Chapter 183: The Sun is Calling

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There were a total of 50 members in Zuikaku's magician corps. This might not sound like much, but it was a whole group consisting of elite Pandemonium-rank magicians, making the aforementioned number all the more significant.

In fact, being able to establish a new force like this was no laughing matter.

This can be attributed to the fact that there were only an average of 20 to 30 Pandemonium-rank members in a large majority of factions in Norzin. Of the remaining, 90% were usually Abnormal-rank, 9% were unable to even get a rank while 1% were of Destructive-rank.

As for Supreme-ranks, it was always the same few names circulating and were known to most like the back of their hand.

Zuikaku only needed to steer his magician corp in that direction and low-rankers would come flocking like moths to an open flame, allowing him to easily obtain manpower to form a significant force.

However, Zuikaku scoffed at the idea of doing so and believed that quality over quantity was the only way to ensure absolute control.

As such, the 50 members of the magician corps werehis everything, all of whom were his most loyal followers and disciples.

The reason why this was referred to as a ‘corps’ was that besides being a Destructive-rank white magician and nobility, Zuikaku had also been a general of a certain kingdom before Norzin came to be.

Sadly, this once prominent and powerful magician had now been reduced to a blubbering fool.

Of course, his magician corps that were dispatched to destroy the book cafe were still unaware of this fact.

They had received the orders from Zuikaku to proceed on their own accord and were fully prepared to engage in a battle… or more fittingly go on a massacre within the cafe.

To them, the majority of patrons in the book cafe were ordinary folk. If the few transcendent beings present within were of Pandemonium-rank, it would easily be a thorough stomp. And even if there was a Destructive-rank, the task was still manageable with their combined force of 50 magicians.

All in all, the plan should go through without a hitch.

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Yet in reality, as the first magician charged through the window head first, he realized something was off.

At the moment he raised his staff, he found his vision turn dark as a searing pain tore through his head, afflicting him with overwhelming shock, and he promptly fainted.

Claude, who was beside Vincent throughout his speech, removed his silver gauntlets from his fists as he took two steps backwards and flashed a bright smile at an incoming magician.

The aether within Claude's body was stimulated, and he appeared as if a fiery aura shrouded him.

Being Joseph's apprentice, his methods for harnessing and utilizing aether were the same as his teacher. However, given Claude’s current aether concentration, his effect was limited. Compared to Joseph’s brilliant blazing, Claude was still a long way off.

Regardless, this limited level of power was more than sufficient to teach these trespassing magicians a lesson.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

Three magicians were knocked out by Claude in quick succession. But in the process, he was struck by some of their magical attacks and sustained some damage. His aether level had also depleted considerably, yet more intruding magicians were still pouring in endlessly.

Given a rough estimate, the numbers on both sides would be roughly matched. However, the enemy regrettably consisted entirely of Pandemonium-rank mages while most on Claude’s side were just ordinary folks.

If there had been personnel from Secret Rite Tower guarding here, the odds would definitely be in Claude's favor.

"Fortunately, they don't have the home-court advantage, otherwise..." Claude's expression was indiscernible as he nimbly dodged an incoming spell.

He noticed that most of the ordinary folk were already standing behind Vincent and shielded by a protective flare of Vincent's aether barrier.

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This previously was a bustling bunch. While they had been horrified and traumatized by the sudden appearance of the crazed zealot previously, they were no longer as numbed with shock as compared to before.

Before the warmth of the first one reduced to ashes had dissipated, another wave of magicians appeared.

Witnessing the exchange of spells and aetheric powers convinced these people that extraordinary individuals really did exist in this world.

Some were wide-eyed in astonishment, some with clenched fists, others with worry as well as some that were simply at a loss.

Vincent furrowed his eyebrows as he made mental notes of this sudden attack of Pandemonium-rank magicians. The situation at hand was a precarious one, not because he doubted his own proficiency, but because he had to find a way to wipe out these intruders without causing any collateral damage to the cafe while also keeping the crowd safe.

These magicians were unlike the previous ordinary human, who could be overpowered with ease.

If the aether within an ordinary person's body was like a match which extinguished easily once lit, then transcendent beings could be likened to fully-filled gas canisters that would cause an explosion when ignited.

Not to mention, there are 50 of them present… Oh, There are only 40 left now.

Just as Vincent was about to test the power of Eternal Doom, a magician donning a red skull mask broke through his aether barrier, charging menacingly with his ice sword.

Shing! Shing! Shing!

The sword had a razor-sharp edge with a blade seemingly so cold it could freeze the water vapor surrounding it. He waved his sword in the air and dashed at a few nearby patrons.

Annie was amongst them.

She was stunned, or rather, completely oblivious to the situation. She could only catch a glimpse of a silhouette before a person suddenly appeared before her shouting, “Annie, back off!”

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Annie was petrified.The person before her was none other than her best friend Athena!

This usually unassuming woman now had golden tattoos that glowed brightly on her tanned skin. Rings of fire combined in sophisticated patterns around her, forming an image of a radiant sun.

She raised and crossed her arms, muscles taut as she stopped the attack abruptly.

Her tattoo burned intensely, vaporizing the ice sword into a white mist. As the mist dissipated, Athena remained standing tall in that spot like a Goddess of War.

The magician who had charged into the barrier was no low-ranked magician. He was in fact an apprentice of Zuikaku, well versed in many aspects.

As knowledge was a strength for white magicians, he could recognize the hidden meaning of these lost tattoos.

“A Burning Remnant!” That magician stared at Athena and muttered, "I thought that it was only a myth, a long lost clan of powerful warriors that worshiped the sun."

Athena shook the dust of herself. With an imprint of a glowing halo on her forehead, she simply scoffed, “I’m the only one left from the clan. Once I perish as an ordinary person, the Burning Remnants would cease to exist. Only then would it truly be a myth.”

The magician drew a sigil in the air, summoning an ice monster. “Then why did you reveal yourself?”

Athena’s locks flowed in the wind like a blazing inferno, turning a dark crimson.

She struck her knuckles together as she exhaled, “Because the Sun is calling for its people!”

Vincent had a premonition previously and had thus used ‘The majority of you are ordinary folk’ when he addressed the people who had gathered. At the same time, he was specifically directing it at Athena, whose heart was yet to be ignited.

He was now connected to Eternal Doom in the sky, and after hearing Athena’s words, he sensed the sun's joy. With a smile, he promptly snapped his fingers.

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When Lin Jie heard the loud commotion, he immediately lowered Michael's body and rushed to investigate the situation.

He just stepped outside and saw that the cafe was unscathed and heaved a sigh of relief.

He was then met with Joseph hauling another person. After checking the later was fine, he heaved another sigh of relief as he now felt assured that everything was fine now.

Joseph inadvertently noticed Lin Jie, giving him a wave. “Rest assured, Boss Lin. Everything is now under control.”

Although ash and fog were constantly billowing out of the windows of the book cafe, many of the patrons weren't too affected and even volunteered to help clean up the cafe with Vincent's assurance.

The entire affair was resolved without leaving any trace.

Lin Jie grinned, walked over. “Joseph, it’s been a while. How's the book I lent you? From the look of things, you seemed to have gained quite a lot.”

Joseph appeared energized and in high spirits, which was a stark contrast to his past disheveled appearance. It was as if he had been reborn.

Lin Jie believed that the book had definitely enlightened him.

Joseph acknowledged and glanced at the 'bounty' he had gained. “I was able to rediscover my past self thanks to you.”

Upon closer inspection, Lin Jie noticed Joseph was missing his mechanical arm.

Joseph glanced at his shoulder which was now empty and simply chuckled. “These guys were quite ferocious and not that easy to deal with. Losing my mechanical arm is not a big deal, I can always reattach another later on.”

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