Chapter 80: I’m Afraid You Won’t Dare to Train Like This!

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Qin Yuan looked at the sky getting darker and remembered that he had agreed to entertain the brothers of the Sixth Company tonight. After logging out of the system, he boarded the helicopter to the logistics company’s station.

Qin Yuan had also obtained the results he wanted for the military exercise this time. The mission of training the logistics company’s strength to the top of the entire regiment in three months was considered completed.

He believed that it wouldn’t be long before the performance of the logistics company in this military exercise would be known throughout the entire military region.

Soon, Qin Yuan returned to the logistics company’s station. The soldiers of the sixth company were sparring with the soldiers of the logistics company on the training ground.

The soldiers of the logistics company were different from before. They had witnessed the strength of the logistics company during this drill, which aroused their desire to spar with the logistics company again.

Qin Yuan did not say anything when he saw this. Soldiers often wanted to compete with strong people. The last time their competition was stopped because of a sudden accident. He saw them all shouting. This time, he would let them compete to their heart’s content.

The sixth company commander saw Qin Yuan walking in from outside the camp and walked out of the crowd.

“Company Commander Qin! You’re back! What did the Regiment Commander say to you?” The sixth company commander walked to Qin Yuan’s side.

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“It’s about the drill. In a few days, the commander of the military region will come down to our Iron Fist Regiment to inspect and let us prepare. The rest is just small talk.”

Qin Yuan directly copied the regiment commander’s words. He had nothing to say to the sixth company commander. After this period of time, whether it was the sixth company commander or the soldiers of the sixth company, they all got along very well.

“What are you guys doing?

Qin Yuan looked at the training ground. More than a dozen soldiers of the Sixth

Company were surrounding Geng Hu and fighting. The cheers in the training ground were getting louder and louder. He asked the Sixth Company Commander.

“Commander Qin, you don’t know this. After I came back, my brothers from the Sixth Company had a sparring match with your brothers from the Logistics

Company. Wasn’t our match last time interrupted because of an accident?”

“In addition, I’ve personally seen the terrifying combat strength of your logistics brothers this time. Our brothers from the Sixth Company want to see just how strong you are!”

“That’s why I didn’t stop them. I also wanted to let these bastards from the Sixth Company see the difference between their strength and yours! It’s good that they understand what training is in the future.”

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The sixth company commander explained the reason to Qin Yuan. In fact, he also wanted the brothers of the logistics company to teach the brothers of the sixth company a good lesson. After all, how long had it been since the logistics company’s strength began? It was only three months.

It just so happened that he had a good relationship with Qin Yuan, the Sixth Company, and the Logistics Company. He also wanted to ask Qin Yuan for advice on training troops.

Qin Yuan looked at the dozen soldiers of the Sixth Company who had been defeated by Geng Hu and nodded with a smile. Geng Flu’s strength improved a lot after this period of grinding.

His reflexes and agility were much better than before. With Geng Hu’s current personal strength, he could still handle more than twenty soldiers of the Sixth Company with ease.

“Company Commander Qin! We have to drink tonight. I’m going to be thick-skinned and ask you how to train the soldiers.”

“Look at your brothers in the logistics company. Now, each and every one of them is a wolf soldier and tiger general. How long have you been in charge of this logistics company? You can’t hold back!”

The sixth company commander laughed loudly. He had an indescribable feeling when facing Qin Yuan. From the moment he met Qin Yuan, he felt that Qin Yuan was unfathomable. Even though their relationship was already very good, Qin Yuan still gave him an unfathomable feeling.

“Don’t worry! Sixth Company Commander, I have a copy of my training materials for the logistics company, but it depends on whether you dare to train like this.”

After saying that, Qin Yuan took out a document from his pocket. This document contained all the training subjects he had trained in the logistics company and some of his experiences. He had nothing to hold back from the sixth company commander, but it depended on whether the sixth company commander dared to train like this.

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The sixth company commander took the information that Qin Yuan handed over and opened it. The expression on his face gradually changed.

His face darkened when he saw the soldiers of Qin Yuan’s training logistics company sweeping at the soldiers with live ammunition. How could Qin Yuan dare to shoot at the soldiers with live ammunition? Wasn’t he afraid of accidentally killing someone?

They were just regular troops, and there was no death rate for them unless there was a war.

And even if there was, who would dare to use such a perverted training method to train soldiers? The more the sixth company commander looked, the more shocked he became. He did not expect the soldiers of the logistics company to be trained like this. Looking at Qin Yuan, his eyes revealed a hint of admiration. Only Qin Yuan dared to do such a perverted training method.

“Company Commander Qin! I really have to hand it to you. You even dare to use such a perverted training method! Aren’t you afraid of killing them?”

“Sixth Company Commander, strength and danger coexist. If you want to become stronger, there is no shortcut.”

“Since they want to lose the label of being cowardly soldiers, they can only receive crueler training than others to obtain strength that others respect.”

“The soldiers of the Sixth Company and the Logistics Company are different.

The soldiers of the Logistics Company have been ridiculed for too many years.

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They want to be stronger and more respected than others.”

Qin Yuan explained calmly. Qin Yuan was right. If it were any other army, he might not be able to train the soldiers to the current level of the logistics company in three months.

Because only those who had been ridiculed by others but could only endure it because they were not strong enough would have the strongest desire for strength because they needed a chance to become stronger.

The logistics company was such an existence. Therefore, under Qin Yuan’s cruel training, none of them gave up because they knew very well that this was their chance. Qin Yuan really cared about them.

“Sixth Company Commander! To deal with the Sixth Company, you only need to increase the intensity of some routine training! I believe that their desire for strength will be very strong after this.”

“But some of my training methods are too cruel, but there are also some that can be used as a reference for the training of soldiers.”

Qin Yuan did not dare to let the sixth company commander train like him. After all, he had the precise assistance of skills. Wherever every bullet hit, the system would accurately analyze the direction in which the soldiers would dodge.

“Alright! Company Commander Qin, I don’t dare to train like you. It’s very easy for accidents to happen like this!”

“Besides, Commander Qin, you’re right. People who can accept such cruel training are not ordinary people. If they don’t have strong willpower, they won’t be able to persist.”

The sixth company commander was also very clear about why the logistics company could become so strong in just three months. After all, their mental state could be said to be stronger than many people. The environment had created them! Also, they had encountered a perverted existence like Qin Yuan..

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