Chapter 77

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Chapter 77: Inspection (1)

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As the two of them were talking, Zhou Qing and the others returned.

After a brief exchange, they received a notification from the regiment headquarters.

“Report! Company Commander, Sixth Company Commander! I just received a notice from the regiment headquarters. The regiment commander wants you to go over immediately.” The messenger outside the door ran in to report.

“Company Commander Qin, let’s go together!” The sixth company commander said to Qin Yuan after hearing the communicator’s notification. “Alright! I’ll arrange for the team to return to the camp and we’ll go together!” “Good! Then I’ll let the soldiers of the Sixth Company go back too!”

“By the way, Company Commander Six, let the soldiers of the Sixth Company and the logistics company return to the logistics company camp together.”

“During this period of time, our company has been troubling your Sixth Company to help manage our camp. This time, let’s have a good gathering and let them relax after the exercise!”

When Qin Yuan heard that the sixth company commander wanted the soldiers of the sixth company to go back, he directly expressed his thoughts. After all, during this period of time when they went out for training, the soldiers of the sixth company had been helping their logistics company manage the camp.

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“Alright, then let them interact with you more. After all, this time, they should know what it means to have someone better than them.”

In the face of Qin Yuan’s suggestion, the sixth company commander was also very happy. He also hoped that the soldiers of the sixth company could learn some of Qin Yuan’s training experience from the soldiers of the logistics company.

“Good! Then it’s decided.”

“Alright! ”

With that, the Sixth Company Commander walked out of the tent and headed in the direction of the Sixth Company.

“Old Zhou, Vice Company Commander Liu! Later, you will bring the soldiers of the 6th Company back to our camp. I will go to the regimental headquarters with the 6th Company Commander first.”

“Alright, Company Commander Qin.”

“Understood, Company Commander!”

After Qin Yuan finished speaking, he washed up briefly, changed into his normal clothes, and followed the sixth company commander to the regiment headquarters in a helicopter.

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In the regimental commander’s office.

Kang Lei was laughing heartily. He had just returned from the 808th Special Combat Brigade. As soon as he came back, he asked Xiao Wu to inform the company commanders of the various companies to come to his office.

The military headquarters had already announced the results of the exercise. The Red Army had won, and the military chief had highly praised the Iron Fist Regiment.

The moment Fan Tianlei went to release him, he was so happy to see Fan Tianlei’s face. Every year, they would be suppressed by the special forces. Who would have thought that this year, their special forces would actually be defeated by their own Iron Fist Regiment?

“Old Bi, am I right? We really didn’t make a mistake. Qin Yuan, this kid, almost wiped out the Lone Wolf Assault Team with the logistics company and the sixth company.” The entire office was filled with Kang Lei’s loud laughter. “You don’t know how serious that dirty face of Fox Fan’s is. It’s rare to see him suffer! ‘

“Old Kang! I really didn’t expect Qin Yuan to let him manage the logistics company. This kid has almost turned the logistics company into a special force.” Political commissar Bi Guotao was also shocked. After receiving the notice, his jaw dropped.

After the start of this exercise, he and Kang Lei were directly captured by the special forces of the Blue Army. They were unable to command the battle during the entire exercise. Not only were all the commanders of the 801 Regiment captured.

Although they had already made good preparations, the Special Forces of the 808th Brigade weren’t just for show. They directly infiltrated and captured all the commanders of the 801st Regiment.

If Qin Yuan and the others had not turned the tide of the battle at the end, they would have entered the previous ending even faster. The speed of the 808th Brigade’s battle this time was not the same as the previous drills. It was extremely fast, accurate, and ruthless.

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“That’s right! So this time, the military commander is paying special attention to it. Just now, Chief Gao Shiwei called me and said that he will come to our Iron Fist Regiment for an inspection in the afternoon.”

“The military commander is coming?”

Bi Guotao also asked Kang Lei in shock.

“Yes, I am! When have you ever seen the 808th Special Combat Brigade lose a battle? I heard that during this exercise, he went to the 808th Brigade and became the highest commander of the Blue Army.” “However, it seems that he was captured by Qin Yuan and the others.” “What is it? Old Kang, is what you said true?”

“That’s right! When I came back, I heard them say that a soldier from the logistics company even held a gun to Chief Gao Shiwei’s head.”

“Who is so bold! Don’t you know that he’s the commander of the military region!”

Bi Guotao looked at Kang Lei with a shocked expression. He was sweating profusely. After all, this was the first time he had heard of someone pointing a

gun at the head of a military commander.

“I’m not sure. I suspect that it’s the soldier from the logistics company who beat up the platoon leader last time and then came to us. ”

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It was the first time Kang Lei had encountered such a soldier.

“Then the Bureau Chief won’t be angry, right?” Bi Guotao was also a little worried.

“Do you think the Bureau Chief is that petty? He won’t be angry with soldiers like this. Instead, he will like them even more.”

“You don’t know this, but I heard from an ex-Class 1 Sergeant Major’s squad leader that Chief Gao Shiwei had done something similar in the past. At that time, he had just joined the army and was unclear about his rank, so he followed his company commander to launch a surprise attack.”

“That’s good! It seems that we have to let the entire regiment learn some military ranks. I don’t want such a thing to happen again.”

Bi Guotao was a little shocked just thinking about it. If the Bureau Chief didn’t know what was going on, the Bureau Chief’s guards might have shot the soldier to death.

After all, he was pointing a gun at the head of a military commander! If it wasn’t for the Bureau Chief’s hint, the Bureau Chief’s guards would have killed Geng Hu on the spot. The Bureau Chief’s guards were armed with live ammunition 24 hours a day.

“You’re right. It was a little rash. We have to let the entire team pay attention. This time, the chief’s attitude is very clear. He should be here to see Qin Yuan’s company. ”

Kang Lei knew very well that from the situation of this exercise, he could tell that the higher-ups were preparing to carry out military reforms on the 801st Division. However, this time, there might be some changes because of Qin Yuan and the others, but Kang Lei could not guess what kind of changes would happen..

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