198 “Why Are You Here?!”

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“Aren’t you forcing us to our deaths?! Heavens, why are you so ruthless?!”

Seeing that Lin Suisui didn’t intend to let them off, Liu Du decided to go all out. She fell to the ground and lay on her lap as she cried.

“It’s only right to repay a debt! Didn’t you consider the consultation fee when you invited my wife over?!”

Before Lin Suisui could reply, Lu Ze had already walked out from behind the crowd. He slowly walked behind Lin Suisui and stood still before looking up at the Liu family with disdain. “I’ll give the Liu family two days to gather money. If you still can’t send the consultation fee to my wife in two days, don’t blame me for coming to get it myself!”

With that, Lu Ze had no intention of staying any longer. He accompanied Lin Suisui, Mrs. Luo, and the others and left.

“Why are you here?!”

On the way back, Lin Suisui reached out curiously and tugged at Lu Ze’s sleeve. She had planned to tell Lu Ze to come over and collect the debt anyway, but she didn’t expect him to go over himself.

It saved her the trouble of coming back.

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“If the Liu family was tactful enough to give you the money, they wouldn’t have come to break off the engagement with the Fang family just because of a threat from the Wang family!”

Although Lu Ze didn’t ask about these trivial matters, he still had a clear understanding of the situation in the refugee camp.

Although the Liu family was a scholarly family, in fact, in the past three to four generations, only Liu Minggui’s grandfather was a scholar. As for the others…

There was no point in mentioning them.

“Is the Wang family really behind this?!” Lin Suisui had thought of this possibility, but she didn’t expect it to be true!

“The Wang family is too shameless!”

“In the face of benefits, pride is nothing.” Lu Ze wasn’t surprised that the Wang family did this. Lin Suisui didn’t know the details, but he knew them very well.

Ordinary refugees were only exempted from a year’s worth of taxes, and weren’t exempted from conscripts!

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Moreover, most of the villages these refugees would be sent to were in the wilderness in the north that had not been completely reclaimed. Most of the people there were very tough. For outsiders like them, who had suddenly entered, it would take at least four to five years to completely settle down.

On the other hand, families like the Fang family, who was a military household, received much better treatment.

For example, the farmland tax was reduced for three years, and there were only two years of conscription. They were also given an additional tael of silver for each person!

Of course, more importantly, the villages they were arranged to go to weren’t far from the garrison. They were at most four to six hours away from Cloud Mountain City. The land was fertile and the people were friendly. Even if these outsiders lived there, they wouldn’t encounter much rejection and targeting.

Therefore, these families, who had previously wanted to join the army but had withdrawn for various reasons, were so angry now. They even wanted to use crooked methods to fight for benefits for their families.

“By the way, will we be arranged to stay with Mrs. Luo and the others?!”

The matter of resettlement was mentioned at this moment, so Lin Suisui was more or less curious. She lowered her voice and asked Lu Ze, “Yuan Niang doesn’t intend to return to the general’s residence anymore. What will she do then?!”

“We’ll stay in Cloud Mountain City.” Lu Ze glanced at Lin Suisui and didn’t hide it from her. “The Northern Battlefront Army can’t continue to deteriorate like this, so I didn’t reject Pei Qian’s suggestion.

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Didn’t you say that you wanted to open a medical center?!”

“Can I?!” Lin Suisui actually didn’t have much concern with where she would be placed in the end. However, when she heard Lu Ze say this, her eyes lit up.

“Why not?!” Lu Ze turned to look at her and asked, “Your medical skills are superb. Isn’t it only right for you to open a medical center?!”

“I thought you wouldn’t agree.” Although Lin Suisui had tried her best to restrain herself, she couldn’t hide the joy on her face. “Many people think that it’s wrong for women to show off like this.”

In her previous life, she had also thought of opening a medical center and did implement it later.

However, after she opened a medical center, when patients came in and realized that she was a woman, many of them either left directly or criticized her before they left. They said that she was a scammer and too big for her britches!

Later on, people from the medical industry came one after another and said that since ancient times, there had never been a woman who opened a medical center. All the trouble made her exhausted. In the end, in order to avoid trouble, she could only close down the medical center.

In the end, she became a doctor without borders and her life became much more peaceful!

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“That’s just incompetent people being jealous of talented people. Don’t worry about it!” Lu Ze reached out and rubbed the top of Lin Suisui’s head as he coaxed her with a smile, “When we reach Cloud Mountain City, you can open a medical center if you want. If anyone dares to criticize you, I’ll help you chase those gossipy people out!”

“Ok!” Lin Suisui nodded repeatedly. Regardless of whether Lu Ze’s words counted, she was already happy enough that he was willing to say these words!

Just as Lu Ze had said to Lin Suisui previously, the Wang family didn’t stop because of the Fang family’s rejection.

However, this time, they found a new way to mess around.

At night, Wang Shunye, who was covered in messy cloth strips, was carried to their tent by the Wang family.

Wang Ge sat beside Wang Shunye’s stretcher and cried. She distorted Wang Shunye’s actions of kidnapping Fang Rui’er back then into Fang Rui’er acting promiscuously. She claimed that Fang Rui’er was already engaged, but she still refused to let go of her son and now, Fang Rui’er was falsely accusing Wang Shunye…

In short, with Wang Ge crying and throwing a tantrum, she made Wang Shunye seem like the good guy while she cursed Fang Rui’er as nastily as possible!

In order to increase the credibility of this matter, the Wang family even pulled the Liu family over. The women cried and scolded outside as they degraded the Fang family.

Of course, their goal was to completely cut off Fang Rui’er’s escape route and make her lose all other options!

Mrs. Luo was furious. She dragged Fang Liu out to argue, but she didn’t expect the other party to come prepared this time. Before she could speak, the other party had already surrounded her. If not for Fang Liu dragging Mrs. Luo back, they didn’t know what would have happened.

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