Chapter 71

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Chapter 71: Paratroopers Are Born to Be Surrounded

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According to the rules of the exercise, the paratroopers had already lost their combat ability.

At this time, Lone Wolf Team B realized that a small team had infiltrated their rear. Their attention had been focused on the battle in front of them, so they did not notice that the enemy had circled around them.

“F * ck! Who groomed this team! This combat ability is too terrifying. This isn’t a regular army at all.”

The medics were shocked. They looked at the paratroopers who had lost their ability to fight not far away, and then looked at the position of Liu Ye and the others not far away. At such a close distance, they did not even notice that there was someone lurking there. They even concentrated their firepower and killed the paratroopers.

Liu Ye and the rest’s camouflage, infiltration, and combat abilities were unbelievable to the medics. They were ridiculously strong.

“Everyone, be careful. This unit is different from the units we have encountered before. They are very familiar with special operations. We have to deal with them first!”

“Xiao Zhuang, snipe their firing point. Medic, Old Pao, you guys go around to their right.” Geng Jihui immediately gave the order.

“Siberian Wolf received!” “Bald-tailed Wolf received!”

“Mountain Wolf, copy!”

Soon, the medics and Old Pao rolled a few times and disappeared into the forest. Xiao Zhuang kept sniping at Liu Ye and the others with his sniper rifle. “Deputy Company Commander, they’re coming around.”

After Zhao Xiaowu fired at the medics, they reported when they saw that they did not hit the medics.

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“Third Platoon Leader, have you arranged the anti-infantry mines that the Company Commander taught us?”

“It’s done! After we circled around just now, I asked a few soldiers to set up mines around.”

“Good! It’s best to stall them for a while!”

After listening to Zhao Xiaowu’s report, he felt a little better. They had already used the things that Qin Yuan had given them to the fullest in this exercise.

“They’re missing two people now. Those mines should be able to stop the two special forces for a while.”

“Let the brothers in the third platoon charge directly. We can only fight them in close combat! Even if we can replace two or three of them with a dozen of us, it’s not bad. If this continues, we’ll be sniped off by them one by one.”

Seeing his brothers being sniped by Xiao Zhuang, Liu Ye directly chose to let everyone charge into close combat. This way, the opponent’s sniper rifle would be very difficult to use. “Yes, sir!” “Third Platoon, press in!”

“Yes, sir!”

Liu Ye’s team had only 10 people left. The opposing Lone Wolf Team B’s paratroopers had lost their abilitv to fight. Other than the medics and Old Pao, they only had three people left. Liu Ye would definitely not give up this opportunity to charge.

The members of Third Platoon jumped into the forest one by one, constantly looking for cover to rush towards Lone Wolf Team B. Xiao Zhuang had a bad feeling.

“Report! They are coming towards us. My sniping is not very effective now! ”

Geng Jihui also saw the situation that Xiao Zhuang mentioned clearly, and his expression gradually became heavy.

“Get the paratroopers on your back. We’ll retreat! Keep some distance from them.”

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“Yes, sir!”

Geng Jihui knew that they had fewer people now. If they fought Liu Ye and the others in close combat, they would not have much of an advantage.

The paratrooper saw Xiao Zhuang running towards him and shouted loudly. He was already seriously injured. Bringing him along would only affect the combat ability of their entire team.

“Forest Wolves, take your team and retreat. I have lost my ability to fight.

Bringing me along will only affect you!”

“What are you talking about? When have we ever abandoned our brothers? At most, we’ll all die in battle!”

Xiao Zhuang ignored the paratrooper’s words and carried the paratrooper on his back as he retreated.

“Sigh… You guys, don’t you know that paratroopers are born to be surrounded?” “Still talking huh! I’ll really let them torture you here.”

Xiao Zhuang said in a bad mood. He felt extremely unbalanced in his heart after fighting such a sullen battle today.

“Don’t! Xiao Zhuang! I’m just joking. I’m usually not bad to you, right? I don’t want to be bullied by the regular troops.”

The few of them quickly ran into the forest behind them, while Liu Ye and the others followed closely behind.

“Old Pao, medics, what’s the situation on your side?”

Geng Jihui saw that the medical staff had already gone around for a while and did not see any movement from them. He quickly asked.

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“Report! We’re really unlucky today. They arranged a bunch of firecrackers for us!”

“Mountain Wolf is helping me clear the mine now!”

The medic was helpless. He didn’t expect Liu Ye and the others to be so professional in setting up anti-personnel mines around the area. He and Old Pao had just circled around and entered a minefield, and he happened to step on a mine.

After listening to the report from the medical staff, Geng Jihui had a headache.

The unit they encountered was ridiculously strong in terms of strength and combat tactics. Their combat methods were almost on par with their special forces.

“They’re coming! ”

Qiang Xiaowei saw that Liu Ye and the others were already very close to him and quickly explained the situation to the crowd. Everyone’s eyes immediately turned sharp and their faces revealed a serious expression.

Today’s battle could be said to be the most difficult battle their special forces team had ever encountered.

“Put down your guns and fight them hand-to-hand!”

Geng Jinurs voice Immediately came trom tne earpiece. From ms tone, one could tell that Geng Jihui was very serious.

“Yes, sir!”

Soon, Liu Ye and the others caught up and engaged the remaining three members of Lone Wolf Team B.

Although Liu Ye and the others were fighting against one person, Lone Wolf Group B’s combat strength was not something that Liu Ye and the others could compare to.

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“Which unit are you from?”

After forcing Liu Ye and the other two to retreat, Geng Jihui’s eyes flashed with shock. Although he could still deal with Liu Ye and the other two, it was obvious that he did not have any advantage.

Liu Ye and the others’ fighting skills were too shocking. Every move was aimed at their vital points. Under the close cooperation of the three of them, he felt that he could not withstand them. Liu Ye and the others’ strength was not the combat strength of a regular army at all.

“We are the Red Army’s troops, of course!”

Liu Ye didn’t reveal his own troops. Geng Jihui’s combat strength also shocked Liu Ye deeply.

“Is this the strength of the special forces?”

Liu Ye endured the stinging pain on his arm. The three of them actually could not suppress Geng Jihui, and the situation of the battle not far away was the same.

The third platoon leader, Zhao Xiaowu, was also fighting with Xiao Zhuang with two soldiers. They couldn’t gain any advantage at all, and the other three soldiers of the logistics company were at a disadvantage.

Through the current situation, Liu Ye finally understood how terrifying a special forces soldier was. He knew that with their current strength, they could not defeat the special forces of the blue army. They could only think of a way to stall for a while.

After saying that, Liu Ye raised his fist and rushed towards Geng Jihui. The other two soldiers followed closely behind Liu Ye. Geng Jihui saw Liu Ye and the others rushing over again, so he got into a battle stance.

The group of people gradually entered a white-hot melee. Ten minutes later, the three logistics company soldiers who fought with Qiang Xiaowei gradually lost. The scale of the war gradually tilted toward Lone Wolf Group B..

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