She was about a meter away from them.

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Su Fengxue tied Snowball up with a demon binding rope and seemed to think that it was unthreatening, so she stopped pinching it, but tied it to her sword so that only a cat’s head was exposed.

Snowball looked very frightened. Apart from the sense of panic in its eyes, its ears drooped, which was a typical cat’s reaction when it was frightened.

After the protagonist group left the demon world, they found an inn where they could rest.

Shen Nanhua and others greeted Su Fengxue with care.

Lin Xinghe listened to what they said while keeping an eye on Snowball.

She watched it carefully.

Not long after it was time for dinner, a group of dinner guests poured into the inn. Taking advantage of the crowd, Lin Xinghe called out unexpectedly, “Xiao Xue Ji.”

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Snowball, who was bundled into a rice dumpling, moved its ears, trying to turn its neck with difficulty.

The audience exploded.

【My God, is this Xiao Xue Ji! 】

【Is it right? 】

【I think the leader has already confirmed that it is Xiao Xue Ji. 】

【Then why doesn’t it recognize the leader? Or did it lose its memory like Jiuge in the small examination room earlier? 】

【Wait, if this is the real Xiao Xue Ji, then if she is killed by the protagonist, she is really dead! 】

And at this moment, the protagonist group was discussing whether to release Snowball now.

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Su Fengxue hesitated and said, “Although it is a monster, it did not do any evil. Maybe it was deceived by the demons…”

Feng Mo said, “Xue’er, you are too kind. If they are not of my race, they must have a different heart. The demons do a lot of evil, and they value this monster so much. There may be hidden secrets inside. You must not be taken advantage of.”

Su Fengxue looked at Snowball and stretched her fingers toward Snowball’s head.

And at this moment, Snowball opened its mouth suddenly and bit Su Fengxue hard.

Su Fengxue called out.

Before Lin Xinghe could stop it, Feng Mo’s cultivation verse had already been recited, and a faint light suddenly appeared. Before it went out, Snowball’s demon core had been taken out.

The round and translucent white demon core was held by Feng Mo in the palm of his hand, and it shattered into fine powder in an instant.

Snowball let out a wail, and the glossy fur on its body immediately dimmed. Her blue eyes lost all energy, and she turned into a very old cat.

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As if it could see Lin Xinghe, it opened its mouth in Lin Xinghe’s direction.

Even though it was very light, Lin Xinghe still heard it.

It was saying, “Mommy.”

It was Xiao Xue Ji!

Lin Xinghe’s emotions tensed up to the extreme in an instant, as if something exploded in her mind, causing her a splitting headache. She had always strategized, and since entering the villain school, she had never missed a shot. She has always believed that she was very lucky and the heavens were very good to her, but she never thought that one day there would be a miscalculation, and she would see with her own eyes that Xiao Xue Ji, whom she regarded as a relative, would be harmed in front of her.

It was her overconfidence that led to such negligence.

If she had used the small prop in time just now, Feng Mo would have never been able to make a move, and she would have been able to rescue Xiao Xue Ji.

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But she was too confident. Judging from Xiao Xue Ji’s previous performances, she thought that Xiao Xue Ji left with the protagonist group on purpose. Xiao Xue Ji must have her own intentions. She followed up quietly. But she didn’t expect this scene.

She blamed herself to the extreme in an instant, with complex emotions intertwined, and something seemed to come out of her chest, merging with the wind flowing in the air.

In an instant, it was as if countless tides poured into her body and finally rushed to her brain. The unspeakable sense of weight made her brain, which was already on the edge of exploding, even more uncomfortable, and she felt that every nerve in her body was going crazy. When the pain was too extreme to bear, a force suddenly appeared in her body, as if someone gently pushed her back.

The noise around the inn turned into nothingness that drifted away.

When she opened her eyes again, she was no longer in the inn, but she was surrounded by a familiar environment, the peach blossom grove she had just landed in at the start of this examination room not long ago.

Before the audience could get out of the grief of Xiao Xue Ji being killed, they were stunned by the strange transformation in front of them and asked what happened in the barrage.

But no one knew.

Lin Xinghe herself didn’t know either.

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