Chapter 152: Mhm, Yeah, That's Right

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Lin Jie had a simple idea. Since Mu'en wanted to become the moon, then he would play along — this was how he usually won over his customers as well.

Playing along to a customer's whims and needs was a must. As the saying goes, honest advice could be unpleasant to the ear.

Some questions when answered honestly could be rudely unpleasant and cause a negative reaction.

This would be very disadvantageous when dealing with customers. And who liked hearing such harsh words even if it was the truth?

Even if he wanted to change the mindset of the others, Lin Jie preferred to convince others using their own logic before using his own words to guide them smoothly.

Of course, it also depended on the situation. If the other person was a fool, then Lin Jie would not mind giving them a harsh strike in order to correct their way of thinking.

After all, the point of studying was to allow one to speak calmly with fools whereas exercising was to ensure fools would speak to oneself calmly.

This was also the reason why Lin Jie never forgot to exercise daily after transmigrating.

But in any case, it was the same reasoning behind educating children of this age. Although coercion and intimidation might be effective as well, it would often have an imperceptibly negative impact on a child which could prove detrimental to the child's character or views.

Mr. Lin felt that childlike innocence and interest were very good qualities worth keeping, but there was a need to put an end to this chunnibyou-ism which was heading in the wrong direction.

For chunnibyou-ism with the wrong mindset could be dangerous.

Thus, he needed to inculcate good values from the beginning and guide her along a positive direction.

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The moon itself was actually a good entry point so why not let Mu'en continue playing the role and find the correct values and build her character this way.

Lin Jie felt that he was simply the messenger of justice.

Mu'en nodded thoughtfully though did not fully understand, but she had managed to catch three points.

First was the connection the Moon and the Sun had, as well as the reason for the Moon’s existence.

The most important part about this point was "transformation", which was the core of the moon's power. By taking external forces for its own, and transforming it into its own enormous power.

In fact, it wasn't just limited to the Sun, but the entire galaxy. It was just that the Sun's influence was the greatest.

Mhmm, Boss knows everything of course. He explained the relationship between the Moon and the Sun so thoroughly and it's exactly as Walpurgis says.

The second point was the qualities that the moon ought to have, and as for the third... It was more like a dogma.

As the moon was eternal and everlasting, it was destined to become something divine to people and was bound to have believers and followers.

Just like the Church of the Dome.

Mu'en vaguely felt that the boss was mocking the Church of the Dome. Thinking back to their decisive and ruthless actions from last night, it didn't seem like they were a religion believing in the peaceful and gentle moon, but more like an evil cult.

They only wished to control the minds of their believers, without any consideration for that so-called "Respectfulness, humility, gentleness, and tolerance."

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There's no room for any contrary opinion in the Church of the Dome.

Nobody knew how many other internal victims just like Vincent were being controlled by the Church of the Dome, via their addiction to Holy Moon Essence.

The third point, of course, was the domain of faith and power. They need to rebuild a pure religion to re-establish and tie the faithful and gain the power of faith.

At present, two apostles had fallen due to Vincent's sudden attack and [Silent Domain] and [Heresy Trial] had been reclaimed... The latter's original name was actually [Source Death], a power governed by the laws of source that could wipe out all things and was a truly godly domain.

But when the Church of the Dome came into possession of it, some misunderstandings occurred and it had become a pure destructive power that obliterated anything of a different source (only referring to the moon's divine power).

The range of that concept was infinitely narrowed, and its power level fell considerably.

No wonder Walpurgis was so contemptuous of the false god and even called it a “beast”.

Other than possessing great power, it was actually really stupid, like an ignorant primitive beast that simply didn't know how to use these powers.

Noticing Mu’en’s expression, Lin Jie felt that she was a promising student and worth teaching. He withdrew his hand and patted her shoulder, saying, "It's not easy wanting to be the moon, but a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

"Nothing in the world is impossible as long as you put your heart into it. If you are willing to work hard and do more good deeds, you will become the moon in everyone's heart one day."

With an ambiguous smile on his face, Lin Jie changed the wording discreetly and replaced the actual physical moon with the moon in everyone's heart.

With this, the silly child wouldn’t really think of flying up into the sky... right?

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But then again, being an astronaut is still a rather decent aspiration.

"Mhmm." Mu'en saw Lin Jie's smile and nodded her head obediently.

"I believe you can definitely do it. As for the specifics... Well, you can start with helping me solve Vincent's problem. If the Church of the Dome is really using addiction to control their clergy, then these guys are really bad to the bone and have to be removed," Lin Jie said with a satisfied grin.

He was quite concerned about Vincent's situation and had sent someone to ask about him a couple of days ago but still hadn't gotten a reply yet.

It just so happened that this was quite a good counterexample. Of course, he wasn't going to let the child do anything dangerous and would just get her to help in research or look up some resources.

“You see, Mu'en, this so-called moon is fake and is destined to be destroyed…"

Lin Jie then recalled Sailor Moon Usagi again and remarked, "The moon that I’ve seen in my hometown was also a young and beautiful girl with the catchphrase, 'In the name of the moon, I shall punish you!'

"It means to execute justice for the heavens, and so, the Moon is also a symbol of justice.”

So, his conclusion was — cute girls are justice.

Lin Jie eyed Mu'en, but didn't say the last line out loud in order to still maintain his parental authority.

Mu'en noticed that Boss Lin's gaze was a little strange, but she was more immersed in his words at the moment.

She understood that this was what the boss wanted from the beginning.

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She would establish a new church and overthrow the Church of the Dome, but not necessarily force the masses to respect and worship her…

She too never had such thoughts, for her greatest wish had seemed to come true the moment she had escaped from the lab.

To become a free and real being, and she now had a new way of thinking.

With only one year to live, Mu'en wanted to be remembered by more people. She wanted to let this world remember her existence!

"Yes, I will," Mu'en's eyes gradually revealed an unwavering gaze. "Help Vincent, and carry out... justice."

"Mhm, yeah, that's right," said Lin Jie gleefully.


Mu'en returned to her dream, using the excuse of taking an afternoon nap.

She saw Walpurgis sitting sideways on the illusionary crescent moon, her black dress billowing, exposing her smooth, fair legs as well as her slender and beautiful bare feet, which created circular ripples on the water.

With her head slightly askew, she rested her chin in her hand and appeared to be deep in thought.

Mu'en moved a little closer. She didn’t know if she was seeing things, but Walpurgis' cheeks were a little flushed as she seemed to be muttering,

"...Sailor Moon or something..."

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