Chapter 83: Competing with Fan Tianlei!

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“Qin Yuan! We’re here today to see how you train the troops!”

“Next, you will lead the troops to carry out a few military projects. Let us see your specific strength.”

“Yes, sir!”

“Chief! Please choose your soldiers!”

After Qin Yuan finished speaking, he directly let chief Gao Shiwei choose the soldiers of the logistics company to demonstrate. After all, if he were to choose, he would not be able to show the standard of the logistics company at all. Letting the chief choose himself would be more effective in proving the overall strength of the logistics company.

“Good! Then I’ll choose the people. Otherwise, it’s meaningless for you to only arrange a few strong ones.”

After saying that, Gao Shiwei looked at the logistics company beside him. “You! You were the one who pointed a gun at my head last time, right?”

Bureau Chief Gao Shiwei looked at Geng Hu with a sharp gaze. The last time, Geng Hu had left a deep impression on him, so this time, he wanted to see how strong Geng Hu was.

His defenses were instantly broken when Geng Hu saw that Bureau Chief Gao Shiwei had chosen him.

“Is the military commander here to find trouble with me? I really didn’t knov he was the commander of the military!”

Geng Hu walked out of the group with a trembling body. He did not dare to look at Bureau Chief Gao Shiwei.

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“Good! And the last two soldiers, step forward!”

“Yes, sir!”

“Yes, sir!”

Gao Shiwei picked the last two soldiers of the logistics company. The two soldiers quickly walked out of the team and walked forward.

“Do you have any subjects that you are good at? Or should I choose randomly Gao Shiwei looked at Geng Hu and the other two.

“Chief…Chief, you can choose whatever you want!”

Geng Hu stammered. After the previous incident, he did not even dare to breathe loudly in front of Chief Gao Shiwei.

“Aren’t you fearless?”

“Alright, I won’t hold it against you. You can rest assured and display it!”

Gao Shiwei looked at Geng Hu and knew that Geng Hu was frightened by whé happened last time. He comforted him.

“Yes, sir!”

“Then you guys can start your shooting practice first! 50-meter pistol movin target, 100 -meter rapid-fire moving target, and 200-meter fixed target!”

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“Do you have any problems with these military exercises?” Bureau Chief Gao Shiwei immediately told him the training subject. “Reporting to the chief! We don’t have any problems.”

“Reporting to the chief! No problem!”

“Reporting to the chief! No problem!”

Geng Hu and the other two, who were selected by Gao Shiwei, answered confidently. The company commander had given them high-intensity training for these military exercises when they first arrived. Almost all the people in the logistics company had ten points in these military exercises, and the worst was nine points.

“Good! Then let’s begin!”

As soon as Gao Shiwei gave the order, Geng Hu and the other two quickly rushed forward. Their skillful movements and fast shooting skills made Gao Shiwei and the others ‘eyes light up.

Especially Fan Tianlei, his eyes were shining. Geng Hu and the others’ skillful movements and shooting skills were comparable to the Wolf Fang Special Forces.

“How is it? Staff Officer Fan, these kids are not inferior to your pack of wolf cubs, right?”

Gao Shiwei smiled and turned to look at Fan Tianlei.

“Chief! Their shooting movements and techniques are quite good, but I wonder how accurate they are. ”

Fan Tianlei praised in surprise. After all, Geng Hu and his men’s shooting skills were not inferior to the Wolf Fang Special Forces.

“Then let’s see how their results are!”

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“Qin Yuan, have the targets report their scores!” ordered Chief Gao Shiwei.

“Yes, sir!”

“Yes!” replied Qin Yuan, and he asked the target range to report the scores of Geng Hu and his team. Soon, the voice from the target range came through the radio.

“Report! At the first target, 6 shots on the moving target at 50 meters all hit the 10-ring. At the moving target at 100 meters, all 10 shots hit the 10-ring. At the fixed target at 200 meters, 8 shots hit the 10 -ring, one shot hit the 9-ring, and one shot hit the 8-ring.”

Geng Hu’s heart trembled when he heard his target count. He did not know what small animal had flown into his eyes during the last two shots, which caused him to miss the last two shots.

If such results were under normal circumstances, he would have been punished by Qin Yuan to do 200 push-ups. Geng Hu narrowed his small eyes and looked at Qin Yuan’s expression, afraid that his mistake would make Qin Yuan angry.

However, Qin Yuan already knew about Geng Hu’s situation just now. His radar warning system was not for show. Qin Yuan did not blame Geng Hu. This result would not affect the views of the few officers in their logistics company.

However, they still had to strengthen their training in the future. A good shooter not only relies on skill, but also on feeling. If we are executing a rescue mission, even a small deviation can cause a major mistake. “Report! Number 2 target hit all IOS in all 3 training programs.”

“Report! Number 3 target also hit all IOS.”

In Qin Yuan’s walkie-talkie, the sound of target reporting kept coming in.

“Good! Good! Good!”

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“Not bad. Your shooting skills are almost at the level of a sharpshooter. It seems that the overall shooting skills of your logistics company are not bad. ‘

Bureau Chief Gao Shiwei shouted three times in a row. From the shooting results of Geng Hu and the other two, it was clear that the overall shooting standard of Qjn Yuan’s logistics company was definitely not bad. After all, these were soldiers randomly selected by him!

Fan Tianlei was also very shocked. Geng Hu and the others ‘shooting results were no different from the members of Lone Wolf Group B. Now, he liked Qin Yuan’s company more and more.

“Since your shooting skills are good, your sniping skills shouldn’t be too bad either.”

“Qin Yuan, I haven’t seen you fight yet. Although I know that you brought them out, I still want to see your shooting standard with my own eyes.”

“How about this? Advisor Fan, weren’t you curious about how this kid defeated you?”

“Then how about you compete with Qin Yuan in sniping?”

In the face of Gao Shiwei’s proposal, Fan Tianlei’s lips curved into a smile. He had long wanted to test Qin Yuan, for some reason he always felt that Qin Yuan gave him an unfathomable feeling that he could not figure out.

After all these years, Qin Yuan was the first person to make him feel this way.

Qin Yuan did not hesitate either.. Since General Gao had spoken, why not compete with Fan Tianlei?

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