Chapter 93: Call for Help?

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“It’s alright! Don’t worry!” Qin Yuan continued to comfort the two of them.

At this moment, Young Master Jiang was still sitting on the ground and looking at Qin Yuan in fear. He did not dare to say anything and could only hope that his call would save his life.

After a while, police sirens sounded and a group of uniformed police officers got out of the car.

They were all stunned by what was happening in the parking lot! There were dozens of people lying in the parking lot, and the ground was covered with steel pipes and sticks. On the windshield of the overbearing car, there was a scarred man covered in blood. He looked like he had fainted.

“Don’t move! Raise your hands! We received a report from the public that there was a gang fight here!”

With that, the group of police officers pointed their guns at Qin Yuan and Fatty.

Not long after, an Audi drove in. A middle-aged man in his forties got out of the car and hurried towards Qin Yuan and the others.

“What’s going on? The voice on the phone just now was you, right?”

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The middle-aged man asked Qin Yuan softly because other than the police, Qin

Yuan was the only one who was fine.

“Who are you to this bastard?”

“Hello! I’m his second uncle. This kid has been disobedient since he was young. His father has already left him.”

“Young man, I’m really sorry! If this kid made a mistake, then please hand him over to the law to punish him! Don’t ruin your life.”

The middle-aged man immediately dissuaded Qin Yuan because he knew very well what kind of person his nephew was. All these years, his elder brother had been busy with work, and he had neglected to discipline his nephew. Now that he was older, it was even more difficult to control him.

All these years, his sister-in-law had doted on his nephew too much, causing him to be lawless outside. His elder brother didn’t care at all, so his second uncle had already handled countless things for his nephew over the years.

Faced with the middle-aged man’s words, Qin Yuan’s anger subsided. Just the middle-aged man’s words could at least prove that he was a reasonable person and not an unreasonable person who would help the evildoer to do evil.

“As for this guy, I can only hand him over to the law to discipline him. I only hope that he can turn over a new leaf!”

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Qin Yuan looked at the middle-aged man in front of him, and the anger in his heart subsided.

“Young man, thank you for understanding these things! I can already guess what happened.”

Looking at the Tu Bao trapped in the car, he understood what had happened. His nephew must have caused trouble and called the Tu Bao over. He knew very well what kind of person the Tu Bao was. During this period of time, he had heard that his nephew was very close to these people.

As for his nephew, he wanted to let him stay in there for a while. He couldn’t keep protecting him like this. If he kept protecting this kid, he would only harm his nephew one day and even affect his big brother!

“Captain Fang, these people lying on the ground are not good people. Also, after the trial, Yun Hao, that kid, will be dealt with according to the law. We don’t have to care about his identity. These are the exact words of my big brother!”

The middle-aged man turned around and said to the police officer behind him in a deep voice. He did not give any special treatment because of his nephew’s identity! Before he came, he had called his brother. His brother wanted to let Yun Hao know that he would be punished by the law for making mistakes.


“Bring them back and interrogate them all!” Captain Fang said to the policemen beside him.

Soon, everyone lying on the ground was dragged into the police car.

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“You guys go to the hospital to take a look at your injuries first! I’ll inform the hospital about the medical fees first!”

Seeing Fatty Zhang’s bloated face, the middle-aged man said to Qin Yuan and the others.

“It’s alright! My injuries are fine!” Fatty Zhang grinned, not caring about his injuries at all.

“Are you sure?”

The middle-aged man looked at Fatty Zhang’s swollen face and asked again.

“I’m really fine! I’ll just go and deal with it briefly later!”Fatty Zhang explained again.

“Alright then! Then I’ll have to trouble you to go back with Captain Fang and the others to make a statement later!”

“Tu Bao and the others are a group of black sheep. I hope we can send them to prison this time. If we let them get away with it, N City won’t be peaceful!” Qin Yuan and the others were very happy to face the middle-aged man’s request.

This time, the bandits dared to openly beat people up in the city with weapons and clubs. How many bad things had they done in the dark?

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After saying that, Qin Yuan and the others followed him back to the police station to make a statement. From Captain Fang’s trial, they found out that Tu Bao and the others were actually in the business of drug trafficking.

Slowly, a drug industry chain in N City surfaced. This time, Qin Yuan and the others had made a great contribution by accident.

Not long after Qin Yuan and the others finished their statements and left a home address and contact information, the three of them walked out of the police station. The middle-aged man was still waiting for them at the door. “Young man, I haven’t asked you how I should address you.”

Facing Qin Yuan, the middle-aged man was also shocked that Qin Yuan had actually wiped out dozens of people from Tu Bao. He had just learned that he had been crippled by Qin Yuan.

In his next life, he would probably be lying in bed. No, in a prison bed. He had just heard Captain Fang say that the underground riot behind the drug industry was an important leader.

The evidence of the Tu Bao crime was enough to sentence him to death. However, his nephew was also implicated and would not be able to come out for a few years.

However, he did not feel any heartache. If he had discovered this problem a little later, his nephew might have been bewitched by Tu Bao and walked down this path of no return.

“Hello! My name is Qin Yuan!” Qin Yuan replied. He agreed with the middle-aged man’s way of handling the matter.

“Qin Yuan? Good name!”

The middle-aged man also smiled. To be honest, he was also somewhat grateful to Qin Yuan. If not for this matter, his nephew might have ended up like Tu Bao and the others..

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