Chapter 95: This Kid Is Too Cowardly!

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Qin Yuan and the others simply took Fatty Zhang to the hospital to treat his injuries before taking Miao Xiaoxiao shopping. They had originally wanted to take advantage of the few days off to accompany Miao Xiaoxiao, but who knew that they would encounter these things as soon as they arrived at the mall.

It was rare for Qin Yuan to come back, so Fatty Zhang naturally followed Qin Yuan and the others for the entire afternoon. It was not until the evening that he realized that the relationship between Qin Yuan and Miao Xiaoxiao seemed to be different.

“Boss, you’re not being very kind. Didn’t we agree not to eat the grass in our own backyard?” Zhang Pangzi looked at Qin Yuan expressionlessly.

Miao Xiaoxiao was the flower of their courtyard. Countless people had already taken a fancy to her. However, Fatty Zhang and the others still remembered Qin Yuan’s words at that time. Who would have thought that Qin Yuan would break this rule in the end?

“What’s wrong? Even if I give you guys a chance, you have to have the ability!”

“Besides, have you seen how handsome your boss is? I may not be a peerless beauty, but I’m at least a little more handsome than you!”

Qin Yuan smiled, and Miao Xiaoxiao blushed and ignored them.

Hearing Qin Yuan’s words, Fatty Zhang was speechless.

“Oh right, there are still two months before this year’s conscription begins again. If you don’t lose weight, you won’t have a chance to join this year!”

Qin Yuan suddenly recalled that the recruitment this year was not far away. It would be a good thing if Fatty Zhang chose to join the army.

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“Boss, don’t worry. I’ll definitely go to the army to look for you!”

Fatty Zhang was now extremely eager to enter the army. Just from how Qin Yuan had been able to take care of so many people by himself, he was extremely eager to have the strength of Qin Yuan.

“Boss! I must be a soldier!”

Qin Yuan was also a little surprised to see Fatty Zhang suddenly so eager to enter the army. One had to know that his father had almost crippled him in the past, but this kid was not willing to join the army. In order not to join the army, this kid chose to eat and drink too much, resulting in his current state.

“Fatty! Why are you suddenly so eager to join the army? I remember that your father beat you up because of this, right?”

“Boss! I did it to pick up girls!” Fatty said in a deep voice.

“Pick up girls? Are there any girls in the army for you to pick up?”

Qin Yuan was speechless. This kid was so eager to enter the army just to pick up girls? Besides, there was not a single female soldier in their army. Female soldiers could only be found in the signal battalion.

“Boss! You don’t know… Your series of actions just now was too cool. If I had your strength, I would definitely capture the hearts of a bunch of girls.” Fatty Zhang laughed.

Qin Yuan and Miao Xiaoxiao looked helpless. Fatty Zhang joined the army just to pick up girls? Doesn’t he have any goals and dreams?

“Kid, can you have some ambition!” Qin Yuan said unhappily.

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“Boss, don’t talk about me. You’ve already snatched the only flower in our courtyard.”

“Besides, if I hadn’t seen your intimate actions just now, I wouldn’t have known that the two of you were actually together.”

“Didn’t we agree to protect Xiaoxiao together, Boss?….. You’re not kind!”

Fatty Zhang looked at Qin Yuan aggrievedly and complained in his heart. They had all agreed that no one could lay a hand on Miao Xiaoxiao, but Qin Yuan broke his promise.

“This… This! When love comes, it can’t be stopped!” Qin Yuan was also a little embarrassed.

“Alright, Brother Fatty Zhang! Stop talking, I’m embarrassed! Besides, I was the one who liked Brother Qin Yuan first.”

Miao Xiaoxiao blushed and explained. She had liked Qin Yuan for a long time. This time, when she mustered up a lot of courage to tell Qin Yuan her feelings, she was afraid that Qin Yuan would reject her.

“Alright! At the very least, the fertile water should not flow into the fields of outsiders. On account of Boss being so outstanding, the two of you must treat me to a meal today!” Fatty Zhang smiled. It was impossible for him not to like Miao Xiaoxiao, but he was happy that Miao Xiaoxiao had chosen his boss.

He knew very well what kind of person Qin Yuan was. Miao Xiaoxiao would definitely be very happy with Qin Yuan.

“Good! No problem!”

“Brother Qin Yuan, Brother Fatty Zhang, let’s go eat hotpot.”

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Miao Xiaoxiao then led the two of them to the hotpot restaurant in the mall.

“Boss! What position do you have in the army now? Also, how long have you been in the army? You’re too strong!”

Fatty Zhang followed behind Qin Yuan and asked curiously about Qin Yuan’s years in the army and military school.

Qin Yuan also told the two of them about his life in the army as if he was telling a story. During the hot pot, Qin Yuan talked about his life in the military school and the army. He was so excited that Fatty Zhang could not wait to enlist in the army.

Especially when Qin Yuan talked about the scenes of the military exercise, they were as hot-blooded as those in TV dramas. Miao Xiaoxiao had the idea of going to the army, but she was stopped by Qin Yuan in the end.

He did not want Miao Xiaoxiao to join the army. Compared to a fierce girl or a gentle and quiet girl, Qin Yuan still chose the latter.

After dinner, Qin Yuan and the other two drove straight back to the courtyard. Fatty Zhang’s house was just a little closer to the main gate. As soon as they entered the main gate, they got out of the car. The three of them only lived a little further away from Miao Xiaoxiao’s house.

After Qin Yuan parked the car in his courtyard, he held Miao Xiaoxiao’s hand and walked her home. It was usually a five-minute journey, but Qin Yuan and her dragged the walk for half an hour before they reached Miao Xiaoxiao’s house.

“Isn’t this kid too cowardly? Go!”

Qin Hai and Jiang Xuemei was on the way home too when they bumped into Qin Yuan who was sending Miao Xiaoxiao home. Therefore, the two of them followed closely behind them.

“Aren’t you the same? When you chased me back then, you were much more cowardly than our son!” Jiang Xuemei and the other two stopped not far from Qin Yuan and the others, paying attention to their movements.

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“No! Xuemei, didn’t you chase me first?” Qin Hai grinned as he looked at Jiang Xuemei. He thought of the scenes they had in the past.

“You still dare to say that! Have you ever seen a man who couldn’t even open a bottle of water and asked a girl like me to open it for you?” When Jiang Xuemei thought of this, she was furious. Qin Hai, a grown man, was so helpless in pursuing a girl that she had to take the initiative to make things happen between them.

“Uh … I was…That is…” Qin Hai scratched his head, not knowing what to say.

“Alright! Look at our son and the others!”

As they spoke, their gazes turned to Qin Yuan and the others.

“Brother Qin Yuan! I’ll go back first. See you tomorrow!”

“Alright! See you tomorrow!”

After saying that, Miao Xiaoxiao kissed Qin Yuan on the cheek and ran in. Qin Yuan looked at Miao Xiaoxiao, who ran into the house with a red face, and his face was filled with a smile. He did not know how to describe this feeling. Although he had memories of two lifetimes, he had never been in love.

After seeing Miao Xiaoxiao standing in front of the window and asking him to go back, Qin Yuan reluctantly returned to his home..

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