Chapter 138: It's Cooked

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Lin Jie ordered Old Wil to first clean up the sacrificial offerings so that they could be presented as they should be. 

Unfortunately, due to the circumstances of it all, Old Wil hadn’t prepared many of the items required. He couldn’t even understand some of the vocabulary that was used, so he relied on Lin Jie to “translate” them in a way that would allow a person of Azir to understand.

However, the issue with this was that the current ceremony had deviated from the original.

Lin Jie had foreseen this as a problem, so he had recommended the book to Wilde from the very start as a means to familiarize himself with the culture before learning the language. Who knew that Wilde would dive so deeply into this book, so much so that he even practiced the rituals recorded in it?

But these special local customs were quite fascinating, just like a box of chocolates full of mystery. There were so many mysterious customs and ceremonies hidden away in any vast land, waiting for people to discover.

This was precisely why Lin Jie loved studying folklore.

Although Wilde wasn’t able to grasp the full meanings behind the text, Lin Jie was still willing to patiently explain it to him. 

When Lin Jie finished his cup of tea, Old Wil had just about finished his preparation as well. 

Lin Jie suddenly slapped his forehead, remembering something important. He put down his tea and asked, “Old Wil, is the sacrifice cooked?”

Wilde was exceptionally excited as he observed the strangely-shaped sacrificial offerings drenched in depraving potion in the Coffin of Eternal Slumber—the 'sinner of avarice' had its limbs and bones removed, leaving a tidy lump of white flesh. Four wooden stakes were pierced through its flesh and the crystallized intestines of the crimson brimstone wyvern were twirled around the stakes, forming a rather special array. 

The depraving potion had been evaporated by the high temperatures of the crimson brimstone wyvern intestines, creating a mist that slowly engulfed the array, flickering with a dim light like the twinkling of stars.

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The white flesh on the underside was quickly cooked by the residual temperature, causing carbonized cracks to form.

Thus, the black magician stared at a blackened portion of the meat and started nodding.

“It’s cooked, it appears to be well-cooked.”

Suddenly, Wilde seemed to realize the meaning of this ritual. The top and the bottom are just like the heavens and earth!

With a parallel similar to the universe, this ritual is really grand indeed. No wonder it has the ability to increase luck...

At that moment, the philosopher's stone which laid on top of the coffin started to absorb the blood and energy from the crimson brimstone wyvern, the sinner of avarice, and the depraving potion.

The blood-red light got bright and a strange pattern like a door formed above the altar.

The sacrificial ceremony has properly begun!

Wilde looked towards the body of Heris placed on the other side of the Coffin of Eternal Slumber. Blood from his body had flowed along the coffin and gathered around the philosopher's stone.

This blood was purified and gradually evaporated to a red mist which rose up and clustered together like a gathering nebula, gradually condensing into what seemed like branches that resembled nerves and muscle fiber that flashed like lightning.

And at the very center of the nebula was a collapsed domain that looked like a wormhole.

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This meant that the embryonic form of the Sky Wolf had appeared!


Wilde couldn’t contain his excitement. Getting advice from Boss Lin made this resurrection ritual more stable and effective than any other rituals he had done in the past! 

Moreover, the addition of the depraving potion would weaken the will of the resurrected creature, allowing the caster to control it more easily. The energy of the crimson brimstone wyvern made it more aggressive and explosive, while the soul of the sinner of avarice made it wise and active.

Every sacrificial offering gave it the perfect enhancements for controllability and power. 


“It's all good as long as it’s cooked.” Lin Jie was relieved.

“Oh right, did you collect the blood that you drained, Old Wil?” asked Lin Jie.

“I did.” Wilde nodded his head. The collected blood was placed beside him.

“Add water and salt to the blood, boil, then freeze it so that it solidifies. You can then cut it into pieces to use as sacrificial offerings too."

Wilde was momentarily stunned before his astonishment turned into delight. What a convenient way of storing blood! Wouldn’t it be possible to perform sacrificial rituals from anywhere if it can be stored like this?!

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There were many instances in the past where Wilde wanted to do a sacrificial ritual yet had to find materials on the spot. Besides being slow, such rituals were sometimes conducted in extremely dangerous situations and the risk of being caught was high.

Ah, how has nobody ever invented this before. God damn! Our stupidity is through the roof!

In comparison, the sacrificial methods of the Corpse Devouring Sect is an art form. 

My previous rituals were all crude imitations. This is the real deal!“Thank you for all your guidance!”Wilde was trembling with excitement. “I will definitely spread your work far and wide! This is a perfect masterpiece that should be learned by many more!"

This kind of flattery... Haa, Old Wil has really gotten much better, thought Lin Jie to himself.

“There's no need to stand on ceremony, it was really nothing much...” Lin Jie replied with a smile.

Suddenly, he paused for a moment before asking, "Do you still wish to go to ‘Blood Feast’?

"Uhh, to be honest, it seems a little dangerous... How about this, I recently received this Coin of Destiny. One side represents good fortune, while the other represents misfortune.

"Let's point you the right way using the coin. If the outcome isn't good, then don’t go.”

Lin Jie was really going to great lengths for the sake of trying to dupe Old Wil into turning back. 

He fished out the coin from his pocket and looked towards Old Wil.

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Wilde’s heart pounded hard and his beady eyes narrowed.

Is... Is that the legendary Coin of Destiny?!


Blended in the darkness of a shadow, shadow assassin Debra appeared at the ritual spot. 

“Such cruel and terrifying methods for a sacrificial ritual... It's no wonder the Faceless-Black scaled Man is known as a black magician whose name alone terrifies people," muttered Debra as she looked away from the bloody altar in disgust.

Even though she frequently performed assassinations as well as interrogation and torture missions, such a scene still made her uncomfortable.

She had always heard about Wilde’s brutality, but she never expected it to be at this sort of level...

She silently turned herself into a shadow, hiding all traces of herself until Wilde had tidied up and returned back to the hall and sat down opposite that young man.

Only then did she meld into the shadow of Wilde's glass cup and release the poison discreetly.

'Voice of Doom' is so potent that even a Destructive-rank black magician wouldn't be able to withstand it... Hehehe... how dare he sacrifice the tool that we have painstakingly groomed for so long, Debra sneered in silence and waited for Wilde to drink the poison. 

Then, she saw the seemingly ordinary young man smile as he took out a coin.

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