Chapter 151: Chicken Soup Master Refusing To Concede

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Lin Jie had quite an extensive experience with Mu'en's 'chunnibyou-ism'. Previously, when he had given her the dictionary to learn the basics, checking on her homework each time was like attending a chunnibyou convention.

Even though deep down he found it ridiculous, Lin Jie realized that this was a form of interest learning.

Since the child liked it and learned things quickly, Lin Jie decided he would let nature take its course. This was a good thing after all.

Lin Jie's teaching methods had always been open-minded. He often catered to each individual student's ability and was definitely a great teacher praised by many... Although this was slightly unrelated to his specialty, there weren'tmany strict requirements either.

But Mu'en's outburst of chunnibyou-ism this early in the morning has startled me quite a bit. More importantly, this sort of thought process is really too child-like. Hahahaha...

It’s just like how kids would answer 'Ultraman' and other sorts of strange characters when the teacher asks “what is your dream?”

Lin Jie had thought that Mu'en would be more mature than her peers given her apathetic temperament. However, she was still a childish imp at heart.

For a moment, Lin Jie froze up as he imagined Mu'en's face hanging on the moon and giggling like the sun in the Teletubbies. Then, he couldn't help letting out a snort as he tried to hold back his laughter.

Seeing the way Teacher's Lin was trying to stifle his laughter made Mu'en think she had been taken for a fool and her cheeks puffed up even more.

She had made a move last night with Walpurgis' cooperation and had given the remnants of the Sun buried in Walpurgis' dream realm to the Sun Scripture-wielding Vincent, and bestowed him with the power of the Sun’s remnants.

This caused the conflict to intensify several times quicker, alarming the Church of the Dome's pope. Fortunately the church wasn’t yet vigilant enough to the unknown.

Taking advantage of the Church of the Dome’s lack of information and arrogance, two apostles were killed and an entire parish leveled.

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This was the first step of Mu'en's covenant with Walpurgis. While this was an almost perfect start for them, it would take more than their combined strengths to root those false gods out.

The power of the true Moon had already been seized by them and Walpurgis only had enough strength to sustain her dreams, but she wasn't able to interfere with reality yet.

— Naive little Mu'en felt that she had been duped by Walpurgis, an old witch who had lived for ages, but there was no room for regret now.

Thus, she had chosen to use Vincent.

Vincent's body possessed the Moon's divine power which had a common source as the Sun and was entirely receptive to the Sun's divine power. Moreover, with Sun Scripture as a medium, he was the perfect candidate.

On top of that, as a victim of the religion, he was already on the verge of being at odds with the Church of the Dome.

Safe to say, had it not been for Mu'en giving the Sun's remnants, Vincent would have met an even more ghastly end.

In the eyes of the church, he would be a virulent, hateful bug that just wouldn't die and they would choose to use all means to crush him repeatedly.

Given Vincent's softheartedness and weakness as a church member, those unfortunate parties that were dragged down wouldn't be the last.

Mu'en and Walpurgis were in agreement that the bookstore owner had given them the best option. Even though he hadn't explicitly said it out loud, he had lit up the path for them and only awaited their own voluntary cooperation.

He was all-knowing, but he just didn't say it.

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Moreover, Walpurgis had vaguely indicated that she had slightly sensed Silver's aura from his body. That meant that her former comrade and fellowPrimordial Witch must be searching for a means to return back to reality and likely had some sort of cooperative relationship with that mysterious bookstore owner.

They were on the same side.

However, the acceleration of their objective had entirely been Mu'en and Walpurgis' own initiative. Who knew if what they had done might perhaps negatively impact Lin Jie's plan.

Mu'en spent the whole night deliberating and felt uneasy at the thought that acting on her own might have disrupted the boss' master plan.

And that was why she had apprehensively spoken up to see Lin Jie's opinion.

But now it seemed like... The boss didn't particularly care about her actions in changing the fates of others and waited for them to return before guiding them in the direction of their next move.

It was as if he was just casually strumming the strings of someone's fate and waiting in interest for a special or unique reverb... And now the boss seemed like he was enjoying what he heard.

Mu'en felt a sense of inexplicable frustration. All she had done felt like a great deal to her, yet she was just like a young child playing house in the eyes of Boss Lin.

She silently swallowed the food in her mouth and asked, "Why are you laughing? What's wrong with wanting to become the moon..."

Lin Jie noticed a hint of slight grievance in Mu'en's tone.. She's now being difficult to deal with.

"Ahem... Nothing, it's not a bad idea. Uhm, I'm all for it."

Lin Jie cleared his throat and toned his smile down, trying his best to look more serious. Unfortunately, the slight glint in his eyes made him seem kindly.

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He felt as if he had really adopted an adorable little kid.

Haa... she isn't just ordinarily cute either... Would most ordinary kids aspire to be the moon?

Mu'en grunted an acknowledgement. These words still sounded perfunctory to her.

But since he put it this way, that meant that Boss Lin approved of their actions.

Mu'en's unease lightened up considerably.

Lin Jie mused for a moment and felt that this was a good opportunity to impart some values to this young child.

Thus, he put down the chopsticks and spoke in a cajoling voice, "But wanting to become the moon is not an easy task. We must first formulate a comprehensive plan.

"Oh, how about you tell me how you came up with this idea? Or rather, why do you wish to become the moon?"

Mu'en was slightly taken aback. Then, after putting some meticulous thought into it, she answered with hesitation, "Because... It's beautiful?"

Her initial experience entering Walpurgis' dream realm had introduced her to the sensations of shock and pulsation for the first time. The only thing going through her mind at that time was that the dream full of stars was so unbelievably beautiful that it made her desire owning it.

Thus, she had inexplicably agreed to help Walpurgis.

“...” Lin Jie's lips twitched.

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This reason is d*mn impeccable. Simply irrefutable!

Haa... Children are indeed so straightforward that they can see through appearance and perceive the innate...

However, the Chicken Soup Master refused to concede.

"Do you know how the moon's beauty comes about?"

Lin Jie conveniently snuck in some science, "Actually, the moon itself doesn't shine. Beautiful moonlight is actually the reflection of light from the sun.

"However, the sun's light is always so overbearing and can't be directly looked at. Though warm, it can't reach the depths of a person's heart.

"On the other hand, the moon transforms that light and only then does it glow with such beautiful radiance.

"Respectfulness, humility, gentleness, and tolerance. These are the characteristics of the Moon. These are all things you can't do without if you wish to become the Moon.

"On top of that, the Moon is also a bridge that links people. In the quiet of night, those thinking of their hometown would always see the moon whenever they look up. That is why the Moon always carries pure, primitive emotions and beliefs in the hearts of people and supports the weary spirits of many."

Lin Jie rubbed Mu'en's head and gave his heartfelt conclusion, "The Moon isn't a heartless object, but something that people entrust their sentiments with. Only by understanding this would you be able to become one."

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