Chapter 82: The Military Region Chief Personally Presents the Award

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After Sixth Company left, the logistics company instantly felt much quieter.

During this period of time, Sixth Company had been very lively in the entire logistics company’s station. Now that they had suddenly left, they were not used to it.

All of their faces were filled with reluctance. Qin Yuan then continued to train the soldiers of the logistics company crazily. He had spent 700,000 skill points last night. Now that the system had not given him a mission, he could only get it back from the soldiers of the logistics company.

Qin Yuan also added the 50 bottles of body strengthening liquid rewarded by the system into the soybean milk for breakfast. The entire pot of soybean milk instantly turned green. The soldiers’ faces turned green. How was this soy milk?

“Company commander? Are you sure this soy milk hasn’t expired? The entire milky white soybean milk has turned green?”

“That’s right! Commander, you’re not doing some dark cuisine again, are you?”

Facing the soldiers’ doubts, Qin Yuan said coldly, “Stop wasting time. Drink three bowls each!”

“What? Three bowls? Company Commander, don’t…” “That’s right! Commander, can you let us go?”

“That’s right! Commander, can you let us go?”

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“What are you waiting for? I added some special vegetable juice into it. Just let me drink it!”

The group of people could only brace themselves and line up with twitching expressions. Faced with this unflattering taste, everyone could only drink three bowls with tears in their eyes.

Only Zhou Qing knew what this familiar taste was. This was Company Commander Qin’s home-made secret recipe. How could he miss such a good thing? He drank ten bowls alone, and only put down the big bowl in his hand when his stomach was bulging and he could not drink anymore.

After everyone finished drinking, they felt their bodies filled with heat. Their faces were red and their noses were still steaming. Seeing this, everyone thought that they had food poisoning.

“Company commander? What’s going on!”

“That’s right! My whole body is steaming and sweating. Why do I feel like my organs and tendons are twisting?”

“Me too!”

“Me too. What’s going on? Could it be that I’m poisoned?”

“Go out and run 30 kilometers with weights! Come back when the heat in your body has dissipated.”

Seeing the soldiers of the logistics company chattering away, Qin Yuan directly let everyone go out for training. They actually said that such a good thing was food poisoning, so he shall let them suffer for a while longer.

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“Ah! Commander, don’t we need to go to the hospital?”

“Yes, I am!”

“If you keep talking, then 40 kilometers!” Qin Yuan shouted angrily.

“Yes, sir!”

“Yes, sir!”

The group of people could only endure the pain brought by their bodies and run out of the door. After running 30 kilometers of cross-country training, they realized that their body functions had become different from before.

It wasn’t until the heat and pain disappeared that they realized that their muscles had become firmer and their bodies were filled with vitality. After taking a shower one by one, they realized that there must be something wrong with the company commander’s soybean milk.

Qin Yuan kept listening to the system reward notification in his mind, and the smile on his face never stopped. Just the body strengthening liquid alone had given him 200,000 Skill Points, and the soldiers’ physiques had also improved by leaps and bounds.

“Company commander! Do you still have the soy milk from this morning?” “That’s right! Commander, we can still want three bowls, no! 10 bowls!”

After the soldiers of the logistics company took a shower, they went to the training ground and surrounded Qin Yuan to ask questions.

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“Do you think that you can drink it whenever you want? I gathered hundreds of herbs, toads, centipedes, venomous snakes, spiders, and other things to brew this for you.” Qin Yuan joked. He would not tell them about his body strengthening liquid. Since he had already lied before, he shall do it again.

“Ah… What?”


“How could the commander add those damn things!”

When the group of people heard Qin Yuan’s words, their stomachs churned and they started vomiting. When they thought of what Qin Yuan had said, how could they stand it? They all held their stomachs and vomited.

Just like that, Qin Yuan and the others continued to train as usual. It was not until the afternoon of the third day that they received a notice from the regiment headquarters that the commanders of the military region had come down and were now rushing to their logistics company’s station.

At around three o’clock in the afternoon, Gao Shiwei and the other military officers walked into the logistics company’s station under the lead of Kang Lei, the commander of the Iron Fist Regiment. Fan Tianlei, the chief of staff of the Wolf Fang Special Forces, was also with them.

Qin Yuan immediately organized his team and walked towards the few chiefs.

“Reporting to the chief! The logistics company of the Iron Fist Regiment has assembled. Please give your instructions! Company commander Qin Yuan is reporting to you!”

Chief Gao Shiwei looked at Qin Yuan and the other logistics company’s standard military postures. A soldier’s aura was emitted from the logistics company, and his eyes revealed some admiration.

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“This time, your logistics company has been awarded a collective third-class merit after our repeated discussions in this military exercise. Every soldier’s military rank will be promoted by one rank!”

“There’s more! Qin Yuan, your military rank will not change, but you will be given second-class merit!”

Chief Gao Shiwei read the awards given to their logistics company for this military exercise. Everyone smiled when they heard the commendation.

“Company commander? Does that mean I’m not a conscripted soldier now? I’ve become a senior private?”

Geng Hu laughed and asked Qin Yuan.

“None of you are privates any more!”

Qin Yuan was also happy for them when he saw the rewards given to the logistics company by the military leaders. This was the military region’s affirmation of them. Although his military rank had not changed, he had still received second-class merit. After all, he was still too young to accumulate these merits.

All the members of the logistics company had smiles on their faces. To them, there was nothing more practical than being affirmed by others. Their logistics company had been ridiculed for countless years. Now, they could finally hold their heads high and vent their anger.

Zhou Qing, Liu Ye, and the other veterans had tears in their eyes. They looked at Qin Yuan with gratitude. If not for Qin Yuan, they might still be the same as before.

It was Qin Yuan who had changed them, allowing them to receive unprecedented respect. The emotions that had been suppressed in their hearts for too many years erupted at this moment.

Gao Shiwei and the other officers looked at the people in front of them and could understand why they were like this. It was the same in their unit; everyone would only respect the strong. If you were weak, you wouldn’t be respected by others. The experiences of their logistics company were the same as other logistics companies, but there was no other way. Soldiers only admired the strong.

A few minutes later, Bureau Chief Gao Shiwei told Qin Yuan the purpose of his trip..

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