Chapter 78 – The Logistic Company Is Taken Seriously

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Chapter 78: The Logistic Company Is Taken Seriously

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Just as Kang Lei and the other two were still talking, Qin Yuan and the sixth company commander also rushed to the regiment headquarters.

As soon as they got off the helicopter, the company commanders of the Iron Fist Regiment greeted Qin Yuan and the sixth company commander.

They had just arrived and rushed over after receiving the notice from their regiment commander. Just as they were about to go to the regiment commander’s office, they saw Qin Yuan and the others walking over.

This time, they had also heard that the victory of this exercise was entirely due to the Iron Fist Regiment. The militarv had alreadv informed them of the situation of the exercise. Their Red Army had obtained the final victory, and they had especially emphasized that their Iron Fist Regiment was the turning point of this exercise.

At the end of the notice, it was the logistics company and the sixth company that turned the tide of the battle. Everyone was shocked.

Qin Yuan actually led more than a dozen people from the logistics company to raid the Blue Army’s command center and successfully destroyed it.

The soldiers of the 6th Company and the remaining logistics company had actually delayed the Wolf Fang Special Forces for two hours and almost wiped out the Lone Wolf Assault Team. When everyone saw this notice, their jaws dropped.

808th Special Combat Brigade! Wolf Fang Special Forces! What kind of existence was that!

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The few company commanders knew their strength very well. Such a terrifying existence had actually been defeated by Qin Yuan and the others. How could they not be shocked?

Although the drill wasn’t that exaggerated, Gao Shiwei didn’t leave any face for the Wolf Fang Special Combat Brigade. He wanted to let the soldiers know that they couldn’t underestimate the enemy at any time. This report could also teach them a lesson.

“Company Commander Qin, Company Commander Liu! We all know that you are the turning point of this victory.”

“You guys are amazing. This is the first time I’ve heard that the special forces brigade was defeated by our regular troops!”

“That’s right! At the beginning of the exercise, we lost contact with the command center. The regiment commander and the others couldn’t be contacted either, so it was a mess. Not long after, our entire company was directly destroyed by the blue army’s artillery fire. All the soldiers in the company were sacrificed.”

“If it weren’t for you, our Red Army would have lost.”

For a moment, Qin Yuan and the sixth company commander were surrounded by the company commanders of the other companies. A smug look flashed across the sixth company commander’s face. Although this time, it was mainly due to Qin Yuan’s logistics company. If not for Qin Yuan’s logistics company, their sixth company would have been in the same situation as the other companies.

However, their Sixth Company was connected to the logistics department!

Even though it wasn’t much of a contribution, at least it was hard work. Hearing the praise of the company commanders, the sixth company commander also smiled.

“Company commanders are too polite. This time, it’s all thanks to Company Commander Qin. If he hadn’t led us to counterattack at the last moment, snatched back our Red Army’s command system, and led the team to attack the Blue Army’s command center, we might have lost.”

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The sixth company commander also pushed all the credit for this drill to Qin Yuan. After all, the victory of this drill was almost entirely due to Qin Yuan’s logistics company. The sixth company was only assisting them.

“This is the result of everyone’s hard work. This time, our victory wasn’t only achieved by our company. Without everyone’s help and hard work, we wouldn’t have won.”

Qin Yuan did not put on a smug expression on his face. He knew in his heart that this was only because the Blue Army did not know that there was a team like theirs, so he only had the advantage in intelligence.

If the Blue Army Imew the strength of their troops and effectively defended against them, they might not have been able to achieve such an ettect.

“Company commanders, the regiment commander must have called us here for something. Let’s hurry over.”


“Alright! ”

After Qin Yuan finished speaking, a few of them walked toward the regiment commander’s office.

The moment they arrived at the office, they heard their regiment commander Kang Lei’s loud laughter. They knocked on the door and walked in.

“Regiment Commander! Political commissar! Why did you call us over?”

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“You’re all here! Come and sit.”

When Kang Lei saw that Qin Yuan and the others had arrived, he called them over to sit down.

“I called you here this time mainly to summarize this exercise.”

“I believe you have all received the notification from the military regarding the results of the drill. Our Red Army has won this time. You should all know why.”

“This time, our Iron Fist Regiment’s performance has won the attention of the military commander. The military commander just called me and said that he will come to our Iron Fist Regiment for an inspection in the next few days.”

“I hope that in the next few days, every company will improve their training.

Don’t lose face in front of the military commander.”

“Does everyone understand?”

After everyone sat down, Kang Lei told them the purpose of calling everyone over this time.

“I understand! Don’t worry, Regiment Commander! We promise to complete the mission.”

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Everyone immediately perked up. That was the chief of their Southeast Military Region! This time, the military commander came down to inspect them. Everyone wanted to show off their company in front of the commander.

“Qin Yuan, you’re not bad. I didn’t expect you to train the logistics company to this extent.”

“This time, the commander of the military region has paid a lot of attention to you. It can be said that we relied on you to turn the tide of the battle in this military exercise. ”

Kang Lei looked at Qin Yuan with gratified eyes. After all, Qin Yuan and the others had gained a lot of face from the Iron Fist Regiment. This time, the military chief wanted to come down because of them.

“Sir, this is what we should do. This is also the result of everyone’s hard work.

We only did what we should do!”

Qin Yuan did not become complacent just because of one victory. There was still a long way to go for their logistics company. After all, this was just a drill.

Everyone in the office did not refute Kang Lei’s evaluation of Qin Yuan’s logistics company. This time, the logistics company had overturned their understanding of the logistics company.

They did not expect that the victory this time would be turned around by the logistics company that they had always looked down on.

Everyone looked at Qin Yuan and no longer looked down on him. After all, how long had Qin Yuan been in charge of logistics? To be able to train the logistics company to this extent in three months was indirect proof of Qin Yuan’s ability.

If they were to take over the logistics, it would be impossible for them to achieve such an effect, especially the Ninth Company Commander, who had a conflict with Qin Yuan previously. His face had turned green. Previously, he had been clamoring to compete with Qin Yuan, but now, he no longer had the courage to do so..

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