Chapter 187: They Will Find it Difficult to Understand This

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Lin Jie froze for a moment, taking a deep breath. He then smiled casually at Joseph. "Have a seat first. By the way, what was it you wanted to tell me? That customer you are referring to is Ji Zhixiu, right?"

As naturally as he could, Lin Jie first went to the back of the counter and sat down, then gestured for Joseph to do the same.

Joseph looked all around when he entered, clearly sensing the aetheric activity that hadn't yet fully dissipated.

There had been a battle, albeit on a small scale, but the aetheric fluctuations were very strong...

Probably remnants of the fight between Boss Lin and that assassin.

There was some damage on the walls and signs of a struggle, but there weren't any bodies or blood to be seen.

Joseph couldn't help feeling an inexplicable sense of guilt...

He had assumed Boss Lin wanted to get his help disposing the body and assessing the damage, but now it didn't seem that way.

Right, how could someone of Boss Lin's level require our help over something as trivial as this. He probably found a random excuse to get me to come over.

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As for the book cafe next door was run by Mu'en, she should be the one managing it. But Mu'en has just only been sent over by Boss Lin recently and that lass doesn't really open her mouth much.

So Boss Lin is helping her like this. 

It's as if he's earnestly thinking on behalf of his disciple! 

In a sense, Joseph felt that he was equally as attentive when he issued tasks to Claude.

Even though Claude viewed him like some black-hearted capitalist out to squeeze every drop out of his employees, Joseph behaved this way in order to train his abilities.

Joseph felt like he was using his usually calculative mind normally used to defraud more expenses to evaluate Boss Lin.

Lin Jie went straight to the counter after coming in, without mentioning the issue of removing a corpse which was supposed to be the agenda.

Instead, he could only get Joseph to talk about the customer rather than letting him know about his own lapse of judgment.

At this moment, Uncle Joseph, ridden with guilt over this misunderstanding, didn't know that Boss Lin was actually sweating buckets.

Damn it... how did an entire body just disappear after I stepped out for a bit.

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Has someone taken the short opportunity to move the body, or did Michael not really die and was just tricking me to wait for the chance to slip away?

Lin Jie was more inclined towards the latter.

From Michael's tone, it seemed like there wasn't much cohesiveness among members of that organization. They didn't really care about the other members and even seemed to gloat about the misfortune of the others.

Furthermore, it seemed unlikely that an organization without any solidarity would risk others just to retrieve the bones of a dead member.

Young Mike isn't as simple as he seems after all. Looks like I underestimated him and he even managed to pull a fast one over me just when I thought he was on the verge of death,thought Lin Jie to himself as he vaguely made some guesses with regards to this organization.

Could this organization's research on 'The Path of the Flaming Sword' have come to fruition? Or perhaps they may be some of the few people of Azir that have discovered the truth of history and want to recreate those mythical times and get close to those 'gods'?

Right, that strange human skin book was also created by them. This could mean that they possess some certain special powers.

Hmm... but from what I experienced just now, Michael wasn't a match for me which shows that their strength is still at a shallow level. For instance, the human skin book's ability to convey information is actually not much different from Blackie's ability to use water to create words.

Lin Jie couldn't help glancing at the countertop, where Blackie had once communicated with him.

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But they went through such trouble, even peeling people's skin to make such a book just for a simple function like conveying information.

Moreover, if their codenames were indeed according to the ten archangels, then Young Mike, who had the codename Michael, ought to be ranked highly among the ten. The others would roughly be of a similar level, so he was not likely to be in much danger.

All in all, Joseph and Vincent will probably find it difficult understanding this strange situation. Haa... There's no other choice, I have to try solving it myself!

Lin Jie felt that since he was the one who discovered the problem of Holy Moon Essence and had gotten Vincent to test the Church of the Dome, he ought to be the one taking responsibility for these series of consequences.

Moreover, only magic could defeat magic!

According to Silver, Lin Jie would be able to protect himself completely once he could construct a complete dream realm. And if he could use a basic dream realm as a frame to expand the dream soil to cover reality, he would have truly 'mastered' it.

Ever since that strange dream creature broke into his dream realm and combusted, Lin Jie realized his dream realm had inexplicably solidified considerably.

He was building the frame of his dream at a rapid pace and would be able to try the next step shortly.

So this time, the Church of the Dome would become his testing ground!

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While Lin Jie was somewhat distracted by his thoughts, Joseph had already finished feeling guilt-stricken. He was firstly in awe of Boss Lin's foresight, for that customer was indeed Ji Zhixiu.

"Rolle Resource Development reported that the Ash Chamber of Commerce are engaging in some illegal transactions and have already reported the situation to us, submitted witnesses and issued a notice saying that they will be restricting 50% of their subsidiaries supply of goods to the Ash Chamber of Commerce and will be sold to the Smelter's Commercial Association.

"They must have been influenced by Congreve's shady business dealings, mistaking it for an Ash Chamber of Commerce conspiracy," said Joseph in his customary official tone.

The trigger for this had been Congreve's creation of a secret trading platform, which allowed some greedy white magicians to sell the methods of removing their own 'Loyalty' brands. It just so happened that one of them was a white magician in the employ of the Ji family and a subordinate of Ji Zhixiu.

Even more unfortunate was Ji Zhixiu experiencing a betrayal previously, which added to her abhorrence for this kind of thing.

Although this incident wouldn't escalate to a total falling out, Rolle Resource Development had still given a very stern warning to the Ash Chamber of Commerce this time.

"The situation with the Church of the Dome is still uncertain, and not everything can be revealed yet. It will be some time before the truth can be told to Rolle Resource Development, but in this meantime, the Ash Chamber of Commerce would be badly hurt.”

Joseph eyed Boss Lin and went on, "I assumed that handling it as usual will do, as we don't usually interfere in business matters. However, now that branch head Cherry Chapman is also a customer of yours, I thought I'd ask for your advice."

Does this mean that young Miss Ji and Cherry will be 'fighting' soon?

Lin Jie placed his chin on his crossed hands as he imagined the inexplicable scene of Cherry and Ji Zhixiu going at each other with their fists.

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