Chapter 132: Tonight, A Flower Joins The Hunt

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Ji Zhixiu had been looking forward to Ackerman’s arrival for some time.

This hunter who hadn't yet gotten an official evaluation yet was already widely reputed to be beyond Destructive-rank would become Spider's strongest fighting force for now. Moreover, he would remain as one of Spider's top fighters for a very long period to come.

Ackerman taking on Wilde’s bounty then forfeiting made many view him unfavorably. Some reckoned he didn’t have the required strength and was only grandstanding.

However, with proper thought, it was easy to see that the Truth Union wouldn't have given such an important bounty mission to someone incapable of accomplishing it. Before Ackerman chose to forfeit, the Truth Union surely had the basis to think that Ackerman had the ability to complete the task.

Thus, it could be assumed that the Truth Union had spread this news widely as retaliation for Ackerman playing them out.

In this light, Ackerman was, without a doubt, a crazy madman that had the gall to provoke and defy the Truth Union.

But most importantly, Ackerman was introduced by the bookstore owner, and so, Ji Zhixiu trusted his strength unconditionally.

What the bookstore owner said was surely right.

By the time Ackerman arrived, Spider was already coped up inside the old White Wolf hideout, while hunters from other groups patrolled outside, besieging them.

Although these hunters were clearly far inferior to Ackerman, startling them with a large-scale attack wasn't a wise move.

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However, this blockade didn't pose any difficulty for Ackerman, a master of disguise. Hiding his own aura and presence, he sneaked in and met Ji Zhixiu. 

"Welcome to Spider." Ji Zhixiu's beautiful face showed an elegant smile as she gave a bow to this ordinary-looking hunter before her.

Similarly, Ackerman returned the Hunter salute, his knowing eyes of an elder taking measure of the young Spider leader before him.

She looked young but had an acute, steady gaze like a lone wolf hiding in the grass, patiently watching its prey. Such an unblinking stare would easily make anyone’s hairs stand.

This was an excellent and battle-hardened hunter.

But what delighted and surprised him was that Ji Zhixiu's eyes were clear. There weren't any signs of sordid blood affecting her rationality.

Ackerman could also sense that the level of this young hunter was very close to the level he had been when he first broke through. That meant to say, Ji Zhixiu was already close to achieving Destructive-rank and just needed that one step. 

This also meant that the concentration of sordid blood in her body was exceptionally high.

Strangely, there wasn't the slightest anomaly to her appearance and even her temperament seemed mild!

Trembling in excitement, Ackerman thought about the 'new way' that the bookstore owner had talked about. Turns out this was an actual new way, not just for him, but for other hunters as well.

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No need to be tormented by sordid blood, and no longer a fate destined for madness.

Ji Zhixiu noticed the change in Ackerman's expression and immediately understood what was going through his mind. "I'm guessing that you've already sensed it?"

Ackerman nodded, then took a deep breath. "Is this the power Mr. Lin gave you?"

"That's right," Ji Zhixiu replied with a steady gaze. "The power to control sordid blood."

Ackerman was suddenly unable to control his emotions and choked up. "Praise the bookstore owner. This will be a way to save all hunters... Oh god, my father, my mother, my teacher, my friends have all died because of sordid blood. I watched as their bones gradually twisted as hair and eyes sprouted all over their bodies. Yet I was helpless. That sort of despair is just devastating..."

He went on for some time before he realized his gaffe and quickly calmed himself down. With a wry smile, he pointed to his own head. "I'm affected as well. My emotions are amplified many times over and I have no way of controlling them. It makes me feel like I'm really insane."

Ji Zhixiu could understand what Ackerman felt. Before she received Blood and Beast, she too suffered the continuous torment of hallucinations.

"Everything will only get better. The bookstore owner will grant us hunters the gospel. Under his protection, we will receive a new life," Ji Zhixiu consoled Ackerman in an effort to build trust as well as share the strength and guidance she received from Lin Jie.

The two reached a consensus of sharing praises about the bookstore owner and immediately became good partners.

This went until the hunters surrounding Spider finally attacked under the cover of darkness.

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Till now, there had only been three large hunter organizations in Norzin, including the former White Wolf. Now the only remaining two participated in this siege and attacked.

They came with such fervor that the outer defenses of the hideout were immediately overwhelmed and broken.

Ackerman stood up preparing to give these impudent fellows a night to remember for daring to stand in the way of the bookstore owner’s great gift.

However, Ji Zhixiu stopped him, revealing a sly smile. “Let them come in. I have a surprise installed for them.”

Ackerman appeared puzzled, then saw Ji Zhixiu raising an arm. A thin vine stretched out, wrapping around her thin slender arm before rapidly blooming into a delicate red rose.

Ackerman froze, then gulped nervously as he pointed a shaky finger at the rose on her arm.

The horrifying ordeal experienced by Ackerman during his first visit to the bookstore still remained as an unforgettable psychological trauma in his heart.

He never imagined that the bookstore owner would actually give the Seed of Desire to Ji Zhixiu.

No wonder… It’s no wonder that she’s so confident. She has meticulously prepared it all. This whole siege is just a facade and the true trap is about to spring...

Ji Zhixiu gently stroked the swaying rose on her arm. Within the flower bud, eyeballs filled with avarice and bloodlust peeked out.

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The roots of the rose were extended into the soil. In this one week, it had already spread throughout the entire hideout...

And in the darkness outside, a truly unforgettable nightmare for the besiegers had begun.

They fought triumphantly into the hideout as Spider's hunters retreated and fled. Just as the slaughter was about to begin, the ground started to shake.

At first, the invaders thought it was an earthquake, but soon huge, thick vines crept up all around, covering the walls and floor. Eyes and limbs sprouted out from what seemed like decayed flesh on these wriggling vines, forming a horrifying sight.

These things were like a repulsive plant-and-human patchwork.

And before the invaders knew it, these vines had already crept up to them, grabbing their hands and feet, wrapping them lovingly and boring into every orifice of their bodies.

And if any of these attackers were still conscious, they would be able to see the looks of utter despair from their comrades as some unknown thing squirmed beneath their skin, contorting their bodies in unimaginable ways.

But up till this point, they would find themselves without any desires, only able to bear with the excruciating pain, screaming as they were ripped to pieces.

It was truly a hellish sight.

On her vantage point up high, Ji Zhixiu smiled as she watched the attackers get chewed up and killed in a prison of flesh and blood. These flesh and blood then formed a giant flower, opening up its petals to reveal fangs and a mouth, unleashing a growl of satiation—The Seed of Desire had consumed flesh and transformed into an absolutely terrifying monster. 

Flesh plastered the walls and floor of the hideout, and the name 'Nightmare Weaver' was spread amongst hunters after the slaughter on this night.

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