Chapter 142: Killing Three Birds With One Stone

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Lin Jie played with Old Wil’s adopted husky for a while, and thought that the dog had a really gentle nature. It was also able to execute commands well, indicating that it had previously been trained.

Lin Jie had a suspicion that Grady had been raised by someone else, but something occurred, causing him to become a stray until Old Wil adopted him.

Since the extent of the bombing on 52nd Avenue was so widespread, the original owner probably suffered misfortune and wasn’t able to raise Grady anymore.

Although it was a husky and one of considerable size, Grady actually seemed a good match for an older person like Old Wil. On top of that, such a large dog would definitely be able to protect Old Wil well.

Then, Lin Jie suddenly looked towards the partition wall, realizing the crunching and growling sounds had come from there.

“Were those sacrificial offerings eaten by Grady?” he blurted out.

Old Wil, how could you put meat in front of a husky...


Wilde smiled and nodded. “Those were originally prepared for Grady.”

Lin Jie raised an eyebrow. There was no need to remind him since Old Wil already had this realization.

But Lin Jie didn’t find it that odd after more thought...

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Old Wil is such a thoughtful person. How could he have not prepared sufficiently before adopting Grady? He must have researched the habits of a husky before making the decision.

“That’s good... and here I’d been worried that you wouldn’t get along with your new pet, but it seems like you’ve done sufficient preparation.”

Lin Jie rubbed Grady’s head again before returning back to his seat. 

“ ‘Blood Feast’ isn’t that simple and you will be coming into just one aspect of it. If you are determined to go, it would be best to bring Grady with you. If need be, don’t hold onto your grudge… You can contact Joseph and ask him for help. He’s been investigating ‘Blood Feast’ with his student recently.”

From what Old Wil had told him, the ones who had invited him were “a bunch that did nothing much all that long.” Therefore, Wilde probably thought that ‘Blood Feast’ was nothing but an event hosted by a pyramid scheme organization composed of idlers.

But according to Joseph, this was a dangerous criminal organization; and from his chat with Claude earlier, the sound of screams and explosions in the background indeed indicated that this was a dangerous situation.

It showed that this organization had a cover on the surface as a guise of recruiting new members. But at its core, it was a strong and armed organization.

Old Wil was a linguist — Perhaps he was invited to the Blood Feast because of his professional identity, or maybe the organization needed an expert who could decipher codes or translate other languages. That was Lin Jie’s guess.

If that was the case, then the danger wouldn't be as bad as he’d thought, but it would still be good to be cautious.

Wilde got Grady lie next to his feet, comforting the Sky Wolf by stroking him. After some thought, his eyes lit up. “Thank you for your reminder. I’ll be careful.”

He had come across the shadow assassin not long after he had joined Blood Feast. 

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Deep down, he had two guesses as to where the shadow assassin was from.

His first guess was that his manipulation of Heris which made members of White Wolf and Scarlet Cult brutally slaughter each other off. This caused the people behind the Magic Ovum Mirror to lose control and hence a shadow assassin was dispatched to kill off Wilde.

The second possibility was that someone within Blood Feast had realized he was pretending to join with a secret plan to cause the downfall of Blood Feast and had chosen to act first rather than later.

Plus, these two guesses didn’t contradict one another either.

Because it could be likely that someone within Blood Feast had been manipulating this entire incident from behind the shadows.

After the Magic Ovum Mirror incident, Blood Feast had rapidly gotten active..This backed up his suspicions, but it was still merely a guess...

But now that Boss Lin had spoken, it indicated that this speculation was correct.

Boss Lin had repeatedly told him to not be reckless, and that the enemy might be stronger than he imagined. This might not be the only assassination attempt he might face, so Wilde needed to either hide his identity or be fully prepared for a confrontation.

Since Joseph was investigating Blood Feast, this meant that the Secret Rite Tower was paying quite a bit of attention to the organization and would be a good target for making use of.

What Boss Lin means to say… is that a disaster will strike. When Blood Feast is disrupted and their believers enticed, information should be passed to Secret Rite Tower so that they will deal with Blood Feast. With such a mess going on, perhaps I could take advantage of the situation and figure out who the hidden person pulling the strings is! Thought Wilde tohimself.

What a sinister strategy! Killing three birds with one stone! It’s just to be expected of Boss Lin!

Wilde deeply admired Boss Lin’s foresight and understanding of the overall situation. Moreover, he had entirely seen through Wilde’s thoughts… 

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His hatred of Joseph had indeed gotten out of proportion and the bookstore owner truly understood that. Even making use of Joseph would cause Wilde to subconsciously shun the idea, so Boss Lin had advised him to ‘let go of the grudge’.

The black magician replied with utmost respect. “I will listen to you to bring along Grady and be very careful.”

“I’m hoping I’ll be able to get more customers, but even so, I wouldn’t want to lose an old friend like you. I have waited for a long time to see you ‘alive’ once more, so don’t let me see you ‘die’ again,” Lin Jie said solemnly. 

Wilde was touched, immediately responding with “Definitely not!”

“Alright alright, no need to get so serious now.”

Lin Jie smiled and took out his coin again.

“I’ll flip it once more to see how your luck will be like this time.”

Lin Jie said it was for luck, but he still intended to manipulate the flip in order to boost Old Wil’s confidence.

Wilde’s heart was already numb to such surprise. The Coin of Destiny was a powerful spellcasting tool, but even Supreme-rank beings couldn’t continuously activate it in such a relaxed fashion...

Typically an altar for worshipping the Goddess of Fate had to be prepared along with sincere praying to use the coin’s ability. Its activation would consume a large amount of aether and the caster could easily fall into a weakened state. How can it be just simply tossing a regular coin?!

Could you be the actual Goddess of Fate?!

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“Ah, it landed on good fortune. Seems like this undertaking will go smoothly.”

Lin Jie looked at the side with the red dot in his hand.

The two exchanged a glance and smiled. The atmosphere was harmonious and everything was understood without saying.


“Her Excellency permits an audience for you to confess.” An attendant in a long white robe said coldly.

“Thank you…” Vincent hurriedly drew a semicircle on his chest, but the attendant had already turned away, not paying him any attention. 

He retracted his hand in embarrassment and gazed at the Church of the Dome chapel ahead of him.

This was the Church of the Dome’s chapel of the Seventh Parish, as well as the residence of the new Seventh Apostle. Vincent had been here only a few days ago, yet now he had returned with the reason of seeking atonement.

In the past, Vincent’s heart would gush with utmost reverence and admiration when he gazed at this place.

But now, he was filled with conflicting emotions as he gazed at the magnificent chapel with Sun Scripture still inside of his priest robes. Only the faith of the moon could exist within the church, while anything heretic was expelled and eliminated. Yet, Sun Scripturewas still safe and sound.

With countless thoughts running through his mind, Vincent entered the church.

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