Chapter 85: Taking Over the Sharpshooter Fourth Company

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After Gao Shiwei and the other officers left, Qin Yuan saw that it was getting late and dismissed the team.

From Chief Gao Shiwei’s words, Qin Yuan could feel that Chief Gao Shiwei approved of the strength of their unit. As for his last sentence, it should be that Chief Gao Shiwei had made certain arrangements for their logistics company, but he was not sure about it.

Early the next morning, Qin Yuan received a call from the regiment commander asking him to rush to the regiment headquarters. After washing up, Qin Yuan rushed to the regiment headquarters.

In the office of the regiment commander, Kang Lei was holding a document in his hand and carefully considering it.

Dong dong dong…

There was a short knock on the door of the office.

“Come in!”

Qin Yuan opened the office door and walked in. “Regiment Commander! Why did you call me over?”

“Qin Yuan, you’re here? Come and sit.”

Seeing Qin Yuan walk in, Kang Lei stood up and walked to the sofa to invite Qin Yuan to sit down.

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“I called you over this time mainly to discuss something with you!” Kang Lei directly explained the purpose of calling Qin Yuan over.

“Regiment Commander! If there’s anything, just say it. There’s no need to be so polite! ”

“Good! Since that’s the case, I’ll be straightforward.”

“Qin Yuan, I plan to let you take charge of our Iron Fist Regiment’s Sharpshooter Fourth Company for a period of time. The fourth company commander of the Sharpshooter Fourth Company has recently been hospitalized due to physical reasons, and this year’s recruits are preparing to come.”

“I want you to go there first because I want you to train the Sharpshooters for a period of time. Secondly, I plan to hand over the three months of training for the new recruits to you and the instructor of the Sharpshooter Fourth

Company, Gong Jian.”

After Kang Lei finished speaking, Qin Yuan fell into a reminiscence.

“Gong Jian? Old Hei and the others?”

“What’s wrong, Qin Yuan? Is there a problem?”

Seeing Qin Yuan stunned, Kang Lei thought that Qin Yuan did not agree. When he received the notification that the fourth company commander of the Sharpshooter Company was hospitalized, he was also a little sad. The fourth company commander was a veteran that he had personally trained.

After he was promoted to the commander of the Iron Fist Regiment, the 4th Company had been handed over to the current 4th Company Commander. Over the years, the 4th Company Commander had worked hard for the 4th Company, so his body was seriously burdened.

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Before Qin Yuan’s logistics company, the Sharpshooter Fourth Company could be said to be the Sharp Sharp Company of the Iron Fist Regiment. Now that the 4th Company Commander had lost the position of company commander, he could only feel at ease if he handed it over to Qin Yuan. After all, Qin Yuan has the ability to lead troops.

“Regiment commander, I don’t have any problems, but what happens to the logistics company when I go to the Fourth Company?

Qin Yuan also knew the reason why Kang Lei asked him to go to the Fourth Company. The logistics company had already possessed such strength after being under his command for three months. Moreover, the soldiers of the logistics company could be said to have the worst physique and potential.

NOW, letting mm leaa tne snarpsnooter Fourtn company was notmng more than raising the strength of the entire Fourth Company to a higher level. However, if Qin Yuan went to the Fourth Company, what would happen to the logistics company that he had worked so hard to bring up?

“You don’t have to worry about that. When Bureau Chief Gao Shiwei left, he intentionally revealed some things to me. ”

“Our 801st Division is about to face a military reform. This time, after the military district leaders inspect our Iron Fist Regiment, they might reorganize us. The chief’s intention is to build a different unit.”

“We can only wait for the military leaders to issue the appointment documents for the specific arrangements. During this period of time, you will be in charge of the Sharpshooter Fourth Company and welcome the new recruits this year. You can just let the logistics company train as usual.”

Faced with Qin Yuan’s worry, Kang Lei also told Qin Yuan what he had learned from Gao Shiwei’s words.

“Alright, Regiment Commander! Then I’ll go!”

Qin Yuan was very familiar with the Sharpshooter Fourth Company. However, he also wanted to see if the Sharpshooter Fourth Company was the same as the Sharpshooter Fourth Company he was familiar with.

“Good! I knew you would be fine! Then I can rest assured.’

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“By the way, I told you to go home after the chief’s inspection. How about this?

I’ll give you a week’s leave.”

This time, Qin Yuan was willing to accept the management of the Sharpshooter

Company. His original worry was also relieved. He knew clearly that Qin

Yuan’s ability was the best candidate for him. He believed that under Qin Yuan’s leadership, the Sharpshooter Company would give him a different surprise like the logistics company.

“Yes, sir!”

“Okay, then go back and pack up. Go home for a few days. After you come back, report to the 4th Company directly. I will talk to the instructor of the 4th Company. ”

“Alright, Regiment Commander. I’ll head back first.”

“Good! Be careful on the road!”

“Yes, sir!”

After saying that, Qin Yuan stood up and walked out of the regiment commander’s office.

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At first, Qin Yuan was a little hesitant to let him take charge of the Fourth

Company. After all, the Fourth Company was different from the Logistics Company. However, when the regiment commander asked him to take charge of the Fourth Company and train this year’s recruits, he actually set off the system’s mission.

“System! Are you sure you have a reward of 1,000,000 Skill Points?”

Facing the reward of this mission, Qin Yuan felt very happy. One million skill points were very tempting.

Now, the progress of the overall strength of the logistics company had become very slow. Although the skill points obtained by the soldiers after breaking through were relatively high, it was too slow. If he kept waiting for the soldiers of the logistics company to earn skill points for him, it would take a long time!

One had to know that Qin Yuan had been coveting the skills in the system store for a long time, but they were really too expensive for him to exchange for.

“Yes, host! In two months, raise the overall strength of the Sharpshooter Company to the current strength of the Logistics Company.”

“And in the next three months, raise the soldiers of this year’s recruit company to the level of the current logistics company.”

Facing the system’s explanation, Qin Yuan was also curious. He had only intended to take the entire logistics company to the Wolf Fang Special Forces, but according to the current situation, the system was asking him to train a special operations team!

Qin Yuan didn’t think too much about it. As long as there were skill points to earn, why not train an army? Not only could it improve the overall strength of the Chinese military, but it could also make him stronger, so why not do it?

Thinking that he would have to train another batch of soldiers and get the constantly increasing skill point rewards, Qin Yuan had a smile on his face. After explaining some issues to Zhou Qing and Liu Ye, he went back to his home to spend some time with his grandmother, who had been constantly worried since he hadn’t seen her in a few days. Besides, his grandfather had also called him, saying that his parents had returned..

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