Chapter 79 – Mission Completed! Reward Obtained!

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Chapter 79: Mission Completed! Reward Obtained!

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“Since you all understand, then go and prepare! The military will reward you according to your performance.”

“This time, the military commander is here for an inspection. I hope that all of you will put in 120% of your effort and show the face of our Iron Fist Regiment.”

Kang Lei said loudly to everyone. He also attached great importance to the Bureau Chief’s decision to come down to their Iron Fist Regiment. This might affect the fate of the Iron Fist Regiment after the reorganization.

“Yes, sir! Commander! We know!”

“Good! Then you can all go back first!”

“Yes, sir!”

“Yes, sir!”

“Qin Yuan, stay here. I have something to say to you!” Just as everyone stood up and left, Kang Lei called out to Qin Yuan.

“Sixth Company Commander, you can go back first! I’ll come back later!”

“Alright, then Regiment Commander and Political Commissar! I’ll go back first!”


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After saying that, the sixth company commander returned to Qin Yuan’s logistics company’s base. After all, the sixth company was in the logistics company now.

“Regiment Commander! Political commissar! Is there anything else?”

“You brat, not bad! I didn’t expect you to train the logistics company to this extent. It’s almost as good as the special forces.”

“I didn’t expect the Lone Wolf Assault Team to almost fall into your hands. You don’t know how glum that Fox Fan looked. You really made me proud.”

Kang Lei laughed loudly. When he thought of how Qin Yuan and the others had made him look so proud in front of Fan Tianlei, the pride in his heart surged on his face.

“That right! The commanders of the military region have very high praises for your performance, Your merits and awards should be coming soon,”

Bi Guotao also looked at Qin Yuan with gratified eyes. This was the first time in so many years that the Iron Fist Regiment had been so proud, so he was also very happy.

“Regiment commander! Political commissar! This time, we also took advantage of the Blue Army because they don’t understand our strength. ”

“If they knew our strength and were prepared, we might not have been able to defeat them this time! The Wolf Fang Special Forces are still very strong.”

Qin Yuan also told Kang Lei and the others the actual situation. After all, in terms of strength, their logistics company really could not compare to the Wolf Fang Special Forces. The logistics company had only been training for three months, and their experience could not compare to the Lone Wolf Commando Team at all.

“I know! However, your logistics team’s current strength has already shocked us.”

Kang Lei also knew very well that if Qin Yuan and the others were to fight head-on, they would definitely not be a match for the Lone Wolf Assault Team.

However, the logistics company was a group of lazy and troublesome soldiers. In just three months, their strength might not be a match for them in the entire Iron Fist Regiment.

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“Everyone has witnessed the strength of your logistics company this time. This time, the chief specially selected your company for the inspection. He wants to personally go to your company to inspect the work. When you go back later, you have to prepare well.”

“Yes, sir! Understood, Regiment commander!”

“Right! Old Chief Qin also called me just now. I’ll give you a few days off after the military chief finishes his inspection! Go back and take a look at home.”

Kang Lei also just remembered that Old Chief Qin had called him just now, asking Qin Yuan to go home.

“Alright! The regiment commander and political commissar! Then I’ll go back first. Company Commander Six and the others are still in our camp!”

“Alright! You can go back first!”

“Yes, sir!”

After saying that, Qin Yuan bowed and walked out of the regiment commander’s office.

“Ding … Congratulations to the host for completing the system mission to raise the strength of the logistics company to the top of the entire team. The system has detected that it has obtained the recognition of the entire team and rewarded the host with 10000 skill points.”

“Ding … Congratulations to the host for obtaining the system reward of proficiency in all firearms, weapons, and equipment, as well as advanced driving skills.”

“Ding … Congratulations to the host for obtaining 50 bottles of body-strengthening liquid.”

“Ding … Congratulations to the host for obtaining an additional 500,000 Skill Points from the system.”

As soon as Qin Yuan walked out of the office, a series of system notifications sounded in Qin Yuan’s mind. Qin Yuan was stunned for a moment before he entered the system to check.

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“System, organize personal data!”

“System received! I’m sorting out your personal data…”

r Llncf-•

[ Position: Commander of Iron Fist logistics company ]

[ Rank: Captain ]

[ Physique:60(Normal person: 10)]

[ Skills: Intermediate Eagle Eye (2000 meters), Intermediate Radar Warning System (500 meters), Intermediate Special Combat Technique. (8 times the physical fitness of an ordinary person.) Advanced computer programming.

Beginner Climbing Skill, Beginner Camouflage Skill, All Weapons and Firearm

Equipment Proficiency, and Advanced Weapon and Equipment Mastery Skill]

[Skill Points: 1205840]

Qin Yuan looked at the two additional skills rewarded by the system and could not wait to check them out.

Full Weapon and Equipment Mastery Introduction: In this world, as long as it was a gun user, they would be able to understand and use it. There was no blind spot in their knowledge of guns.

Soon, Qin Yuan felt that all kinds of firearms and weapons, and equipment suddenly appeared in his mind. Whether they were produced in China or foreign countries, theoretical knowledge surged into his mind. In an instant, he felt that his understanding of these firearms had reached an unprecedented level.

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As for the Advanced Weapon Equipment Driving Skill, as the name implied, it meant that one had mastered the driving skills of tanks, airplanes, and fighter jets. Even if Qin Yuan got an aircraft carrier, he could drive it away.

Qin Yuan was also very satisfied with the two skills rewarded by the system.

After all, they were free as long as he did not spend his skill points to buy them. He wanted as many as they came. After all, the more skills, the better.

Looking at the more than one million skill points and the 50 bottles of body-strengthening liquid, Qin Yuan was overjoyed. After all, these 50 bottles of body-strengthening liquid could directly raise the soldiers of the entire logistics company to another level.

“System, organize the data of the soldiers of the logistics company!”

“The system is calculating for you…”

“Currently, the host is the only one who has broken through to Physique Level

60 and above.”

“There are currently two people who have broken through to Physique 45 and above: Geng Hu (46) and Zhou Qing (45)”

“Three people who broke through to Physique 40: Liu Ye (40), Zheng Xiaohu

(41), Zhao Xiaowu (40)”

“The remaining soldiers are between Level 30 and 40!”

The system quickly sorted out the information of the soldiers in the logistics company for Qin Yuan. Qin Yuan looked at the physique information of the soldiers in the logistics company and knew that some of the soldiers’ physique levels had been stuck at 30. There should be a problem with their physique.

It just so happened that the system had rewarded him with 50 bottles of body-strengthening liquid, which could change the physiques of the soldiers of the logistics company. The effect of the ody-strengthening liquid was not only to increase the physique of a soldier by five points.

Most importantly, it could purify and change the various organs and veins in the body. Zhou Qing was the best example..

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