Chapter 88: This Girl… Is So Proactive?

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Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

“Alright! Old Qin, I told you that Ah Hai was smart, but you kept forcing him to go to the army!”

“Now, he can be considered to be contributing to the country! He didn’t embarrass you, old man.” Elder Miao said with a smile.

“You old brat, I have so much good wine, but it can’t shut your mouth!”

Old Qin said unhappily, but his face was still filled with a smile. He could understand his son now, let alone his grandson, Qin Yuan.

With Qin Yuan’s current ability, those guys in the military region had been paying close attention to him. He believed that his grandson would grow very well in the army. Qin Yuan’s ability was not any weaker than his.

Old Master Qin hoped that his descendants could contribute to the country.

“Let’s eat!”



Just like that, the family ate happily. At the table, Mother Qin kept putting food into Miao Xiaoxiao’s bowl. Her impression of Miao Xiaoxiao was still from when she was a child. She did not expect that she had become a big girl after not seeing her for so many years.

Looking at Miao Xiaoxiao who kept glancing at Qin Yuan while eating, she knew that Miao Xiaoxiao seemed to have fallen in love with her son, Qin Yuan. The more she looked at this girl, the more satisfied she became.

After dinner, Qin Yuan’s father and the two old men went to the study to have tea. Qin Yuan’s mother was pulling Miao Xiaoxiao and asking her questions, making Miao Xiaoxiao blush without stopping.

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Qin Yuan did not know how he felt about Miao Xiaoxiao. He said that he did not like her, but it seemed that he did have her in his heart. Qin Yuan had never been in a relationship, so he never thought much about it.

He went back to his room and started working on the computer. He had to turn his ideas into a plan. In the past, he might not have the ability to do so even if he wanted to.

But now, his ability to use computers was beyond words. His advanced network programming skills could easily create games.

Soon, he came up with a plan and a virtual game model. He didn’t stop until his mother asked him to send Miao Xiaoxiao back.

Elder Miao was already drunk and had fallen asleep in the guest room. He was supposed to go for tea, but who knew that the two old men would start drinking again.

Miao Xiaoxiao looked helpless. Mrs. Qin and Grandma Qin kept asking her to stay, but she didn’t agree. After all, it wasn’t good for a virgin girl like her to stay overnight. Anyway, her home wasn’t far away, so she said she wanted to go back.

Just like that, under Mrs. Qin’s instigation, she asked Qin Yuan to send Miao Xiaoxiao home.

The two of them walked out of Qin Yuan’s courtyard and into a small path. Qin Yuan followed closely behind Miao Xiaoxiao, too embarrassed to say anything.

To be honest, he really didn’t know how to say it. Now, he couldn’t say whatever he wanted like when he was young. In this kind of atmosphere, even Qin Yuan, a straight man, was a little at a loss.



The two of them spoke at the same time.

“You go first!”

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“Brother Qin Yuan, you should speak first!”

Just like that, the two of them stammered for a long time without saying a word.

“Xiaoxiao! Don’t take my mom’s words to heart! That’s how they are.”

Qin Yuan said embarrassedly.

“Brother Qin Yuan! It’s okay, but what are you thinking, Brother Qin Yuan?”

Miao Xiaoxiao blushed. She was also looking forward to hearing Qin Yuan’s thoughts. After all, she knew from Mrs. Qin that she was trying to matchmake the two of them.

“What do you mean?”

Qin Yuan asked with a dumbfounded expression.

“Aiya…That’s right! It’s just…”

Miao Xiaoxiao covered her face shyly, too embarrassed to say it.

Qin Yuan looked at Miao Xiaoxiao and instantly understood something.

“Xiaoxiao, you know that I’m a soldier now. As long as my country needs me, I’ll sacrifice myself without hesitation.”

“So! we… we..

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Just as Qin Yuan was still hesitating, a warm feeling came from his lips. Miao Xiaoxiao kissed Qin Yuan’s lips.

“Brother Qin Yuan! I don’t care if you’re a soldier or not!”

“Next time, don’t make me take the initiative! I’m a girl! I’m home, so I’ll go back first! ”

After saying that, Miao Xiaoxiao turned around and ran into the house, leaving Qin Yuan alone in the cold wind.

“This girl… so proactive?”

Qin Yuan felt helpless. He was now a soldier. As long as his country needed him, he would definitely sacrifice himself for his country without hesitation. If that was the case, he could not give this girl any promises at all.

He hadn’t even thought of how to tell her yet, but who would have thought that she would directly block his mouth and not even have the chance to speak.

“Let’s not think about it. Let’s go with the flow! Soldiers are also humans, right?”

After saying that, Qin Yuan immediately put down all his worries. Since it was already like this, then let it continue like this! Besides, he had different feelings for Miao Xiaoxiao.

When Miao Xiaoxiao returned home, she immediately rushed into bed. She did not know how much courage she had mustered just now. She turned around and ran away with a red face. When she saw Qin Yuan walking back through the window, she plunged into bed.

Soon, Qin Yuan returned to his room and walked to his father’s room with his computer.

“Dad! Are you asleep?”

Qin Yuan stood outside the door and asked inside.

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When Father Qin heard Qin Yuan’s voice, he opened the door and walked out.

“Son, what’s wrong? What do you want? I knew something must have happened to you when we were eating!”

Qin Hai asked Qin Yuan curiously. He did not ask because he had seen Qin Yuan thinking about something when he was eating.

“Dad! Look at this!”

As he spoke, Qin Yuan turned on his computer and handed it over. He opened the proposal he had just made and showed it to Qin Hai.

“What is this?”

Qin Hai took the laptop and started reading it curiously. The more he read, the more his expression changed.

“Son? Where did you get this plan from?”

Qin Hai looked at Qjn Yuan in disbelief. He was stunned when he saw the plan that Qin Yuan had given him and the virtual game model that Qin Yuan had created.

Qin Yuan’s plan and design were too perfect. Just the idea of this game would definitely be popular all over the country.

“Dad, this is what I think. I think it should be able to help you!”

After Qin Yuan finished speaking, Qin Hai was so shocked that he could not speak. He looked at Qin Yuan in shock. He could not believe that this was the plan that Qin Yuan had come up with. His hands were trembling as he held thf computer. They had tried countless plans and game designs for this cooperation.

However, the game idea and plan that Qin Yuan gave him were simply tailor-made for the market.

With Qin Yuan’s idea and plan, he was very confident that he could win this cooperation. One had to know that the idea and gameplay of this game would definitely meet the needs of the market. Young people would definitely like th game very much..

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