Feast was originally established by Blood Curse Mage Zuikaku. And this had been according to the order of Zuikaku's superior in order to select the qualified candidates for development.

Later on, Congreve realized that since he was providing safe venues for the Blood Feast exchanges, why couldn't he do the same for other customers?

If this succeeded, as a middle man for unauthorized transactions, the commissions he gained would be significant...

Congreve had always been oppressed by Cherry in the field of commerce. With the majority of Chapmans’ supply and logistics dominated by Cherry, Congreve’s commerce returns saw a steep decline, which was so bad that he could barely afford to maintain the payroll of his subordinates.

With such nefarious thoughts taking flight, he could barely contain his greed.

Congreve then began to covertly manage transactions for clients, dealing with items which were illegal, dangerous, and unauthorized.

There were also some unusual cases, such as a white magician by the name of Haywood, under the employment Ji Family, selling the method of breaking his 'Loyalty' seal.

Despite the sky-high price tag, there wasn't a lack of willing buyers, and it helped Congreve make a great fortune.

Nonetheless, Congreve still lamented the tomfoolery of the white magician. He compared Haywood's decision akin to killing his own golden goose; he couldn't understand whether that white magician was either too content with his current life or simply lacked coherent thought.

Recently, Congreve had heard that Haywood had been unsurprisingly discovered and put to death on the spot.

This was hardly something for Congreve to concern himself with. He had neither revealed his true identity when carrying out such transactions, nor had he left any traces.

However, the Ash Chamber of Commerce had become the target of Rolle Resource Development’s wrath, and a bloodless war of business was bound to happen.

But that's no issue. Once I obtain support from the Path of the Flaming Sword, I will be able to turn the tide and lead the Ash Chamber of Commerce to triumph! Congreve thought to himself.

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The Path of the Flaming Sword, a mysterious and powerful organization, would serve as his pillar!

As for his bastard half-sister who had obtained some sort of captivating power from the bookstore, Congreve would let her understand the meaning of true suffering shortly!

He was involved with the Church of the Dome in a large-scale operation this time around, and hence, the Path of the Flaming Sword had sent him aid to back him up.

Cherry’s fate was now sealed!

Congreve scoffed to himself and stood up. He then barked out orders, instructing his subordinates that this transaction was of utmost importance and he would personally be present to host it.

Of course, he was mainly there to savor the look of absolute despair on Cherry’s face.


The current Blood Feast convene was organized by a member with the codename 'Soaring Wyvern,' with the agenda of inducting a new recruit and acquainting him with the other members.

The venue of this convene was at 336th Avenue, inside a hidden room within a bar owned by a transcendent being.

The actual name of 'Soaring Wyvern' was Dunlop Gall, a Pandemonium-rank black magician specializing in creationism magic. He was an expert at creating patchwork monsters and had participated in many Blood Feast meetings over the years.

He had inducted many new recruits and had become quite a reputable and prominent figure within Blood Feast.

On this occasion, he would be inducting a newly recruited black magician recommended by another member into Blood Feast.

"It's thanks to Siccardo being unable to attend that you have the good fortune of having me as your inductor today. The attendees here are all senior Pandemonium-ranks, and not something a new Pandemonium-rank can hope to compare with.

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"Be mindful of your attitude and it's best to swallow some of your pride during your first trade here to get on their good side.

"Do not aggravate the others or else you will end up suffering."

Soaring Wyvern gave his customary lecture, as he tilted his head to the black magician following behind him. “Got it, Black Snake?”

'Black Snake' was the new recruit’s self-given codename.

Those who joined Blood Feast were required to don on masks for anonymity and only refer to each other via their codenames.

The new recruit was dressed in black robes with an iron mask affixed to his hood, revealing beady snake-like pupils.

With a slightly hoarse voice, Black Snake meekly replied, “Understood.”

The large dog with snow white fur beside his feet suddenly let out a loud bark, then stuck out its tongue and panted in a rather aloof and especially innocent expression.

Soaring Dragon nodded in satisfaction, but suddenly heaved a sigh. "Are you of snakeman blood?"


"I can see that. Judging from your attire, you are trying to imitate the 'Faceless Black-scaled Man,' right?"

Black Snake paused in his stride and looked up at Soaring Wyvern.

Soaring Wyvern gave Black Snake a look of tacit approval and chuckled awkwardly while rubbing his hands in embarrassment. “ Actually, Wilde is my idol too.”

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