“Why don’t you let me go?”

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“I can obviously leave this place, but you won’t let me leave?”

“I don’t need other people to save me, let alone the girl on colorful auspicious clouds, I can be my own hero.”

“Who is she?”

“Why should I wait for her?”

“I obviously don’t need it.”

Lin Xinghe took a breath.

… The Yingying in front of her was not the NPC in the Xianxia small examination room, or any NPC, it was her. This was the xianxia world that she couldn’t think of! Such an inner monologue was her previous confusion!

This was the black dragon NPC she once played!

A sense of familiarity emerged spontaneously.

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“No, I don’t need to wait for anyone, and I don’t need anyone to save me. My will is determined by myself. No one, nothing, and no force can change my mind.”

Lin Xinghe said softly.

When the words fell, Yingying, who was sitting on the edge of the ancient well, suddenly whispered, “No, I don’t need to wait for anyone, and I don’t need anyone to save me. My will is determined by myself. No one, nothing, and no force can change my mind.”

The voices of the two people were obviously completely different, but at this moment, they overlapped, making the audience believe that they were the same person and that this was the world that Lin Xinghe forgot.

【So we can see the relationship between the leader and Xie Wuan in the previous life with our own eyes! 】

【Right! Didn’t Boss Qi Qing say that? It was in this world that he saw the leader and Xie Wuan with his own eyes. 】

【I’m more curious about what role Xie Wuan plays in this world. According to Xie Wuan’s ostentation, no matter how you look at it, he looks like a domineering and cool character. He doesn’t seem to be in the protagonist group. 】

【No, it’s hard to say, without awakening, anyone could be Xie Wuan, just like Qi Qing, who would have thought that he would be a tower in this world, and would be a girl after transforming into a human form? 】

Lin Xinghe reached out to touch the former self in front of her, but before her hand touched her skin, she went straight through again.

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She didn’t try anymore.

She began to stay quietly by Yingying’s side, watching her every move, observing her every word and deed, so as to think of more past events.

At this time, Yingying had gotten rid of the control of the system and completed the initial awakening.

Although she was out of control, she didn’t leave the ancient well immediately. Instead, she chose to practice in seclusion and brought Xueqiu into the ancient well.

She used some spells to break one of the seals and then brought Xueqiu inside.

Lin Xinghe followed and floated into the ancient well.

Probably because of the different dimensions, all the spells and seals in the well have no effect on her.

She sank into the ancient well with Yingying and Xueqiu.

The ancient well was arranged in an orderly manner by Yingying. It was not as cold as imagined, but rather warm.

After Yingying put Xueqiu down, she taught her how to enter and exit the ancient well, and then began to practice.

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She didn’t practice all the time—she would have eight hours of rest and entertainment.

Xueqiu was still confused and asked, “Shouldn’t one focus on cultivation?”

Yingying: “This is called combining work and rest, which is beneficial to better cultivation.”

At the beginning, Xueqiu seemed to understand half of it, but gradually, when chatting with Yingying, Xueqiu understood more and more words that did not belong to this era, such as interstellar, galaxy, and mecha.

Yingying always spit out future interstellar-related words inadvertently. When she said it for the first time, she was stunned, not understanding what it meant, but soon, she said to herself again, ” That’s how I understand it, I might have forgotten something…”

Lin Xinghe was slightly taken aback, thinking, Did she experience other interstellar worlds before she experienced this xianxia world?

Lin Xinghe herself had indeed experienced many interstellar worlds and was no stranger to these words. She had been the Queen of the Zerg several times, a proper villain.

However, as a dragon, she took it for granted that the strange words she said suddenly.

Xueqiu, who was obsessed with it, also gradually changed.

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Yingying and Xueqiu said, “In a few thousand years, or in a different era, there will be a breed, which is also a cat, called a ragdoll cat. Its body is also snow-white, but it has long hair and blue eyes…”

She gestured to Xueqiu, and lightly touched Xueqiu’s forehead.

“In the early days, most of them were colorpoint, bicolor, mitted, and other varieties. Later, in the interstellar era, pure-color ragdolls became more popular, and most cat breeders used scientific methods to breed purebred ragdolls. I also raised a pure white ragdoll before…”

Xueqiu transformed into a snow-white puppet cat with pink paws and a pink nose, and the color of her eyes was constantly being adjusted.

“Like this?”

“A lighter shade.”

“What about now?”

“Yes! That’s the cat. My previous cat was named Xiao Xue Ji.”

Lin Xinghe was slightly shocked.

…The appearance of Xiao Xue Ji was not an accident?

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