Chapter 72

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Chapter 72: The Company Commander Said He Was Going to Catch Pigs!

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However, Qiang Xiaowei was not any better. His right arm and left leg had been marked with a few red knife marks. He was seriously injured. If it was a real battle, he might not be able to win with such serious injuries. Because in actual combat, his injuries would seriously affect his combat strength. It could be said that he had won, but he had not won.

Xiao Zhuang was in the same state as Qiang Xiaowei, but he was in a much worse state. In actual combat, he had already been sacrificed. Because at the last moment, Zhao Xiaowu’s dagger was also drawn on his neck.

The battle between Geng Jihui and Liu Ye was still ongoing. They had already exchanged dozens of moves, and neither of them could do anything to the other.

At the last moment, Geng Jihui caught the mistake of one of the logistics company soldiers and knocked him down.

With one less person, the pressure on Geng Jihui gradually decreased. Liu Ye and the others were gradually not his match. A few minutes later, Liu Ye was also knocked to the ground, and there were many red knife marks on Geng Jihui’s body.

Liu Ye collapsed to the ground. Looking at the results in front of him, a smile gradually appeared on his face. They did not expect to be able to fight against the special forces one day. Moreover, more than ten people had almost wiped out an entire special forces team.

Geng Jihui looked at everything in front of him, and the shock in his heart never stopped. Their Lone Wolf Team B had already lost two people in the battle, two people were seriously injured, and two people were directly trapped by mines. It could be said that the entire team was directly wiped out.

Looking at Liu Ye and the others lying on the ground, the shock in his heart could not be suppressed and appeared on his face. The nine people lying on the ground plus Liu Ye and the others in front of him were only a dozen people, right?

“Lone Wolf Team B! Lone Wolf Team B! Please reply! Please reply!”

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Old Gao’s voice immediately came through the earpiece. “Lone Wolf Team B, copy!”

“What’s the situation on your side? Why didn’t they attack us?”

Faced with Old Gao’s question, Geng Jihui could only reply with a sullen face.

“Reporting to Wild Wolf! Lone Wolf Team B was ambushed. Two members of the team were killed, two were seriously injured, and two were trapped in the minefield! ” “The entire Lone Wolf Group B can be said to have been wiped out!”


Hearing Geng Jihui’s report, Old Gao’s face darkened.

He knew the strength of Lone Wolf Group B. He did not expect the entire team to be almost wiped out. The shock in his heart was no less than Geng Jihui’s.

Even though the other side had put up a strong resistance, they had still managed to break through the Red Team’s command center at the expense of a member of Team A.

However, he did not expect that Lone Wolf Team B would be almost completely wiped out!

“What exactly happened?”

“Wild Wolf! I’ll report to you later!”

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“Good! We are now at the Red Army command center. The Chief of Staff is on his way!”

“Yes, sir!”

Geng Jihui didn’t know how to explain himself, so he could only bring the soldiers and the logistics company back to the command center.

In Drill Area No. 3, where Qin Yuan and the others were defending, Fan Tianlei was looking at the entire Lone Wolf Assault Team in a rage. “F * ck! You guys were wiped out by just a dozen people?”

“Chief of Staff! We…

Geng Jihui wanted to say something but hesitated. How would he dare to say anything! They were the special forces, but they were actually beaten up by more than ten regular soldiers. All of them had awkward expressions on their faces.

The members of Lone Wolf Team B didn’t even dare to breathe loudly. At this time, the medics and Old Pao also returned. Looking at the members of Lone Wolf Team B, they knew what they had just experienced.

“Chief of Staff! They are definitely not regular troops. Their strength and combat tactics are extremely powerful. We have fought with so many regular troops, but we have never seen them like this.”

Old Gao reported awkwardly with a red face. This time, even Team A had lost a teammate, let alone Team B.

Fortunately, they found that only a dozen soldiers in one direction were extremely powerful. The attack from the other direction was not as strong, so he directly broke through from there.

After successfully taking down the command center, Old Gao looked at their combat uniforms and it was obvious that they were not from the same company.

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After hearing Old Gao’s report, Fan Tianlei’s sharp eyes swept across Liu Ye, the Sixth Company Commander, and the others.

“Are you all from the Iron Fist Regiment’s Sixth Company and Logistics Company?”

Facing Fan Tianlei’s question, the sixth company commander walked up and saluted.

“Reporting to the chief! Yes, we are from the 6th Company of the Iron Fist Regiment of the 801st Army of the Red Army! I am the sixth company commander, Feng Guanghua!”

Fan Tianlei nodded and continued to look at Liu Ye and the others.

“Reporting to the chief! We are the logistics company of the Iron Fist Regiment of the 801st Army of the Red Army! I am the deputy company commander, Liu

Liu Ye also saluted and reported.

“Logistics company?

Fan Tianlei was also shocked. When did the strength of the logistics company soldiers become so abnormal?

Looking at the soldiers of the logistics company, each of them had a spirited gaze, dark skin, and a determined aura. He was very shocked. The stubborn resistance that the Lone Wolf Assault Team had just encountered should be them.

As the chief of staff of the Wolf Fang Special Combat Brigade, he knew very well what a soldier was like. He was curious why a logistics company was so strong that even the Lone Wolf Assault Team almost fell to them.

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“You’re the deputy company commander? What about your company commander?”

Fan Tianlei finally realized that the company commander and the instructor of the logistics company were not around.

“Our company commander said that he’s going to catch pigs! They told us to wait for them here!”

Liu Ye thought that Qin Yuan and the others had probably already taken action, so he said Qin Yuan’s original words without hesitation.

It had been almost two hours since they had set off. With the commander’s ability, he should have completed the mission. Even if Fan Tianlei and the others knew about it now, it would be too late.

“Not good! Hurry up and go back!”

Fan Tianlei’s face turned black when he heard Liu Ye’s words. He finally realized that he had fallen into a trap.

“Hurry back immediately.”

The Lone Wolf Assault Team also realized that they had fallen into a trap. The Red Army wanted to lure them over and attack the Blue Army’s command center.

Judging from the current situation, the team that were going to raid must be quite strong. If that was the case, they might really be able to successfully raid their blue army’s headquarters.

The entire Lone Wolf Assault Team was shocked. They immediately gathered and rushed to the helicopter..

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