196 You’re Quibbling?!

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“You’re still quibbling now?!

What did I say when I gave you this golden Buddha?!

You can wear it for fun, but who let you give this golden Buddha to your cousin?!

“Do you know that this golden Buddha is your third brother’s engagement token with Fang Rui’er?! You’re so naughty! Now that you’ve committed such a huge mistake, it’s bad enough that you don’t know your mistake, but you still dare to complain!”

She was her biological daughter after all, so no matter how angry Liu Du was at her daughter’s absurdity, the most important thing now was to think of a way to resolve the problem!

She wasn’t just scaring her daughter just now. She knew her husband’s personality very well. He loved his reputation more than his life. If this matter really brought shame to the family, he might really beat Yuan’er to death!

“Mother, what should we do now?!” Liu Yuan’er was panicking.

Of course, she could also predict the consequences.

However, she could only ask her mother for help.

“I’ll go out and help your sister-in-law later. Hurry up and find your cousin to exchange for the golden Buddha!” Madam Liu thought of a plan.

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Liu Yuanyuan nodded repeatedly, then Liu Du calmed herself down and walked out with determination.

“No way. Didn’t you think of finding the token first when you rushed over in the morning to break off the engagement?! Besides, this tent is only so big. No matter how hidden it is, you guys should be enough to dig three feet into the ground after such a long time, right?!

Can you guys take out my golden Buddha or not?!

Or could it be that the Golden buddha has already changed hands and is no longer in the Liu family?!”

Fang Rui’er waited patiently for a while longer. Seeing that there was still no movement, she sneered and asked Liu Wang, who was blocking them, “Why don’t you go in and help search?!”

“My mother fell sick when she came back from your place this morning. She can’t even get out of bed now! My mother left everything here. Even if you’re in a hurry to break off the engagement, shouldn’t you be a little more patient?!”

The corners of Liu Wangshi’s lips quivered. After a long time, she gritted her teeth and explained.

She thought that this excuse was a good one, but before she could finish speaking, Rui’er couldn’t help but laugh. She raised her hand and pointed behind her. “Your mother is so sick that she can’t get out of bed?! Then could it be that the person who came out now is a ghost?!”

Madam Liu’s face turned pale. Amidst the laughter of the surrounding crowd, she met Madam Liu’s embarrassed gaze.

“I came out when I heard the commotion outside.” Liu Du gritted her teeth as she suppressed her embarrassment and asked, “What’s going on?!”

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“Didn’t you go over in the morning and clamor that you wanted to break off the engagement?! Our family has followed your request to break off the engagement and returned the token. We can’t be bothered to investigate what you ate, drank, and used previously, but we have to get our token back, right?!

Why are you refusing to give me my token back?!

You can’t possibly want to keep this token for yourself, right?!

Is this how you scholars do things?!”

Fang Rui’er no longer cared about anything else. When she spoke, she didn’t show any mercy at all. She repaid the grievances she had suffered at the hands of these people.

To be honest, it wasn’t that she couldn’t sense the Liu family’s malice towards her previously.

However, Liu Minggui had treated her well at that time. In addition, she had been stupid and really believed in those hypocritical promises!

Therefore, even if Liu Du looked down on her later on and Liu Yuan’er ordered her around, she would tolerate it!

After all, she wouldn’t want to make things difficult for Liu Minggui!

But now that everything had been revealed and she had seen their true colors clearly, her former feelings had become a joke. It was like a slap in her face!

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She was vexed and furious. She wished she could tear her naive and stupid former self into pieces!

She was wrong.

She had already received punishment for her stupidity!

But shouldn’t these people in front of her be punished too?!

She felt very indignant!

Therefore, she had to retaliate!

Even if the surrounding gazes on her were filled with contempt, pity, and all kinds of ill intentions, she couldn’t give up. She had to raise her head high and walk forward proudly!

She couldn’t let her family, Madam Liu, and the others, who cared about her, suffer humiliation because of her!

“Actually, you don’t have to hide it. Even if you don’t say it, I know where my Golden buddha has gone!” Without waiting for Liu Du to explain, Fang Rui’er had already turned around and walked into the crowd. She reached out and pulled a girl in a green dress forward. She sneered at the dumbfounded Liu Du and said, “I just want to ask why my engagement token with your son is now around his cousin Du Xueyue’s neck!”

Fang Rui’er was very strong and fast. As she spoke, she had already grabbed the red thread around the girl’s neck and pulled the golden Buddha off. Then, she looked at Liu Du in disdain. “Don’t say that this isn’t my golden Buddha! Back then, when my mother and the others made this little golden Buddha, they carved my name on the back!

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The word ‘Rui’ is still on there. What else do you have to say?!”

Fang Rui’er’s words caused an uproar.

Fang Rui’er didn’t stop. She let go of Du Xueyue and let the little girl squeeze back into the crowd in a panic. Then, she continued to look at Madam Liu with disdain. “You’re saying that I’m immoral, but is your Liu family’s behavior noble?!

On one hand, you guys despise me and broke off the engagement, but on the other hand, you guys refuse to return my engagement token!

Back then, my father saved your husband. Your family said you would repay the kindness, but when my family encountered such humiliation, you used the method of breaking off the engagement immediately to repay him?!

My father was blind to save your husband and get involved with your family of hypocritical, vicious, and despicable ingrates!

“Now that our token has been returned, from today onwards, the Fang family has nothing to do with the Liu family! Just looking at you guys will dirty my eyes!”


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