Chapter 177: That's It?

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Lin Jie narrowed his eyes. He said his real name, just like that…

Even though it’s only half, wouldn't it be more than enough if the Central Police Unit checked this person’s identity with a name of this degree of accuracy?

Being called Michael now is probably his internal code name within the organization.

And this longsword with the red cross sheath... It doesn't seem like a coincidence. Perhaps this organization might possibly have ties to Judaism or something similar to it. 

This was Lin Jie's first time coming across such information in Azir.

There wasn't such rarity or uniqueness with regards to such a faith amongst even the general public from what Lin Jie had known previously.

A lot of information could be inferred from just this alone. As long as Lin Jie investigated more, he reckoned he could get to the bottom of it.

Is this kid overly excited, or does he have other backers to rely on?

But when he thought about it from a different perspective, Lin Jie felt that something that could be handed over so easily was most likely fake.

It was impossible for Lin Jie to verify the authenticity of this so-called real name, and he had no way of tracking down anything with the code name Michael. All of this information would have to be delayed.

All of this might seem important but would be utterly useless if they couldn't be verified.

Someone else in the same position might have really been fooled, but Lin Jie was experienced and couldn't be tricked easily.

Given how easily it had been for Cherry to entice a trusted aide of Congreve's to her side, the human skin book might seem important, but its contents required translations that would take quite some time.

And during this period, the human skin book had been used to draw a 'killer' over.

Lin Jie suddenly had a thought. But since it’s Christianity… Could there be some sort of common connection between Earth and Azir?

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This was his first time experiencing something familiar in this strange world.

Could this be the reason why Blackie teleported me here?

It seemed like he had no choice but to investigate this organization.

After Lin Jie finished deliberating, he shook his head and chuckled, “That’s it?”

He looked Michael in the eye and spoke in a manner that seemed to imply something, “Young Mike, don’t try and use this sort of thing to fool others. Did you really think that I wouldn't know?”

Young... Young Mike?! 

 What sort of nickname is this!

Michael’s expression was so ugly it couldn't be put into words. He felt his pride and self-restraint take a hit, and he had a severe urge to hit someone. However, he couldn't strike the person in front of him and could only endure it.

But to a certain extent… The way the bookstore owner called him was confirmation of his status as an elder.

However, these were all minor issues. The real reason why Michael’s face was so dark was due to the latter half of the sentence—

He knows everything again?! 

Does he know my real name, what Michael represents, or everything else that I'm hiding?!

Regardless of whichever, it all made Michael’s heart sink.

Lin Jie noticed the uncertain expression on the face of the golden-haired man and decided to make a bold guess.

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In any case, the other party’s fate was in his hands right now, so even a wrong guess that might give the gig up wouldn't embarrass him too much.

Lin Jie had no intentions of going easy on such a person that was courting death from the get-go.

In actuality, Michael was tethering on the verge of death and would probably die on the spot if he didn't receive medical treatment within half an hour.

Lin Jie flashed his usual smile as if he knew everything and said, "Metatron, Raziel, Cassiel, Zadkiel, Camael, Michael... There are 10 in total, do you want me to continue?"

Lin Jie knew that his guess was spot-on the moment he said the first name.

Not only was there a sudden change in Michael’s expression, but his breathing had also become labored and his pupils instantly shrank. The magnitude of the change far surpassed everything from before.

His face wouldn't have changed that drastically even if he was beaten to a pulp after striding in fearlessly.

This was even comparable to a Sichuan face-changing performance.

In truth, Michael’s mentality had completely crumbled.

Nobody besides the original ten had ever known all the code names of the Path of the Flaming Sword founders… Each of them acted individually most of the time.

They were all beings that had already reached the apex in this world, and each had their way of thought and plans. Only in occasional situations requiring assistance did they contact the others.

Only each of their immediate subordinates, for example the current Church of the Dome’s Pope Rodney, who was trained by Gabriel, were entitled to know their respective superior's code name.

But the others’ code names would basically never be revealed to anyone else.

Michael was convinced that no one knew… till now.

Glancing at Lin Jie's calm smile and dark mysterious eyes that seemed to hide extraordinary intellect, Michael experienced for the first time the spine-chilling sensation of being completely seen through.

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Perhaps, their victims had felt the same way when they had toyed with the fates of others.

How the tables had turned.

Michael answered stiffly, "This show of sincerity isn't enough..."

The other guy’s tone was too calm, and his gaze too overwhelming.

This guy definitely knows way more.

Omniscient and omnipotent.

These words popped up in his mind once more, making him smile bitterly. Right now, it seemed like he had no choice but to admit this was true…

“It’s fine as long as you understand.”

Lin Jie smiled wryly as he continued his con. “Haa... To be honest, I don’t really know that much. Just these few names. This is probably all of it so you don’t have to be so nervous.”

Michael was speechless.

As if I’d believe you!

Michael didn’t want to make any bets on whether this bookstore owner would divulge the second half of his real name as well.

He took a deep breath. It seemed like he would need to offer up something that interested the bookstore owner in exchange for his true identity.

Michael's own identity, as well as information about the Path of the Flaming Sword, were already known to this guy, so the only thing that would interest him now seemed to be matters which pertained to the Church of the Dome.

It's said that he takes interest in helping his customers, and that Vincent is one of them.

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Besides that, he likes playing the role of an ordinary bookstore owner... could it be?

Michael suddenly felt like he understood the bookstore owner's logic.

He can't be all-powerful and all-knowing when acting as an ordinary bookstore owner. 

So, even if he knows everything deep down, he would definitely have to find a reasonable excuse for him to know such things.

Such a reason is used to convince others, but he's definitely planned for the truth to be revealed this way.

It was just like this exact moment where Lin Jie clearly knew everything but was waiting for Michael to take the bait and divulge sensitive information.

And then assuming the role of an ordinary bookstore owner who had gotten a hold of such information through informed sources and passing it on to Vincent.

This sort of weird personality is really befitting of an ancient monster...

With a straight face, Michael revealed, “The Church of the Dome has already increased the input of Holy Moon Essence within the church and will commence the second phase of the sacrificial ritual in seven days… Cough cough cough.”

After speaking for such a long time, this body was already completely unable to hang on anymore.

But he still gave his all in keeping his eyes open, and as expected, saw Lin Jie’s eyes light up slightly.

Lin Jie digested this somewhat great deal of information and muttered, “Thanks for telling me this… However, I still don't think you can be saved.”

"It's fine."

Lin Jie expected to see a thoroughly hysterical display, but Michael was strangely calm, choosing forgiveness and acceptance with a bright smile on his face.

"I just had an idea... I would like to invite you to join us. How about that?" said Michael.

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