Athena was a so-called 'Burning Remnant.' What she knew about this identity of hers came from her own elders, and the same could be said about her mastery of these powers.

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However, in truth, Athena had no desire to revive or succeed all these and only wanted to be an ordinary human.

Therefore, in the first half of her life, she had lived among the ordinary from the time she left her somewhat mysterious family. But since she already possessed powers, she would always be curious regarding the transcendent and extraordinary.

So, even with an ordinary identity, she would always look out for various events caused by transcendent powers to get a glimpse of the world she had abandoned.

She was able to find clues that others couldn't see, but she never told anyone about it.

For instance, with regards to this incident concerning Father Vincent, Athena knew from the beginning that the church explosion was actually the aftermath of a fight between two transcendent beings, just like all those other so-called 'gas explosions.'

And from the moment where Father Vincent demonstrated the power of the sun in the dream, Athena knew that she could no longer escape. This was a call from the heart, like an instinctive beckoning from ages long past, forcing her to accept this destiny.

It was only now did she understand that the reason she continuously sought out traces of transcendent beings weren't because of interest, but rather, the wild, restless nature of her 'Burning Remnant' blood.

She was destined to not be mediocre.

Athena took a deep breath, meeting the eyes of her good friend. "My dear Annie, I've actually been hiding it from you all this time."

"Is it the 'Burning Remnant' or something which that person mentioned just now?

"Athena, are you just like Father Vincent, that sort of... transcendent being he was telling us about?"

Annie surmised with a frown.

Vincent had already given them a comprehensive explanation on what transcendent beings were, and what the Sun's Faith was.

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Athena nodded. "'Burning Remnants' are descendants of the only tribe that from ancient times believed in the sun. And now, I'm all that's left.

"Essentially, what it means is that I'm a believer of the Sun's faith and worshiping the Church of the Dome was just a cover... Actually, we've never heard from the sun for over ten thousand years and thought that maybe the sun was already gone. I was even able to pretend to be a normal person and mess around.

"But now that the sun has once again reappeared, I as a 'Burning Remnant' must be the fuel to become the sun's flame. This is our mission."

Anne couldn't help but ask, "What about Paul?"

The two of them both had families and had gotten to know each other at a certain women's meet.

Slightly embarrassed, Athena fiddled with her hair. "That, ahem, has nothing to do with this. In any case, as long as the Sun's Faith replaces the Church of the Dome, we will be formally considered clergy. Just like how the current Church of the Dome doesn't preach asceticism unlike the Church of the Pestilence, we can still remain married.

"I’ll just keephim in the dark till the right time and everything will be perfectly fine."

She hesitated for a moment, then went on, "Since we are already at this point, there's one thing I've to apologize for. Look at me."

Annie watched her best friend and was dumbfounded. The 'Athena' before her, a slightly plump and ordinary looking middle-aged lady suddenly became a tanned brunette of about 30.

"It's a simple illusion spell we use most commonly," Athena explained. "Transcendent beings have very long lifespans... Actually, I've already had three husbands. At the most I'll get a divorce and start afresh."

Annie was utterly flabbergasted.

It could still be said that Annie could accept everything that had just happened, just that her entire view of the world had been refreshed and everything she had ever known to be true was on the verge of crumbling.

"Well, alright..." muttered Annie stiffly. This was her best friend after all, and now that it had turned out like this, she could only accept it.

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Others still cleaning up the cafe were in awe of this fierce female warrior that had shown up. Even though nobody came up to speak with her, they were still sneakily paying attention to the conversation between these two.

Annie was a little uncomfortable and whispered, "I didn't expect Father to know a Central Police Unit officer and was able to get their help. He's really impressive with his wide connections.”

Vincent had introduced the Sun's Faith, but Claude hadn't mentioned Secret Rite Tower. Therefore, Annie still thought that Claude was just a super cop from the Central Police Unit.

And was thus marveling at Vincent's ability to casually make use of the Central Police Unit.

"I don't know Mr. Claude. He just came to help for some certain reasons."

Vincent suddenly walked over and took a seat. "The reason I'm alive, gaining my powers and having Claude's help is actually all because of Boss Lin.”

He didn't say that he had actually merged with Core of the Sun and was no longer human, but that he regarded himself as the pope and founder of this new faith.

Even though the Church of the Dome was destined to be overthrown, the Sun's Faith itself was still lacking some things to firmly establish itself.

A convincing history for instance.

Vincent's original plan was to get Boss Lin's help, but this 'Burning Remnant', had appeared as an opportunity to solve this issue.

An ancient tribe of sun worshipers, isn't this just perfect to supplement the history of the Sun's Faith?

Thus, Athena had to be assimilated into the Sun's Faith and become a bishop above the ten apostles…

... Even though this bishop had the style of a berserker.

Vincent had been listening for quite a bit and had ascertained Athena's desire to be a member of the Sun's Faith. Thus, he had come over now to extend a formal invitation, before starting to appoint the apostles next.

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Annie found it awkward to face Father Vincent now. Even though they knew each other previously, the current situation was totally different.

Nervously, she made an effort to stand up, but Vincent stopped her with a gesture and smiled kindly. "Just sit and talk to me like a friend, Miss Annie."

Seeing Vincent speaking and behaving the same way as before put Annie at ease as she heaved a sigh of relief.

"Boss Lin?" she asked, a tad confused.

Athena interjected, "The boss of the next-door bookstore, I suppose?"

Vincent nodded. "Yes, a truly wise and powerful being."

Athena gave Annie a smug wink. "Told you the bookstore wasn't as simple as it seems."

This invoked a great curiosity in Annie towards that old, dilapidated bookstore. Even Father Vincent, who had easily turned so many transcendent beings into smoldering ash, called the bookstore owner a wise, powerful being, and he must certainly possess immense power for him to have let Father Vincent survive the Church of the Dome's attempts.

Annie pieced together a mental image of the bookstore owner—An old man with gray hair and beard, with eyes full of wisdom.

Just then, the door opened, and two men stepped in, one after the other.

A tall, burly old man with a battle-hardened face walked in, who had a red-robed magician in a skull mask slumped over his shoulders.

Behind him was a young man with short black hair and dark eyes.

When Annie turned, she wondered if the old man at the front was the bookstore owner.

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Hmm... It really does seem like it. Although he seems to have an excessively overbearing vibe, the gray hair and aura seems to be it.

Others in the cafe had the same thoughts as well, guessing that this was perhaps the person supporting Father Vincent.

He seems very powerful indeed.

The young man following behind is probably an assistant...

Vincent and Claude also went up to them.

Annie watched as the Central Police Unit super cop waved to Joseph and greeted, "Teacher."

Then, he turned to Lin Jie and bowed. "Boss Lin!"

Huhh? Annie froze, her mind turning blank as she stared at the young dark-haired man in astonishment.

He barely looks like he's in his twenties!

Though a mother of two, Annie had married young and was only 25 years of age at the moment. This young man looked to be around the same age as her.

But when she recalled Athena's remark about transcendent beings having long lifespans, she accepted this fact rather grudgingly.

Lin Jie first nodded in response to Claude, then did a quick visual survey of the surroundings, frowning at every sign of damage he saw.

With a darkened expression on his face, he said to Joseph, "The Ash Chamber of Commerce should be able to pinpoint the place of exchange in a few days. You guys can start getting the public opinion news out as soon as possible."

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