Langdon Hood is an absolutely faithful standard

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"Knowledge Only"

He is a panic-level scholar under Director Rowell Fitch. He is an avid firearms enthusiast. He is a fan of heavy firepower-a reminder, Director Fitch and Alchemy. Director 1e Nader is an old friend who has a very good relationship. It was the two of them who ridiculed each other in Andrew's office.

Because Fitch had been closer to Andrew before, he was questioned and alienated by many scholars after Andrew was under collective impeachment surveillance.

Moreover, the attack on Mechanical Reincarnation this time also means Fitch's major negligence. If it weren't for another vice president who wanted to take over the power, he had all the responsibility left to Andrew. Maybe Fitch would have been beaten to the end. Of course the main reason is actually

"Mud Tire"

The plan consumed a lot of manpower, material and financial resources, but now the best results have been directly robbed by people, and the remaining test products, including the laboratory and the factory, have basically been destroyed. It means that all the previous investments have become other people’s wedding clothes, and even a lot of bad husbands have been lost. How can it not make people angry?! The truth will go up and down, and there will be a lot of opposition before.

"Mud Tire"

The planners are now even more scolding, directly

"Mud Tire"

The i plan was cancelled, the loss was stopped in time, all resources were tilted, and the focus was on the development of more practical exoskeleton armor. In short, this attack made the already embarrassing position and serious internal struggle mechanics worse, and Fitch was even more discouraged. I was cold, and claimed that it didn't matter what I went to in retreat for a long time. Even Fitch's subordinates also suffered. They had no funds and no projects. They were completely idle until they were taken over by the new project.

And in this case, Andrew previously reported to



"Knowledge Only"

Some of the information revealed about the bookstore suddenly became the main task of these scholars.

In fact, even if Andrew's order was not intercepted, they still had to go to the bookstore.


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"Knowledge Only"

In general, there is nothing more fascinating than knowledge.

If you have an ankle, that’s more knowledge! They are fanatics in common religions, who are constantly pursuing knowledge and possessing them unscrupulously, especially like directly plundering them from others.

Partly conflict

"Knowledge Only"

People even call them

"Spirit sucker"



In order to express moral contempt for this group.

But the truth will


Or the Secret Ceremony Tower, there is no way to punish them, after all, what they plunder is only knowledge, and they did not cause any harm to the life will and soul of these people.

And the knowledge of the looted is not impossible to restore, just need to re-learn it.

It can be said that this is a group of extrajudicial fanatics, just stepping on the boundary line where the extraordinary cannot attack ordinary people.

After all if

"Knowledge Only"

If the behavior of is considered to be against the agreement, then the transcendental’s behavior of clearing ordinary people’s mind is even more guilty in the truth meeting.

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"Knowledge Only"

The number occupies about twentieth, and the knowledge should be widely disseminated"



Guangzhi School"

It's just a percent-therefore

"Knowledge Only"

It can even be regarded as a school that occupies a large part of the Truth Society. It is not to be underestimated that these people are not stupid. Do not define them as ordinary people. Those who are so fanatical about knowledge that they can’t take care of themselves and look a little stupid. Confused.

On the contrary, they are ambitious, perverse and paranoid, do everything by no means, and even ignore human life.

It's a group of uncompromising


When Ender’s second interception order was issued, the few headed by Hood

"Knowledge Only"

The lunatic is already on the 23rd street.

They carefully chose to observe first.



Andrew also revealed to them that there was doubt about the strength of the bookstore owner. Hood was very curious about this, so the time for observation was lengthened.

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In fact, after watching it for about one-and-a-half weeks, Hood felt that this did not fit the normal concept of what a strong person should be.

wu Forget everything else, even if you want to find the Loushu Chamber of Commerce for decoration, it’s too much, and you don’t look like a strong one! If it is Gu, but for the high-level strong, isn’t this kind of thing easy to come by? ? Do you have to talk and behave again when thinking about things? Wouldn't it be more annoying?

If it is for cuteness and fun, it can barely explain, but it is slightly contradictory to the mysterious and unpredictable image of the bookstore owner who likes to push books.

Because the people from the Tree Chamber of Commerce came and went in a hurry, they didn't see any books with them.


"Knowledge Only"

After watching for a long time, finally-to confirm-these people from the Loushu Chamber of Commerce are specially invited to repair the house.

This is very strange.

A bold guess has been called




One came out of the minds of the people---maybe the bookstore owner who had made many forces jealous, the man who summoned the ancient elf king in the biography, had no power

But maybe for some reason, he has lost or was stunned by his strength.

These lunatics were inexplicably excited about their discoveries, and were full of expectations for the next action. After several discussions, they decided to take action tonight and sneak into the bookstore, first to test the knowledge in the bookstore and the bookstore owner.

And another thing that made Hood very concerned about is the assistant of the bookstore owner.

Under Fitch’s command, Hood naturally participated

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"Mud Tire"

Although his field of expertise is not in the field of creation, he cannot stand it up

"Mud Tire"

The plan was short of people, so I used Hu De to work in the laboratory-he had an impression of those artificial people for a while.

And it just so happened that he had seen this assistant.

Hood can almost be sure that the scar on the assistant’s neck must be removed.



Shape code generated.


From the truth society

"Spirit sucker"

Opened the door of the bookstore.

Like a gang of robbers, to steal the most precious thing-knowledge

"You guys are downstairs, check the content of the book first,-once you find something is wrong, you will retreat immediately, understand?"

After Hood finished his instructions, he raised the gun in his hand vigilantly, and slowly walked up the stairs. The lightweight exoskeleton armor made no sound. The invisible layer not only concealed his whereabouts, but made him light. Like a cat, it also wiped his breath

The owner of this bookstore didn't even set up the basic protective array, which made his guess more and more solid.

Hu De moved carefully, and finally came to Lin Jie's The update is the fastest, so remember to collect it!

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