197 Collecting Debt!

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“You little b*tch, how dare you speak to your elders like that? You, you uncultured girl, you deserve it…”

Liu Du was so angry that she cursed. However, she had been pretending to be refined for so long that she had long forgotten how to curse.

Liu Du was trembling with anger, but Fang Rui’er didn’t take her seriously at all. Instead, she walked to her mother’s side with a smile and whispered, “Mother, I want to eat rabbit meat tonight!”

“Sister Rui’er, aren’t you going too far by angering an elder like this?!” Liu Wang supported her mother-in-law, who was about to go crazy from anger. She tried her best to save her dignity. “I know you’re unhappy to find out that your engagement was canceled today!

But you have to think about it yourself. Why did we suddenly look for you to break off the engagement?!

You yourself…”

“What did I do?! I was framed by the Wang family, and your family was unable to withstand the threat of the Wang family and was afraid that the Wang family would take revenge. Didn’t you guys ignore the Fang family’s care for the Liu family and force us to annul the marriage?!

“Ha, you’re the ones who did shameless things. What does it have to do with me?!”

Fang Rui’er looked up slightly. When she thought things through, she was no longer as timid as before, especially after she had already dissed the Liu family. She had long forgotten what it was like to be cowardly.

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The current her was like an arrow that had left the bow. She charged forward bravely and refused to retreat!

“Stop arguing. Are you guys done breaking off the engagement?!” Lin Suisui waited at the side for a long time. Seeing that Liu Du, who was being supported by Liu Wang, was about to faint, she hurriedly came forward to stop Fang Rui’er. She looked at Liu Wang, who was opposite her, and asked with a smile.

Liu Wang didn’t know why Lin Suisui suddenly asked this. Before she could respond, she saw her mother-in-law turn around and scold Fang Rui’er, “It’s called off!

My family’s son can’t afford to marry such a domineering, rude, and shameless woman!”

Upon hearing Liu Du’s words, not only was Lin Suisui not angry, but the smile on her face widened.

Lin Suisui nodded in satisfaction and reached out to Madam Liu and Madam Du with her palm facing up. “Alright, I went to your house twice to treat your mother-in-law! It’s been so long already. Shouldn’t you pay the consultation fee?!”

As soon as Lin Suisui said this, not to mention the Liu family and the surrounding crowd, even Fang Rui’er, who was beside her, was shocked.

Two hundred taels?!

“Are you crazy? 200 taels?!”

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Liu Yuan’er, who was the first to react, screamed and looked at Lin Suisui as if she was looking at a monster. “This is highway robbery. You’re clearly helping Fang Rui’er!”

“When your family asked Rui’er to invite me, didn’t you think of the consultation fee?!” Facing Liu Yuan’er’s accusation, Lin Suisui wasn’t surprised at all. She only smiled and replied, “Actually, you did. It’s just that at that time, with the Fang family around, you thought that since I had a good relationship with the Fang family, you didn’t have to pay the consultation fee, right?!

I might as well tell you that 200 taels are already too little!

Previously, when I was helping the woman of the Sun family deliver the child on the way, not only did the Sun family send me that ox cart, but they also gave me a bunch of things that I could use on the way. In addition, they also paid a consultation fee!

As for the plague in our refugee camp later on, after everything calmed down, Mr. Pei didn’t forget to pay me the corresponding consultation fee either!

“Just think about it. I’m only taking 200 taels of silver from your family. Is that a lot?!”

Lin Suisui’s examples stunned Liu Yuan’er for a moment. Liu Wang quickly smiled and tried to smooth things over. “We all know that Madam Liu’s medical skills are brilliant, but you also know our family’s situation. How can we afford to pay such a large sum of money?!”

“Then when you asked Rui’er to come and treat me previously, didn’t you think of paying the consultation fee?!”

This was what Lin Suisui had been waiting for. She turned to look at Fang Rui’er, who was standing beside her, and said with a faint smile, “Did you hear that? Rui’er, it seems that the Liu family has treated you as a fool from the beginning to the end!”

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“I don’t care what you guys thought previously.

Previously, you guys were considered in-laws of the Fang family. On account of Mrs. Luo and Rui’er, I went to your house twice and also prescribed a prescription for you guys!

I heard that the Fang family went to get the medicine in the end!

Now, this woman in your family is already energetic enough to take the initiative to break off the engagement!

Therefore, this also proves that my previous diagnosis was correct. It’s only right for me to ask you to pay this consultation fee now!

After all, you’ve already broken off the engagement with the Fang family!

Without the Fang family as a guarantor, why should I allow you to continue to owe me consultation fees?!”

Lin Suisui’s attitude was very firm. She didn’t give the Liu family a chance to explain.

“Rui’er, you know that my mother actually had no choice this time.”

Perhaps because they knew that something had happened to their family, the men from the Liu family, who had gone somewhere previously, rushed back. Seeing the situation in front of them, Liu Minggui habitually turned to look at Fang Rui’er. As usual, he begged softly, “You know how I feel about you. Actually, I…”

“Stop! Don’t talk about such nonsense now. Back then, I only helped you invite Madam Liu to treat your mother! Even if we hadn’t broken off the engagement, don’t you have to pay Madam Liu’s consultation fee?!”

Fang Rui’er frowned and raised her hand to interrupt Liu Minggui impatiently. “My father went to the city to get three types of medicine for your mother, but you guys definitely won’t return it!

“The Fang family has always been kind. Even if you guys do such an ungrateful thing, we won’t hold it against you guys! However, you can’t refuse to pay the consultation fee!”

“But this is too much!” Liu Minggui cried out, “Two hundred taels of silver… You’re just a doctor. Why do you have to charge our family such a high consultation fee?!”

“You think it’s too expensive, right? You want to go back on your word?!” Lin Suisui snorted and stared at Liu Minggui without showing any mercy. “Then just wait. Someone will come and ask for this consultation fee for me!”


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