Chapter 162: Main Character Aura

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"Of course. I've been abiding by your words all these years, communicating properly with everyone and winning over their hearts without ever resorting to violence."

The lessons Mr. Lin taught her back then remained etched in her mind.

Using 'Heart Enchantment Seal' had always taken precedence for her and the effectiveness of this was more than violent means.

As long as she was able to speak with someone, the other party would unwittingly be affected by Heart Enchantment Seal. And the best thing about this was that even if the other party was directing from behind the scenes, there was no guarantee of being able to stop his or her subordinates from communicating with Cherry.

In this way, placing moles on the inside was convenient and well hidden.

And by the time the other party realized, he would already find himself surrounded by spies and these moles wouldn't have the slightest trace of doubt for they would have already convinced themselves to change their views.

It would start with a slight feeling of compassion or admiration for Cherry, followed by being mesmerized by her and believing that she was a worthy master to follow.

In short, the effect was Cherry having a 'main character aura' that naturally drew people to her.

It was simply a scary ability that was akin to an infectious disease.

But there were times when the other party had a firm resolve or mental strength higher than her own. At such times, Heart Enchantment Seal wasn't very useful, but Cherry already had a bunch of devoted followers and letting them do the job was good enough.

Lin Jie's eyebrows scrunched together as he gave a heartfelt counsel. "Since you remember it well, how can you cause others pain just because you feel like it?

"Think through things first, then try communicating with him and find out what bad things he has done. If he has really done something criminal and is unrepentant, then hand him over to the police, okay?

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"It just so happens that a Central Police Unit officer is here. He might be able to help with your investigations."

Lin Jie believed that Claude would definitely be delighted to garner two merits for his career in one fell swoop.

"You are right," Cherry humbled herself and became docile. "I got anxious. I ought to take him down through the correct means... Uhm, and hand him over to justice to set an example. This way, my supporters would have more confidence in me."

Congreve couldn't be taken down using such crude means. Doing so could greatly damage her reputation. After all, it was because of Heart Enchantment Seal that gained her so many supporters these few years who believed that she was destined and could lead the Ash Chamber of Commerce to glory and go up against Rolle Resource Development.

In the eyes of these people, her actions were naturally just and right. However, since Congreve shared the same father as her, such a glorious halo still wouldn't be able to hide such cruelty to her own sibling.

But if it were the other who struck first, she would just be eradicating evil, and sending Congreve to prison would be like a public execution, not just to transcendent beings but ordinary folk as well.

That would be a massive torture for the prideful and arrogant Congreve.

At the same time, it would also be a warning to those who were restless.


Lin Jie was very pleased and said, "That's right, bringing this matter public would greatly display your character and methods as well and it would help your career progress even more smoothly.”

Cherry pressed her communications device excitedly to her flushed face and exclaimed, "Thank you for your guidance. I got careless and impatient."

Congreve had a lot of supporters and it would be a huge waste of resources getting rid of their support. Mr. Lin's teachings were right. She could completely convert these people over using 'love'.

"It's good as long as you understand."

A slight smile appeared on Lin Jie's face. Cherry had already learned the methods of adults while being exposed to society, but Lin Jie hoped that she wouldn't forget her original intentions, maintain basic principles, and never resort to unscrupulous means.

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"Oh, right. Do you like the present I got you?"

She had heard from her butler that moments after he had given away the Coin of Misfortune, someone from next door had brought the Coin of Fortune to Boss Lin.

If it were anybody else, there was still a possibility that it was mere coincidence.

But with Mr. Lin, everything was inevitable. He must have foreseen the Coin of Misfortune being sent over, and thus obtained the Coin of Fortune at the same time.

Everything had been arranged plainly.

Lin Jie recalled the two-in-one coin and thought about how he had accidentally smashed Old Wil's glass cup on his visit.

Chuckling sheepishly, he replied, "I quite like it very much. It's a nice little thing, just that it's a little inconvenient to use in some places."

After all, he wasn't a fortune teller nor had an interest in divinity. Such a small plaything could only be kept for collection sake and occasionally played with.

Cherry's originally eager mood was somewhat dampened.

That's right, for someone who can easily control fate like Mr. Lin, the Coin of Destiny was probably of insignificant value.

Cherry puffed up her little face. "Don't worry. It was just a small gift previously. This time, I will definitely present with you the best gift that will satisfy you!"

"Uhm... You don't have to go to such an extent. That coin is not too bad already."

"Sigh~ I've already prepared this gift for quite a long time already..." The little lady's voice was so cloyingly sweet it was sickening.

Lin Jie could hear the emotion in Cherry's tone and realized it might be a little inappropriate to refuse. Thus, he replied, "Alright, I'll look forward to it."

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Cherry immediately cheered up and expressed she was looking forward to it too.

At the moment, Lin Jie had an epiphany regarding the batch of goods Congreve had intercepted which had gone missing.

Perhaps this had something to do with the Church of the Dome. Holy Moon Essence seemed to have come from the Ash Commerce of Commerce.

Thus, he asked, "Do you know what was among the goods intercepted by Congreve? Do you have a list?"

Cherry lowered her voice. "I'm still investigating, but there's quite a bit that’s uncertain."

"Do you know what Holy Moon Essence is?"

"What is that?" Cherry was stumped for a moment before reacting. "Does Congreve's interception of my goods have something to do with it?"

"Mhm, there's quite a bit going on with the Church of the Dome. You've probably heard about it, right? They are using Holy Moon Essence to control the congregation and that substance comes from the Ash Chamber of Commerce," Lin Jie repeated whatever he knew.

Lin Jie learned from the news that the two places where the recent explosions occurred were linked to the Church of the Dome, probably with relation to the matter of Vincent's apostasy. The Church of the Dome had attempted to eliminate him and as a result, caused the two so-called 'gas explosions'.

As someone in the know, Lin Jie now had viewed the previous few gas explosions differently.

Perhaps all these upper class folk liked using gas explosions to cover their murders.

As a daughter of an upper class family and an authoritative figure in the Ash Chamber of Commerce, Cherry would likely have some understanding of these truths.

Cherry's eyes narrowed. "If that's the case, I'm afraid there's really someone pulling the strings behind Congreve."

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At this time, the bookstore's door opened once more and Claude entered. "The Holy Moon Essence sample provided by Vincent has already been sent for a composition analysis. If we can find the transaction records of some of those substances inside, we would be able to trace its flow and find the people involved in the transaction as well as where it was produced.”

Lin Jie put down the communications device and asked, "Have you all finished talking? What's the plan?"

"I've already requested my superiors to take action and I'll first wait for instructions."

Vincent who came in behind said, "I'll establish a new church and expose the evils of the Church of the Dome."

"I'll help," chimed Mu'en.

Waving the communications device in his hand, Lin Jie said, "It just so happens that I was speaking with Cherry regarding this and have roughly guessed as much. When will the results be out?"

Claude answered, "Soon, there are experts amongst those that came with me..."

Before he even finished, a subordinate from outside entered with a file containing pieces of paper.

Claude took it and walked over to Lin Jie at the counter. "See, it's really very quick."

Lin Jie asked Cherry about the stuff she had managed to investigate and checked it against the composition analysis of the Holy Moon Essence.

As expected, the composition match is high.

This isn't a coincidence. It's highly likely that Congreve was directed to make a deal with the Church of the Dome…

Lin Jie thought to himself as he studied the information.

Claude added in, "There's still another component inside which we are unable to determine its raw material. We also don't know what it is, but..."

His face stiffened as he whispered, "It could be something alive."

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