Chapter 76

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Chapter 76: Almost Barbequed

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The faces of the Lone Wolf Assault Team instantly turned red. Chief of Staff Fan Tianlei was right.

The strength of Qin Yuan and the others had indeed shocked them, but they did not expect Qin Yuan and the others to be the soldiers who made a fool of themselves last year.

“In the next few days, all of you will have to undergo devilish training. The next time you are wiped out by others, you will have to raise pigs!”

“Yes, sir!”

“Yes, sir!”

Fan Tianlei turned around and walked out of the command center.

“F * ck! I really didn’t expect that this unit of theirs would be those soldiers from back then!”

After Fan Tianlei left, the paratrooper heaved a sigh of relief. The oppressive atmosphere just now almost made them breathless.

Seeing the paratroopers, the medics looked at the paratroopers with a smile.

“Ostrich, you were the first one to be crippled!”

“You, why are you everywhere!” The paratrooper’s face turned green. He was really the first Lone Wolf commando member to be disqualified. The medics would rub salt into his wounds every time.

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“Alright, stop talking! I hope you can learn from this experience.”

“Let’s begin the extreme 100-kilometer cross-country training.” Old Gao immediately gave the order to train.

“What is it? Commander, don’t! We just finished the drill. Can you let us rest?” The paratroopers were stunned when they heard Old Gao’s 100-kilometer cross-country training.

“You still want to rest after losing a battle?”

“Attention, turn right, let’s go!”

“Yes, sir!”

“Yes, sir!”

At this moment, no one dared to say anything. They were known as the whetstones of the three armies, but they had suffered a setback in this exercise. In the end, it was because they were not strong enough. If they were strong enough, there would not be such an outcome. Everyone lowered their heads and ran out.

At this moment, Qin Yuan and the others had also returned to their training area.

“Company commander? You guys are back? Did you complete the mission?”

When Liu Ye saw that Qin Yuan and his brothers from the second platoon had returned, he asked Qin Yuan about the results with great anticipation. After all, he had just put on a show in front of the Wolf Fang Special Forces. If Qin Yuan and the others did not complete the mission, he would be in trouble.

“The drill is over.”

Looking at Qin Yuan’s expressionless face, Liu Ye’s heart tightened. Looking at Geng Hu’s absent-minded look, Liu Ye knew that Qin Yuan and the others probably did not complete the mission.

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“Company commander…l’m sorry! It’s all my fault!”

Liu Ye looked apologetic. After all, he was the one who pretended to say that the company commander and the others had gone to catch the pigs, so the Lone Wolf Commando Team immediately rushed back.

“Why should I blame you? You guys did well this time. I didn’t expect you to hold them back for so long.”

“We waited at the Blue Army’s command post for a full 20 minutes before they rushed back.”

“Besides, with such a domineering Geng Hu around, how can we not complete the mission?” Qin Yuan looked at Liu Ye and smiled.

“Ah! Then… Then… Does that mean we have completed the mission?”

“Yes, deputy company commander, it’s done! This exercise is a victory for our Red Army, and the commander of the military region personally announced the results of the exercise.”

Zheng Xiaohu looked at the deputy company commander who was stammering and told everyone the news of the victory of the exercise.

“Then why are you all looking so gloomy? Especially Geng Hu, your face is as gloomy as if your father died.”

Liu Ye was stunned by their expressions. They had already won the drill, but they still came back with gloomy faces. He thought that he had gone overboard and failed to complete the mission.

“Deputy Company Commander, you guys don’t know this, but Geng Hu directly pointed his gun at the head of the military commander.” Zheng Xiaohu immediately explained with a smile.

“Don’t say anymore. I really didn’t know that he was the commander of the military!”

Geng Hu’s tace was dark and he didn’t dare to say anything. Just the thought ot him pointing a gun at the Chief’s head made him feel a wave of fear.

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“F * ck! The military commander? Geng Hu, you’re awesome!” Liu Ye was stunned after hearing Zheng Xiaohu’s report.

“Deputy Company Commander, Company Commander! I know I was wrong. I’ll go back and memorize the military ranks now.”

After saying that, Geng Hu ran out in a flash. He really did not dare to stay any longer. If the military commander was really angry and came looking for trouble with them, he would be finished.

“Company commander! You guys are really amazing!” Liu Ye immediately flattered to cover up his embarrassment.

“Deputy Company Commander Liu, what did you say was your fault?”

Qin Yuan looked at Liu Ye and knew that Liu Ye must be hiding something from them, so he deliberately asked.

“I’m fine! I’m fine! Commander, it’s really nothing…”

Liu Ye didn’t dare to say that he had just been pretentious in front of the Wolf Fang Special Forces.

“Right! Are Old Zhou and the others back yet?”

Qin Yuan did not continue to ask Liu Ye. After all, he had already won the drill, so he asked Zhou Qing and the others. “They should be on their way back!”


At this moment, Company Six opened the curtain and walked in. As soon as he heard that Qin Yuan was back, he hurriedly ran over.

“Company Commander Qin! You guys are back? Has the mission been completed?”

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“Fortunately, I didn’t disappoint you! We won the drill.” Qin Yuan also directly told him the results of the exercise.

“Good! Hahaha! Company Commander Qin, you guys are really amazing! This time, it was all thanks to your logistics company that we won!”

The 6th Company Commander laughed out loud. When he knew that the 808th Special Combat Brigade was going to have a battle drill, he had given up all hope. After all, he knew how terrifying the 808th Special Combat Brigade was.

However, he did not expect Qin Yuan to lead his logistics company and turn the tables. It was impossible for him to be unhappy when he heard Qin Yuan say that he had won the drill.

“Sixth Company Commander, if it weren’t for all of us working hard together, we wouldn’t have been able to complete the mission. Everyone’s contribution is indispensable.” Qin Yuan knew that the reason why they could complete the mission so smoothly was because of the cooperation of the Sixth Company. They had stalled the Lone Wolf Assault Team for almost two hours.

“Company Commander Qin, I knew that your logistics company was very strong, but I didn’t expect you to be so strong.”

“Which company in the entire Iron Fist Regiment is a match for your logistic company?”

“Company Commander Qin, your ability to lead troops is really too strong.”

During this drill, the strength of the logistics company was displayed to the sixth company commander. Other than being shocked, he really did not know how to describe it. After all, the logistics company had become so powerful because of Qin Yuan!

Qin Yuan had only been in the logistics company for three months. In three months, he had transformed the logistics company from a cowardly soldier tnat everyone 100Kea aown on to Its current strengtn. ‘1’0 put It Diunt1Y, It was almost as strong as the special forces.

“Sixth Company Commander, how could we have held them off for so long without your cooperation this time? Moreover, the strength of the sixth company is not bad.” Qin Yuan knew that the strength of their logistics company had been exposed this time, so there was nothing to hide..

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