Chapter 75

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Chapter 75: Chief of Staff, Are You Mistaken?

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“Not bad! You have a bright future!”

Fan Tianlei put away his shocked heart and instantly looked at Qin Yuan with shining eyes. Qin Yuan and his company had great potential as special forces soldiers.

If they could recruit their entire company into their Wolf Fang Special Combat Brigade, then their Wolf Fang Special Combat Brigade would become even stronger. Moreover, Qin Yuan and the others were a company of 50 people! Fan Tianlei’s gloomy face disappeared at the thought of this.

Looking at Fan Tianlei’s smiling face, Qin Yuan knew that Fan Tianlei was definitely planning to play tricks again. Those who knew Fan Tianlei knew that as long as he smiled, there would definitely be some conspiracy.

“Chief of Staff, you flatter me.”

Qin Yuan replied, and his originally clenched hands gradually relaxed. From Fan Tianlei’s expression, he could feel that the display of their logistics company’s strength had aroused Fan Tianlei’s love for talent. He believed that he would come to ask for him soon.

“Good! Very good! This time, you guys have really broadened my horizons.”

“I didn’t expect that we would ever fall into the hands of others in all these years. This time, we actually fell into your hands! ”

“After the drill report is over, I will go to your place to understand your company on a deeper level.”

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Hearing Fan Tianlei’s words, the people of the logistics company gradually smiled. For so many years, no other unit had ever looked up to them seriously. This time, not only did they shock everyone, but they also received praise from the military commander. How could they not be happy?

They had been waiting for this moment for a long time. The three months of hard training had been for this moment. They just wanted everyone to look up to their logistics team and prove that they were not cowards. They could also become stronger than the regular troops.

“Alright! Chief of Staff, we’ll be waiting for your arrival.”

“Since the drill is over, we should go back and report to our chief.”

A smile flashed across the corner of Qin Yuan’s mouth. He looked at Fan Tianlei’s shining eyes as he looked at the soldiers of his logistics company. He knew that his goal of bringing everyone from the logistics company into the Wolf Fang Special Forces from the beginning could be achieved.

“Alright! You guys go back first!”

“Alright, Chief of Staff, we’ll be leaving first.”

“Alright! ”

After saying that, Qin Yuan led the second platoon out of the blue army’s command center.

Fan Tianlei looked at the backs of Qin Yuan and the others as they walked out and was not in a hurry to express his thoughts to Qin Yuan. After all, he felt that it was not the time yet. Moreover, he was very certain that Qin Yuan’s company would not be able to escape from his grasp.

In the entire Southeast Military Region, they were the only special forces brigade and special forces unit. It was the dream of every soldier in the Southeast Military Region to have the opportunity to join the special forces. He did not believe that Qin Yuan and the others would not come.

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“Chief of Staff! Are you saying that they are really a group of pig soldiers?”

After Old Gao saw Qin Yuan and the others leave, he voiced out the question in his heart. The combat strength of Qin Yuan and the others in this military exercise made his jaw drop in shock. A regular force, not to mention a logistics force, almost wiped out their entire Lone Wolf Assault Team.

The strength of the team that Qin Yuan and the others had attacked the Blue Army’s command center was not inferior to the members of Lone Wolf Team B. If Qin Yuan and the others had been there when they attacked the Red Army’s command center, it would have been hard to say what the outcome would have been.

Fan Tianlei was also very shocked by Gao Gao’s doubts. He had never heard of Qin Yuan’s logistics company. Fan Tianlei recalled that the soldiers who made a fool of themselves during the military exercise last year were from the Iron Fist Regiment’s logistics company.

“What do you think? Their entire team is not weak. Qin Yuan is brave, resourceful, and very strong.”

“I just tested him. None of us here are his match!”

Faced with Fan Tianlei’s evaluation of Qin Yuan, the Lone Wolf Assault Team members present were also shocked. This was the first time they had seen the Chief of Staff evaluate a person like this.

“Chief of Staff, it can’t be that exaggerated! None of us in the special station brigade are his match?”

Hearing the Chief of Staff’s evaluation of Qin Yuan, the paratroopers were also a little unconvinced. They were genuine special forces soldiers, while Qin Yuan and the others were just a logistics unit.

He admitted that Qin Yuan’s company was a little strong, but Qin Yuan’s strength was not to the extent that no one in the entire special forces brigade was his match.

“Humph! You still have the nerve to say that? Are you still not convinced?”

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“You were almost wiped out by the soldiers they brought out, and you still have the cheek to question their strength?”

Hearing Fan Tianlei’s scolding, the Lone Wolf Commando Team members were embarrassed and didn’t dare to say anything. They had already lost enough face in this military exercise. As a special force, they were almost wiped out.

“Besides, do you still remember the soldiers who made a fool of themselves during the military exercise against the 801st Army last year?”

“Of course, I remember. It was the first time I saw such a cowardly soldier.”

“That’s right! At that time, those soldiers were still trembling in fear from the shells.”

Everyone recalled the time when they fought against the 801st division last year. The soldiers of the logistics company could be said to have made a fool of themselves! What they didn’t know was that those soldiers were the current logistics company.

“I can tell you with certainty that those soldiers who make a fool of themselves are the ones who want to destroy your group. They are the company led by Qin


During the military exercise last year, Fan Tianlei paid special attention to the troops when he saw the soldiers who made a fool of themselves. At that time, he didn’t take it to heart when he knew that they were the soldiers of the Iron Fist Regiment’s logistics company. After all, the logistics company was a place with more cowardly soldiers.

Therefore, when he found out that Qin Yuan and the others were soldiers of the logistics company, he was very shocked. After all, he knew what the situation of the logistics company was like back then.

“What is it? Those soldiers are them?”

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“How is that possible? How could those soldiers become like this?!”

“That’s right! Chief of Staff, you’re not lying to us, right? How long has it been?

How can those soldiers who make a fool of themselves become so strong?”

“Chief of Staff, are you mistaken?”

Just as Fan Tianlei said that Qin Yuan and the others were from the logistics company from back then, the group of Lone Wolf Assault Team members looked at Fan Tianlei in disbelief. Other than shock, there was still shock on their faces. They would never believe that the soldiers who made a fool of themselves last year were Qin Yuan’s team.

“Mistaken? Do you think I’m joking with you?”

“You’ve been training for so long, but you were almost wiped out by a group of pig soldiers who have been training for less than a year. Tell me, how dare you question them? ”

Fan Tianlei was furious when faced with everyone’s doubts. He had spent so many years training the Wolf Fang Special Forces!

To put it bluntly, every soldier of the Wolf Fang Special Combat Brigade was an elite soldier carefully selected from the hundreds of armies. Any one of them was an elite soldier of the regular army, but they had almost been wiped out in this military exercise.

Although the overall strength of Qin Yuan and the others were not as good as Wolf Fang’s, it had only taken Qin Yuan and the others a year to train to such a level. How could he not be shocked?

To be precise, Qin Yuan had only trained the logistics company for three months, but Fan Tianlei did not know about it..

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