Chapter 90: Society’s Worm!

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The woman did not believe Fatty’s words at all. She only felt that Fatty was looking for trouble here and did not have any strength at all.

“That’s right! Are you courting death?”


“Damn you! I’ll fight it out with you!”

As he spoke, Fatty rushed up and started fighting with the young man. When the people around the young man saw that Fatty still dared to fight back, they surrounded him.

In a short while, Fatty was knocked to the ground. He was alone, so how could he be a match for the few of them? He hugged his head and lay on the ground, allowing them to punch and kick him.

“Brother Qin Yuan! Wasn’t the person who was beaten up Fatty Zhang?”

Miao Xiaoxiao looked at the fatty who was beaten to the ground by a group of people and immediately asked Qin Yuan.

“Brother Qin Yuan! Hurry up and take a look, or that person will be beaten to death by those young men later!”

Miao Xiaoxiao was worried when she saw the group of people kicking the fat man. It didn’t matter if that person was Fatty Zhang or not, he was still a human being. If this continued, he might really be beaten to death by these people.

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“Xiaoxiao! You stay here first, I’ll go over and take a look!” After saying that, Qin Yuan walked toward the group of people.


A loud shout spread throughout the entire parking lot. When everyone heard the loud shout, they stopped beating the fatty. Everyone looked over and saw Qin Yuan walking towards them alone.

“What’s wrong? Are you trying to be a busybody?”

Looking at Qin Yuan who suddenly walked out, the young man’s sharp eyes stared straight at Qin Yuan.

“Don’t you know that beating others is illegal?” Qin Yuan said coldly.

“Breaking the law? You brat, I advise you not to meddle in other people’s business!”

Otherwise, your face will be the same as this fatty’s.” The woman looked at Qin Yuan and walked forward with a smile.

“You are the law? Looks like you guys are really some good-for-nothings!” “Doing whatever you want behind your parents’ backs! Then today, I want to see if you’re a dharma master or not.”

Qin Yuan looked at the few people in front of him and knew that these people must have always been running amok outside because their parents were high-ranking officials.

When he encountered vermin like them, he had to teach them a lesson. The fatty who was beaten up was just one of them who did whatever they wanted. Who knew how many people had been wantonly humiliated by them behind their backs?

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When the young man saw that Qin Yuan was another idiot who came up to cause trouble, he instantly did not want to waste so much time talking to Qin Yuan. He directly ordered the young men behind him to attack Qin Yuan.

“Yes! Young Master Jiang!”

Hearing Young Master Jiang’s order, the young men behind him raised their fists and rushed toward Qin Yuan. Since their elder brother had spoken, they had to perform well in front of their elder brother.

Qin Yuan saw the few of them charging at him with their fists raised, and the corners of his mouth instantly curled up. He did not take them seriously at all.

Qin Yuan rushed towards them.




A few black shadows flew in front of Young Master Jiang and smashed heavily on the ground. In an instant, all of them were sent flying by Qin Yuan’s kick. They all lay on the ground and wailed.

Young Master Jiang looked at Qin Yuan in surprise, and his legs could not help but tremble. He looked at Qin Yuan, who was looking at him with a fierce gaze, and his voice trembled.

Seeing Qin Yuan walking towards him step by step, he kept retreating and staggered to the ground. He never thought that Qin Yuan would be so terrifying. In an instant, his underling was kicked away by Qin Yuan without any chance to fight back.

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“Didn’t you say that you are the law? Stand up and tell me that now!”

Qin Yuan looked fiercely at Young Master Jiang, who was trembling on the ground. Qin Yuan hated people like Young Master Jiang the most. As a soldier, Qin Yuan could not stand people who used their family to do whatever they wanted outside.

“You! You! Don’t come any closer, or I’ll call the police!”

The woman beside Young Master Jiang was scared silly. Looking at Young

Master Jiang sitting on the ground and his arrogant appearance just now, she was so scarea tnat sne noped (tm yuan would not attack ner.

“Call the police? Then call the police!”

After saying that, Qin Yuan walked over and kicked Young Master Jiang’s chest. Qin Yuan still could not bring himself to do it to a woman.


Young Master Jiang spat out a mouthful of blood from Qin Yuan’s heavy kick. He stared at Qin Yuan with a vicious gaze. He did not expect to meet a tough guy like Qin Yuan who dared to attack him even though he knew his identity.

‘You brat! Here… Just you wait!”

Young Master Jiang stammered to Qin Yuan. Blood was still flowing out of the corner of his mouth. He took his phone from his pocket and found a number to call.

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“Brother Tubao! Something happened to me in the parking lot on the basement floor of the department store. Hurry up and bring someone over.”

After saying that, Young Master Jiang hung up the phone.

Qin Yuan watched as Young Master Jiang finished his call. He ignored them and walked towards the fatty lying on the ground.

“How is it? Are you alright? Looks like you’ve gained weight after not seeing you for a few years!”

Qin Yuan helped the fatty up and a smile gradually appeared on his face.

“Old… Boss? It was … Is that you?”

Fatty narrowed his eyes and stared at Qin Yuan carefully. His face was swollen like a pig’s head as he looked at Qin Yuan so excitedly that he could not speak clearly.

Wasn’t the person in front of him his former brother, Qin Yuan? In their military compound, he was Qin Yuan’s diehard follower. However, a few years ago, Qin Yuan was sent to the military academy by his grandfather. Later, he heard that Qin Yuan had gone to the army. He had not seen Qin Yuan for a few years.

“Kid, if you were a little fatter, I really wouldn’t be able to recognize you.”

“And you, kid, don’t always mention your father’s name whenever you something happens! Wasn’t it embarrassing? However, if you hadn’t said something about ‘Father Zhang Erhe’ just now, I really wouldn’t have known it was you, you damned fatty..”

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