Chapter 81: Host, Don’ t Just Look at the Bottom

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Very quickly, the Sixth Company ended the competition with the result of the entire company being disqualified. Seeing the brothers of the logistics company acting as if nothing had happened completely aroused the desire of the soldiers of the Sixth Company for strength.

During the previous drill, they could say that they had only seen it, but now, they had truly experienced the strength of the logistics company. The 120 people in the company had never fought against the 10 people in the logistics company. One could imagine what kind of strength the logistics company had reached.

“How is it? Do you still think your training is tough?”

Looking at the ashen soldiers of the Sixth Company, the Sixth Company Commander felt a little helpless. Fortunately, this time, he had borrowed the hands of his brothers from the logistics company to give these soldiers of the Sixth Company a good lesson. He wanted them to know how the strong were cultivated and also to lower the arrogance of some of the soldiers of the Sixth Company.

“Company commander! We’ll definitely train hard when we get back. We’ll try our best not to embarrass you!”

“Yes, Company Commander! Next time, we will PK with our brothers from the logistics company.”

The soldiers of the 6th Company did not feel discouraged after losing to their brothers from the logistics company. This time, they felt the horror of the logistics company’s strength, which also aroused their desire to become stronger. If their brothers from the logistics company could become stronger,

why couldn’t they?

A soldier must have a heart that refused to admit defeat. He could accept defeat but could not become dispirited and become stronger.

“Good! Tonight, the brothers of the logistics company will be entertaining the brothers of our sixth company. Tonight, we will let you all relax! Train well when you get back!”

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“Yes, sir!”

“Yes, sir!”

The sixth company commander saw that the soldiers of the sixth company had an air of unwillingness to admit defeat in their eyes, and a smile gradually appeared on his face. He knew that this was the effect he wanted. A soldier could lose, but he could not be dispirited!

Qin Yuan looked at the soldiers of the Sixth Company and was a little surprised.

“The soldiers of the Sixth Company are not bad. After this, perhaps they will have a qualitative change.”

Qin Yuan was also very happy to see everyone’s smiles. They had been busy with training during this period of time. Tonight was a good time for everyone to relax. This time, the strength of the logistics company had been exposed. Perhaps there would be a lot of things waiting for them next.

“Everyone, target the cafeteria! Let’s go!”

“Yes, sir!”

“Yes, sir!”

After Qin Yuan gave the order, a group of people poured into the canteen in an orderly manner. Qin Yuan and the others followed suit.

This time, the soldiers of the Sixth Company and the Logistics Company did not sit in two companies. Instead, the soldiers of the Logistics Company sat together with the soldiers of the Sixth Company. During this period of time, they had gradually become familiar with each other. Their relationship was also very good, which made it convenient for them to communicate! “Come! Company Commander Qin! I’ll toast you!”

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As soon as he sat down, the sixth company commander raised his glass and toasted Qin Yuan.

Qin Yuan also raised his glass and clinked it with the sixth company commander. Then, the sixth company commander also clinked a few glasses with Zhou Qing, Liu Ye, and the others. During this period, the soldiers of the sixth company and the logistics company also came over to toast them a few times. Then, the group of people chatted and laughed as they sang military songs in the canteen.

After three rounds of drinking, the sixth company commander was escorted back to the dormitory by the soldiers of the sixth company. The soldiers of the two companies were arranged to have some soldiers who did not drink on duty. After all, they were in the army, and it was impossible for everyone to be drunk.

This time, they still reported their gathering to the leader. Fortunately, the leader, Kang Lei, was very happy this time. Otherwise, he would not have agreed to hold a gathering for Qin Yuan and the others.

Qin Yuan gave Zhou Qing and the others a few instructions before returning to his dormitory.

“System report personal data!”

“System received! I’m organizing the data for you..

[Host: Qin Yuan] [Position: Iron Fist Regiment Logistics Company Commander]

[Military Rank: Captain]

[Physique: 60 (Normal person: 10)]

[Skills: Intermediate Eagle Eye (2000 meters), Intermediate radar warning system (500 meters radius), Intermediate special combat technique. (8 times the physical fitness of an ordinary person.) Advanced computer programming. [Beginner Climbing Skill, Beginner Camouflage Skill, All Weapons and Firearm

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Equipment Proficiency, and Advanced Weapon and Equipment Driving Skill] [Skill Points: 1205840]

“System, since the mission of managing the logistics company has been completed, what is the next mission?”

Qin Yuan was also very puzzled. The first mission given by the system was to take charge of the logistics company and raise its strength to the top of the entire regiment within three months. However, this mission had already been completed. Two days had passed, and the system still had not issued the mission.

“Host, the system mission is randomly triggered according to the world you are in. Before the system mission is triggered, the host can still rely on improving the combat ability of the logistics company soldiers to obtain skill points.”

“So that’s how it is!”

After Qin Yuan received the system’s reply, he did not think too much about it. Now that he had more than a million skill points, he could look at the system store to see if there were any skills that he needed.

“Firearms Forging and Modification Encyclopedia? All the gun modification plans could be modified and reforged according to different types of guns? By improving the accuracy and lifespan of the original firearms, and when reforging, we can use different materials to fuse them to lower the production cost of the firearms?”

“Various tank improvement plans? Fighter aircraft production encyclopedia?

An aircraft carrier upgrade blueprint?”

“Damn, aren’t these skills a little too awesome? If I had these abilities, wouldn’t I be able to build a military factory?”

Qin Yuan looked at the skills in the system store, and his eyes were burning!

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The value of these skills was immeasurable.

After reading the introduction, Qin Yuan looked at the skill points he needed.

“One million? Five million? 10 million?”

“How many years will I take to accumulate the points! Isn’t this too much of a scam?”

“Even the grandson of a logistician can’t get 10 million!”

Looking at the skill points required for these skills, Qin Yuan only wanted to curse. After looking at them for an entire night, he felt lonely.

The System was speechless.

“Host, don’t just look at those below! Why don’t you look at the skills on top?”

In the end, Qin Yuan could only upgrade his skills. Looking at those skills, he could only leave them in the dust.

After spending 500,000 skill points to upgrade his Radar Warning radar skill to the Advanced (1000-meter radius) level, and spending 200,000 skill points to upgrade his two Basic Climbing and Camouflage skills to Intermediate, he could only helplessly get out the system.

The next day, after bidding farewell to the logistics company, the people of the 6th Company rushed back to their own camp. They had left their camp for more than a month. Moreover, the military commander would come down to inspect their companies in the next two days, so they had to rush back to


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