Chapter 169: Boss Lin's Identity

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No, this wasn't something that could be publicly displayed. The value of this little thing wasn't something that could be measured in money.

No one can put a value on it, neither could it be sold. Therefore, there was no such thing as a market price for such an object.

It's no wonder even Cherry said she had to use a whole three years to prepare this gift...

Even Rolle Resource Development would have a hard time getting their hands on this heart, let alone the Ash Chamber of Commerce. This was something that required both money and power.

Lin Jie glanced at the pale fossil before him, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. No wonder the suitcase was so heavy. It was filled with a rock!

The piece of fossil was about half a square meter and must have already undergone careful preparation. The heart in its central position was well-defined and every blood vessel within was visible and extended out in all directions.

From his initial viewpoint, Lin Jie reckoned the heart was bigger than his own head.

Haa, there are also dinosaur fossils in this other world... thought Lin Jie to himself.

Due to Norzin's unique stratified Upper and Lower Districts where the Upper District was above ground and thoroughly separated from the Lower District, the subterranean resources were entirely monopolized by Rolle Resource Development.

Whatever was discovered below ground would naturally only be known by Rolle Resource Development personnel.

Also, the theory regarding the origins of life in this world was very backward. Lin Jie hadn't heard of any prehistoric stuff like dinosaurs, and even fossils were few and rare.

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The fossil before his eyes could very well be many times more valuable than what he imagined.

But disregarding its value, the pallid heart fossil, after being treated, looked exceptionally so lifelike that it could be considered a work of art on its own.

It was also so delicate that it gave off the illusion that it could peel off its shell and start dancing.

This heart was probably taken from a whole intact fossil. Its workmanship wasn't simple either and this showed that Cherry put a lot of thought into it.

Cherry turned towards Lin Jie with a look of eager anticipation. "Is this gift satisfactory?"

In the history known by transcendent beings, if it was said that the Third Era was the time of Humans, the Second Era was the age of Elves, and the First Era was when Giants ruled, then the Primordial Age was the time of Ancient Dragons.

During the First Era where the Giant Kingdom was afoot, Ancient Dragons still existed, just that they were already exceedingly rare.

By the time of the Second Era without fire, Ancient Dragons had thoroughly disappeared without a trace, leaving behind only their skeletons that were rare and precious casting materials.

The more ancient a dragon skeleton was, the more power it contained.

That Primordial Age was so far away that even if Ancient Dragons from that time left behind any remains, the level of technological means at present had no way of reaching the soil they were at. Thus, Cherry chose an Ancient Dragon fossil of the First Era.

On top of that, it was a 'heart' she had given and the implicit meaning behind it needed no explanations.

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It's impossible for me to say otherwise, isn't it?

Giving a fossil as a gift as akin to using an atomic bomb for fireworks. Ahh... Just so excessive.

Lin Jie jested inwardly, but naturally, he maintained a smile on the surface and nodded. "This is truly a priceless treasure. While it might just be a stone to others, in my opinion, it actually symbolizes the changes of geography and history. It is precious indeed.”

Cherry's eyes widened. Are there people who would actually view an Ancient Dragon heart as just a stone?! 

Even Supreme-rank mages would desire a whole Ancient Dragon if it were presented in front of them. Who in the world would view it as a stone?

It would seem arrogant and ill-informed if it were others who said such a thing.

But since it's people that Mr. Lin knows personally, then they would surely be entities with sufficient ability and power to say so.

Then, after hearing the latter part of his sentence, she realized that the power the heart possessed was insignificant in the eyes of Mr. Lin. "Symbolizing the changes in geography and history" was what gave it value.

Cherry had an epiphany.

Yes, in the face of Mr. Lin's strength, all these sorcery tools are mere toys to him.

And perhaps, Mr. Lin has seen a living Ancient Dragon before, so he doesn't care about a dead one.

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So, the only value it had might be to remind him of the past... This Ancient Dragon heart as a witness of history seemed like an apt description.

"But," Lin Jie tried his best to put on an expression of delight, "most importantly, it is because it was given to me by Cherry. This is what makes it different."

Even though he hoped that Cherry could change this priceless treasure into something of monetary value, he knew that the young lady had spent a long time getting people to procure and fix it up. And now, who knows how much manpower had been put into producing such a heart fossil.

Such kind intentions were the true priceless treasure.

Naturally, he couldn't just brush off Cherry's efforts... Even the thought of the staggering amount of money all the painstaking efforts could be exchanged for made him feel it was difficult to breathe.

That's all money!! 

If he had all that money, he wouldn't be running a bookstore here and would be living his days out in comfort, just reading.

Boss Lin felt an emptiness in his heart.

Cherry's delicate face flushed and she whispered, "I'm glad you like it."

Bella had no idea what to do with her mistress. Just coming into contact with Mr. Lin had made young Cherry lose all her logic and composure.


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Bella sighed. Mistress doesn’t notice the subtle decline in Mr. Lin's tone.

The kind of lonely sentiment when gazing at the Ancient Dragon heart, as if harboring some sort of melancholic heartache.

Even though Lin Jie covered his emotions well and that brief sense of loss was fleeting like a dragonfly skimming over the water's surface, Bella with her many years of experience as a maid could read delicate sentiments with precision.

She could basically conclude that not only had Mr. Lin seen those massive Ancient Dragons, but he must have also had a deep connection with those Ancient Dragons.

Those fleeting emotions made it clear that he was certainly missing the nostalgia of life in the past and resignation that he could no longer go back to the old days!

All this time, they had a lot of crazy and wild guesses regarding Mr. Lin.

Amongst them, the one that intrigued them the most was Mr. Lin's prowess as well as his identity.

His prowess was already roughly approximated to be at least Supreme-rank from past experiences, but Mr. Lin's identity had always been a complete mystery since the beginning.

He seemed to have appeared out of thin air, with no vestiges of a past. Even his current identification and registered store information were all falsified by Cherry as a means of repaying his past help.

Now at last, the tip of the iceberg was starting to show.

Bella struggled to keep her pounding heart in check. If Mr. Lin is a monster that had survived from the First Era, then there might be traces of his identity...

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