Chapter 86: A Warm Family!

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Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

Soon, Qin Yuan returned to the military compound that he was familiar with. Just as he walked to the door, he heard a commotion in the house.

Qin Yuan opened the door and walked into the house. Qin Yuan’s grandmother and Miao Xiaoxiao were talking and laughing as they made dumplings. An old man was sitting on the quaint sofa. When Miao Xiaoxiao saw Qin Yuan open the door and walk in, she threw herself onto Qin Yuan in a bear hug.

“Brother Qin Yuan! You’re back!”

The young girl looked at Qin Yuan with a flushed face excitedly. Qin Yuan had not seen this girl for a while, but now she looked slim and elegant. It had to be said that her curvaceous figure proved that this girl had grown up.

“Uh… Xiaoxiao, there’s someone here!”

Hearing Qin Yuan’s words, Miao Xiaoxiao’s face instantly turned even redder. Seeing that her grandfather was smiling evilly at her, she pushed Qin Yuan away and walked straight to Qin Yuan’s grandmother’s side. She lowered her head and did not dare to meet her grandfather’s gaze.

“My eldest grandson, you’re finally willing to come back to see Grandma! Have you been working hard in the army during this period of time? Look, you’ve lost weight! ”

Seeing Qin Yuan return, Qin Yuan’s grandmother’s face was filled with a doting expression. She walked to Qin Yuan’s side and used her old and wrinkled hands to caress Qin Yuan’s cheek.

“Grandma! I’m fine.”

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Looking at his grandmother’s old hands, he felt a little heartache. In his fused memories, his grandmother loved him the most. Every time he did something wrong and was punished by his grandfather, his grandmother would run over to protect him.

“Qin, not bad. The army is indeed a place to raise people.”

The old man on the sofa stood up and looked at Qin Yuan’s burly figure. His bright eyes exuded the aura of a soldier. The old man nodded in satisfaction.

The person who spoke was Miao Xiaoxiao’s grandfather, Miao Zhenjiang. This white-haired old man was an old man who had participated in the North Korean War and the Vietnam War with his grandfather. Although he was old, his battle-hardened aura still existed.

“Grandpa Miao, you’re here too!”

“Yes! Your grandfather made dozens of phone calls, forcing me to come over and taste the good wine that he had collected for many years, so I came over!” The old man smiled.

“Miao Ergou, what are you saying? I only called Xiaoxiao over for dinner. When did I call you? It’s all because you’re thick-skinned!”

Upon hearing Miao Zhenjiang’s words, Qin Yuan’s grandfather cursed as he walked out of his room with a bottle of wine.

“Qin Jiang, you old fellow, didn’t I just come over to drink a little of your wine?

Don’t always continue that stingy look from back then until now.”

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“What? Am I stingy? Every time you come over, I reimburse you for a few good bottles of wine. And when you leave, you always take a few good bottles of wine with you!”

The two old folks started bickering like this, each refusing to back down, and their argument grew increasingly heated with each passing moment.

Qin Yuan and the others were not surprised by such a situation. As long as his grandfather and Miao Xiaoxiao’s grandfather were together, it would be like this. Only when one of them was drunk would they stop arguing.

“Grandpa! Grandma! I thought you said that my parents are back?”

Qin Yuan saw that there were only a few of them in the room, so he asked curiously.

“They said they were going to discuss some business, but this brat seems to be planning to start a game company again. Anyway, I don’t understand!”

“He should be back soon. How long will you be back this time?” Qin Yuan’s grandfather replied directly.

“Grandpa, the army gave me a week off this time!”

“That’s good. You can accompany Xiaoxiao for a few days. When you were in the army, she kept asking to see you.”

Hearing Old Qin’s words, Miao Xiaoxiao, who was hiding beside Qin Yuan’s grandmother, blushed even more. Her shy posture was charming. It had to be said that Miao Xiaoxiao was really a great beauty now. Her willow-like eyebrows, a pair of big eyes, and curvaceous figure were really quite charming.

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“Grandpa Qin! If you continue like this, I’ll go back.” Miao Xiaoxiao blushed and did not dare to look at Qin Yuan.

“Alright! Alright! I won’t say anymore.”

“By the way, you did well in the army this time. I received a call from a few of your commanders. They were all praising your achievements on the phone.”

“Okay, Grandpa!”

Faced with Qin Yuan’s performance, the old man also revealed a satisfied smile. As a grandfather, he was extremely happy that his grandson had the strength and ability.

Qin Yuan’s situation in the army had long been reported to him. He had received two second-class individual merits in three months. It was said that this kid had brought up a logistics company to the level of the special forces. During the last military exercise, he even led the logistics company to defeat the special forces brigade of the Southeast Military Region.

“Alright! Grandpa Qin, you can drink with my grandpa there. We haven’t finished wrapping the dumplings yet! Brother Qin Yuan, you have to come and help!” Miao Xiaoxiao said with a smile.

“Okay! Kid, go help Xiaoxiao and your grandma.”


After saying that, Qin Yuan’s grandfather picked up the wine and started drinking with Miao Xiaoxiao’s grandfather.

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Qin Yuan rolled up his sleeves, washed his hands, and walked to the table. Looking at Xiaoxiao and the others wrapping dumplings, he actually had no idea where to start.

One had to know that Qin Yuan could do anything he wanted, but he knew nothing about cooking. Miao Xiaoxiao laughed when she saw Qin Yuan’s embarrassed look.

“Brother Qin Yuan, let me teach you how to make dumplings!”


Qin Yuan was a little embarrassed. He would not panic if he was asked to train or fight, but he felt a headache if he was asked to do this.

Miao Xiaoxiao then handed the dumpling skins over to him and began to teach him patiently.

Just like that, they finished making all the dumplings while chatting and laughing. However, the dumplings that Qin Yuan made were so strange that Miao Xiaoxiao could not stop laughing.

Qin Yuan was used to being iron-blooded in the army, so he enjoyed the warmth in this family. If he hadn’t chosen to be a soldier, Qin Yuan felt that it wouldn’t be a bad choice to stay in his warm home.

However, if one chose to serve one’s motherland, one could only give up on this idea. Since ancient times, loyalty and filial piety were in a dilemma! As a soldier, he had too many regrets for his family..

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