Chapter 87: Start the Game

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Soon, the dumplings were ready. During this time, Qin Yuan’s grandmother also made a table full of food.

Just as everyone sat down around the table, a middle-aged couple walked in with big and small bags.

“Dad! Mom! We’re back!”

The middle-aged man came forward with a few bottles of high-quality Maotai and sat down with a red face.

“You guys! Why did you have to go do business when you’re back home? I’m afraid you’ve almost forgotten about this home!” Qin Yuan’s grandfather said unhappily.

“Dad! This time, we came back to introduce the more popular military games from abroad.”

“We came back to discuss the cooperation with them, so I was delayed for a while.”

The one who spoke was Qin Yuan’s father. In his memory, his father had left him to live with his grandfather for as long as he could remember. During this period, he would only come back during the Chinese New Year. Sometimes, he would not even be able to come back for the Chinese New Year because of work.

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Therefore, Qin Yuan’s biological son rarely had the chance to see his parents, but his parents loved him very much.

“Dad, Mom! How long will you be back this time?”

Qin Yuan also asked. To be honest, he had not spoken much to his parents.

“Kid, are you doing well in the army? If you can’t stay, come out and follow me!” His father was worried that there was no one to take care of the company.

Qin Hai smiled as he looked at his son. His eyes were filled with gratification. The last time he saw him was when Qin Yuan was at the military academy.

“You brat! If you go astray, don’t bring my grandson along. Qin Yuan is much stronger than you!”

Upon hearing Qin Hai’s words, Old Master Qin was furious. Not only was Qin Hai unable to stay in the army, but he also wanted to bring his grandson to start a lousy company with him?

“Hehe! There’s nothing bad about Dad being in business, right? Now that the country was developing, they needed capital to revive the country’s economy, right? I’m just using a different method to reimburse the country.”

Qin Hai scratched his head as he looked at Old Master Qin with a smile. He knew that Old Master Qin still held a grudge against him.

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If he was still in the army, he might have been a division level cadre by now. However, his dream was not in the army. He had been thinking about how to be an entrepreneur and a capitalist since he was young. Therefore, he chose to retire a few years ago.

“Dad! Don’t be angry at Dahai. Our country’s economy has been developing over the years, and we need a lot of high-tech technology to maintain our country’s development. We came back this time with money and some high-tech technology.”

“Dahai already has some plans. Our country’s technology has been blocked by foreign countries all these years, causing our country to be strangled by them in many fields.”

“So this time, we plan to develop our country’s technology in the high-tech field to break the technology blockade imposed on us by foreign countries.”

After hearing Qin Yuan’s mother’s words, everyone understood their actions. After all, what they said was the truth. Our country’s technology in the high-tech field had always been strangled by the western countries.

After listening to these words, Old Master Qin felt a trace of relief. Compared to those capitalists who were full of money, his son was still useful. At least he did not forget that he was from China.

After Qin Yuan heard his mother’s words, a thought appeared in his mind. His parents were right. Our country’s technology had indeed been restricted by the western countries. Be it in the military field or the economy, we had always been suppressed by the western countries.

Currently, his system store had some high-tech weapon manufacturing plans and some weapon improvement plans. If these skills can be implemented, it will have a huge impact on our country.

However, these skills were too expensive for him to exchange for now, but he believed that these skills would be available soon. The research and development of these things required huge financial support, which also gave birth to Qin Yuan’s idea of making money.

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“Dad, Mom, have you already made up your mind?”

“If these things are to be built, they will need a huge amount of financial support!” Qin Yuan was also a little worried when he heard that his parents were preparing for scientific research and development.

“We’ve earned a lot of money over the years, and with the support of the country, I believe that these shouldn’t be a problem.”

“Your dad and I went to discuss work this time because we’re optimistic about our country’s game market! Now that they had entered the Internet age, people’s demand for virtual games would gradually increase. The game industry was very popular overseas.”

In the face of Qin Yuan’s question, Qin Yuan’s mother also explained. When it came to the game industry, one had to know that after a period of time, it would be a market worth trillions. At this time, Penguin Horse should have entered this industry.

“Dad, Mom! The person you guys went to talk about the collaboration today couldn’t be surnamed Ma, right?”

Qin Yuan asked. In his memory, the biggest game company in China at this time was Penguin Horse.

“How did you know?”

Qin Yuan’s parents looked at Qin Yuan in surprise. They did not tell anyone at home who they were going to discuss the collaboration with. How did Qin Yuan know that the person they were going to discuss the collaboration with was surnamed Ma?

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“Uh… I’ve learned about the gaming industry before. I learned about this when I was in military school.”

Qin Yuan could only explain it this way. Otherwise, he did not know what to say.

“Then, Dad, Mom! How’s your discussion going?”

“We’re still in discussion. We plan to work with them to develop a military-style game, but our plans aren’t too good yet, so we haven’t discussed the specifics vet.” Father Qin smiled.

“Military game? Wouldn’t that mean that they could develop Peace Elite and Stimulate the Z scene? These were all popular military mobile games!”

This game instantly appeared in Qin Yuan’s mind. One had to know that Qin Yuan loved to play this game back then. It just so happened that it had not been developed yet. If he told his father and the others his thoughts and ideas, would it be helpful to them?

Qin Yuan looked at his father and instantly had an idea in his mind. Anyway, it had not been developed yet, so he could learn from the military mobile game that was once popular in China.

“It’s settled then!”

The corners of Qin Yuan’s mouth curled up. Father Qin looked at Qin Yuan as if he was deep in thought and did not ask anything. After all, this was a game. Qin Yuan, a soldier, should not have any good ideas.

“Yes! You guys are finally going to do something useful now. At least you won’t embarrass our Qin family.”

After listening to them, Old Master Qin finally had an affirmative expression on his face towards Qin Yuan’s parents..

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