Chapter 175: He Knows Everything!

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When this strange golden-haired youth strode into the store and pulled out a sword without saying a thing, Lin Jie's mind went to work.

First of all, he was absolutely certain that the sword in the young man's hand was real.

The shape and size of this sword weren't all too different from the sacred sword hanging upstairs, but the shape of the cross was just too unconventional.

But because Lin Jie didn't know whether the cross held any religious meaning for the faiths of this world, he wasn't able to ascertain whether this fellow was a member of a certain religion or cult.

If he were one, the situation could be even more dangerous because of some prejudice.

Secondly, this fellow entered the bookstore with a weapon, so Lin Jie ruled out the intention of random killing because this person seemed to have a purposeful motive and had come straight to the bookstore.

Under other circumstances, Cherry and Bella who had left the bookstore moments ago would have been his most likely targets, but this hadn't happened.

—At the thought of this, Lin Jie realized that Cherry and Bella practically had a close shave with danger.

On top of that, the book cafe next door had many customers today and it was rather lively. Most of the time, no one would be coming over here.

There's even police next door!

Then, this meant that the other party had a purpose and it could very likely be with the intention of revenge.

But this came the question: Why would anyone have enmity with a kind and ordinary bookstore owner like Lin Jie?

He had no answer for the time being.

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But just because he didn't have enmity with others didn't mean that others would feel the same towards him.

Even though Vincent brought the bookstore benefits, he had brought along more troubles. The slice of the pie he was attempting to gain was of the greatest interest to the Church of the Dome, and the plans he set in motion were to ultimately establish his own faith and displace the Church of the Dome.

So, it didn't seem to be preposterous that the Church of the Dome would send someone to nip this in the bud.

And if they had found out the purpose of all those people that had gathered next door, using Lin Jie to set an example wasn't out of the question.

If that were the case, then the Church of the Dome was an organization that would do anything without the slightest scruples!

They had believers on their side and were unafraid of their misdeeds or evils being made known. As long as they gave a simple explanation, those followers would believe them.

And as long as all those in the know were silenced and no others dared to speak up, their actions—however brutal and merciless it was—would be worth it.

Yet another possibility was that this was from the side of Cherry's foe, which also meant that Congreve had sent someone to retrieve the human skin book.

That book soaked in the blood of innocents was still fresh in Lin Jie's mind, and the anger he felt simply couldn't be suppressed.

There was no need to waste his breath now that someone had come straight in wielding a weapon.

Lin Jie decided to act first and talk later.


Michael was somewhat dazed.

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Just a second earlier, he had just stepped into the bookstore with a great feeling of superiority, prepared to give this shameless fellow an unforgettable night.

He was going to expose this bookstore owner's naivety. Only by reaching the apex and not merely achieving Supreme-rank could one claim true omniscience and omnipotence.

The difference between Supreme-ranks could be even greater than the gulf between a Supreme-rank and an ordinary person.

A worthless Supreme-rank like Rodney, and one that had been raised by them was basically just ordinary.

He was a mortal at heart and would forever be a mortal.

Michael would tell this Lin Jie fellow all of this, via actions and personally let him experience...

That was how it ought to have played out.

But why... Why did reality turn out a little differently?

And in that short span of less than a second, Michael first felt a shudder straight from the depths of his soul. As if an Ancient Dragon had come crashing down on his spirit with all its might, holding him down beneath his claws.

He froze, unable to move, and that was when he suddenly remembered that Michael was just his own codename.

His real name was Alfred, the Great Light Elemental Scholar, High Priest, Seer and Ordained One, who after escaping the shackles of a lifespan, left his own people and became an entity that was known in the legends.

If he hadn't once again experienced a dragon's might today, perhaps he would never have remembered who he was.

Hundreds of millions of years ago, during the time where Ancient Dragons existed, all other creatures couldn't do anything but tremble and shudder in the face of a dragon's might.

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Light Elemental beings were the same as well.

Michael felt fear and realized the truth—He hadn't actually overcome this.

His instincts as a Light Elemental being were still deeply engraved within his core.

"No no no, it's impossible!

"Impossible... ah, cough cough cough..."

Michael cried out in panic, then grabbed his throat to stifle his own voice when he realized what had happened. He glanced up to look at the golden pupil, and finally the scene of battle in his mind faded.

A dragon's might represented absolute dominance, especially at such close quarters.     

The short span in his trance was more than enough for an ordinary Supreme-rank to have died once.

Michael stared blankly towards his right. The red cross had fallen to the ground and had already warped out of shape, clearly showing how intense that battle had been.

At the same time, he felt acute pangs of pain throughout his body, and he could clearly sense the numerous broken bits within his body.

This body can no longer be used... thought Michael to himself.

As he gradually returned to his senses, scenes of battles he had experienced before slowly came back to his mind. The beauty of destruction, like a storm tearing through a butterfly, which was terrifying.

Calamity Dragon Bakak, Michael mused. Only that entity had such an aura.

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But the Lin Jie before him didn't seem to be completely whole.

The bookstore owner who seemed to be in a half-dragon state leaned forward in a rather oppressive posture and narrowed his eyes. "Have you come regarding the Church of the Dome... or rather, because of the human skin book?"

Michael found it difficult to breathe. He suddenly shuddered upon hearing this.

He knows?

He knows!

He already knew about the human skin book’s tracing ability. He was intentionally trying to lure me out!

"Heheh... Hahahaha... I never imagined I would see a day where someone completely reads me, hahaha...."

Michael suddenly burst into a low laugh. "I've lost this time. Interesting, really interesting..."

But looking at the time, Zuikaku's magician corps should have already arrived. As long as he bought some time here a little longer, the next-door book cafe would be reduced to dust.

Lin Jie frowned, sensing this guy's refusal to cooperate. Is he pretending to be a fool?

Lin Jie gave a cold chuckle. "Do you think doing so is of any use?"

Michael was startled and terrified. He knows what I'm thinking?

Seeing this expression, Lin Jie knew right away that this fellow wanted to feign insanity and thus continued, "Let me tell you this. The police are next door and you won't be able to escape from the law. I've seen criminals like you so many times, so did you think I wouldn't know what you are thinking?"

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